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What to expect in the upcoming seasons of your favourite TV shows

TV shows leave you in a real flux at the end of every season finale, don’t they? Some twists, love stories... and unexpected murders.Well here’s taking a sneak peek at what the upcoming seasons have in store for us.

tv Updated: Oct 15, 2016 08:28 IST
Lakshana Palat
Lakshana Palat
Hindustan Times
House of Cards,Nashville,Game of Thrones
A sneak peak at what the upcoming season has in store for us.

In a flux after your favourite character died, or had a heartbreaking breakup which you just couldn’t deal with? Well, here is a sneak peak at what the upcoming seasons of some of your favourite shows have in store!

The Vampire Diaries: The popular supernatural show filled with bloodlust and astonishingly handsome vampires will return for its final eighth season on October 21. The last we saw of the nailbiting season 7 finale is a flash-forward where both Damon and Enzo have lost their humanity and are killing people endlessly. What will happen in season 8? Will Bonnie get her magic back? Also, Nina Dobrev as main protagonist Elena Gilbert is rumoured to make a return. If that’s the case- we’re looking forward to a season full of twists, gore, and more love triangles!

The last season ended on a nerve-biting cliffhanger, when Damon and Enzo were trapped in the Vault and lost their humanity. Will they get their humanity back? Will Bonnie get her magic back?

Sherlock: Owing to the gap between its seasons, this British series has always left its fans wanting for more. The season 3 finale had us sitting upright in our chairs, as we saw Moriarty making a possible return. Said to be its final season, we are indeed looking forward to more mind-wracking mysteries and deductive reasoning. Is Moriarty back? And if he is, will he be defeated for good?

Moriarty’s sinister video appears everywhere in London.
A still from Sherlock.

The Originals: The Vampire Diaries popular spin-off left its fans in an emotional mess with the season 3 finale. Last we saw, the Mikaelsons fall unconscious and are transferred to Freya’s dream world. Will Hayley and Hope find cures for the poison and hexes and bring the family back together? Also, rumour has it that season 4 will have a new sadistic villain, and apparently Caroline might make a return to rescue Klaus. Looking forward to this explosive season, which will air on 29th January.

A poster of The Originals.
Klaus makes a powerful and mesmerising speech at trial.

Game of Thrones: To say that the season 6 finale left its viewers in an emotional twist is an understatement. Cersei annihilates the Sept of Baelor with wildfire, Tommen throws himself off the balcony, and Daenerys sets sail to Westeros. The show is set to take an even more intense turn in season 7. Also, according to sources, love might be on the horizon for Jon Snow.

Daenery’s leaves for Westeros.
The Game of Thrones cast...

Nashville: Everyone’s favourite musical-drama will be back in January. The fourth season was an emotional rollercoaster; while there were much-awaited reunions, there were heartbreaking breakups and confrontations as well. During all this, while Avery waits for Juliette at the airport, he is told that her plane sent out a distress signal. Will Juliette return to Avery? We hear that season 5 might see the departure of two major characters….Nashville lovers, be prepared!

A poster of Nashville

House of Cards: Season 4 of the political drama ended on a heartstopping cliffhanger, as we saw the hostage crisis taking a darker turn, and the end of Mr. Mills as we know it. What does season 5 have in store for us? There is a strong murmur that Claire might take over for good in the upcoming season, and Frank might meet failure.

Will Frank finally meet his downfall?


First Published: Oct 15, 2016 08:14 IST