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Spoiler Alert! Savitar’s origin revealed in the latest episode of The Flash

Fans had been speculating how future Barry Allen could have become the supervillain (and self-proclaimed god of speed) after the shocking reveal in the last week’s episode. We finally have an answer.

tv Updated: May 10, 2017 15:42 IST
Aditya Dogra
Aditya Dogra
Hindustan Times
The Flash,Savitar,Barry Allen
A promotional poster which shows Barry Allen a.k.a The Flash go head to head with Savitar.(The CW)

Let’s lead with the fact that this will contain spoilers, so don’t tell us that we did not warn you enough. But if you have seen the episode or simply love to live the geek life on the edge, this could actually blow your mind.

The shocking reveal at the end of last week’s episode left many fans wondering what really happened, also leaving a whole bunch of unanswered questions for the remaining episodes of the season. Savitar— the supervillain speedster and so called god of speed— was revealed to be none other than a future version of The Flash, a.k.a Barry Allen, ending all speculations about who was behind the silver and blue suit of armour.

Time Remnant Barry a.k.a Savitar. (The CW)

If not all, at least the biggest question was answered (in detail) in the opening minutes of the latest episode, ‘Cause and Effect’. The future version of Barry that became Savitar (as explained by Cisco Ramon and Savitar himself) was actually a time remnant that Barry Allen creates four years in the future to stop Savitar. I know this is confusing, allow us to explain. Before being trapped in the Speed Force prison, Savitar managed to kill all of Barry’s remnants, but lets one version (the current Savitar) live. Being shunned by the future-Barry who created all time remnants (and the future Team Flash), the surviving time remnant went mad post his experience of torture, and assumed the identity of Savitar.

And it is not like we had no hint about this being a possibility. In the previous episode, The Once and Future Flash, where Barry Allen meets his 2024 version, we saw a conversation about defeating Savitar where 2024 Flash said, “You will do everything you can think of — you’ll ever create time remnants of yourself, but he’ll kill them all, mostly. On the night of May 23rd, Iris will die in your arms…and it will break you.”

The Flash’s 2024 self from The Once and Future Flash. (The CW)

If this reveal has you thinking that all the confusing time travel leads us to a very odd timeline issue, a hint by Savitar tells us enough to understand how all of this is possible. While explaining time travel to Barry, Savitar says, “See that’s the thing about time travel, Barry. The more you do it, the less the rules apply to you.”

We still have a few episodes to go, probably things would become clearer. But, we know one thing for sure, Team Flash from the current timeline might finally know all that they need to know to defeat this season’s big bad.

All hyped for the final few episodes? Catch the finale trailer here:

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First Published: May 10, 2017 14:30 IST