Turkey, Syria earthquake highlights: Death toll surpasses 7,000-mark amid search for more survivors

Updated on Feb 08, 2023 01:18 AM IST

Turkey-Syria Earthquake updates: Since the first 7.8 magnitude quake, the region has seen five major temblors that have toppled entire apartment blocks, wrecking hospitals, and leaving thousands more people injured or homeless.

Rescue operation at a damaged building, following an earthquake in Diyarbakir, Turkey.
Rescue operation at a damaged building, following an earthquake in Diyarbakir, Turkey.(REUTERS)

Turkey-Syria Earthquake highlights: Rescuers struggled to save people trapped under the rubble as the death toll from the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria reached over 7,000. Since the first 7.8 magnitude quake, the region has seen five major temblors that have toppled entire apartment blocks, wrecking hospitals, and leaving thousands more people injured or homeless.

As rescue operations continued, freezing winter weather hampered search efforts for survivors through the night. Temperatures fell close to freezing overnight, worsening conditions for people trapped under rubble or left homeless, news agency Reuters reported. 

The earthquake on Monday in Turkey and Syria was the biggest recorded worldwide by the US Geological Survey since a tremor in the remote South Atlantic in August 2021.

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  • Feb 08, 2023 01:17 AM IST

    US search and rescue teams set to arrive in Turkey on Wednesday

    Two US Agency for International Development teams will arrive Wednesday morning in Turkey and will head to the southeastern province of Adiyaman to focus on urban search and rescue following earthquakes that killed more than 7,000 people and left a trail of destruction in Turkey and neighboring Syria, reported news agency Reuters.

  • Feb 08, 2023 01:16 AM IST

    Death toll crosses 7,000-mark

    Earthquake death toll rises above 7,100 in Turkey and Syria, according to latest data reported by news agency AFP.

  • Feb 07, 2023 10:41 PM IST

    Death toll surpasses 6,000-mark

    Death toll in earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria tops 6,000 amid search for more survivors, AFP reported.

  • Feb 07, 2023 10:01 PM IST

    Rescuers battle cold as Turkey-Syria quake toll tops 5,400

    Rescuers in Turkey and Syria battled frigid cold Tuesday in a race against time to find survivors under buildings flattened by a earthquake that killed more than 5,400 people, AFP reported.

  • Feb 07, 2023 09:42 PM IST

    Turkey earthquakes update: Death toll rises to 3,703

    Death toll from Monday's powerful earthquakes in southern Türkiye has climbed  to 3,703, local media reports.

  • Feb 07, 2023 09:31 PM IST

    India sends 4 flights with rescue teams, field hospital to Turkey

    India on Tuesday sent specialist search and rescue teams with dog squads, an army mobile hospital team and relief materials in four military heavy lift aircraft to Turkey, where the death toll continued to rise following Monday’s massive earthquake.

    Another C-130 Hercules military aircraft carrying relief materials was set to be sent to Syria, people familiar with the matter said.

  • Feb 07, 2023 09:10 PM IST

    Turkey earthquake: Anguish and scuffles as rescuers struggle to reach victims

    A day after a devastating earthquake tore through Turkey and northern Syria, rescue workers were still thin on the ground in Antakya, forcing residents to pick through rubble sometimes without even basic tools in a desperate hunt for survivors.

  • Feb 07, 2023 08:55 PM IST

    Syrians abroad fear political rifts will stop aid reaching quake victims

    Syrians living abroad who want to help victims of the earthquake which has killed thousands of people in the region say they are worried that donations will not reach those who need it due to deep political divisions in the war-torn country, Reuters reported. 

  • Feb 07, 2023 08:46 PM IST

    Turkey earthquake: Rescuers save toddler trapped under rubble for about 33 hours 

    A 14-month-old baby, who was trapped under the rubble in quake-hit Turkey's Hatay province for more than 30 hours, was rescued alive. Cradled in the arms of a rescue worker, she could be seen rushed to safety, while onlookers applaud their efforts. Watch video

  • Feb 07, 2023 08:30 PM IST

    2 IAF planes land in quake-hit Turkiye with relief material, rescue and medical teams

    India on Tuesday sent to Turkiye relief materials, a mobile hospital and specialised search and rescue teams in two C-17 Globemaster military transport aircraft to help the country in the wake of the devastating earthquake and multiple aftershocks that killed over 4,000 people.

    Two more flights are expected to carry more relief items, including medical supplies, soon to Turkiye while another one is set to be sent to Syria which was also hit by the earthquake on Monday, PTI reported.

  • Feb 07, 2023 08:09 PM IST

    Syria earthquakes update: Death toll rises to 1,712

    At least 1,712 people were killed and thousands injured in Syria, local media reports.

  • Feb 07, 2023 08:00 PM IST

    ‘Situation is very dangerous..’: Syria's Ambassador to ANI

    “Well actually, unluckily to say that this situation is very dangerous after this devastating earthquake. It was the big one. 7.8 started in Turkey and then spread to Damascus, Syria. Many regions are badly affected. So far, in the last 5 minutes, I made some phone calls, it's more than 850 death cases and some thousands of casualties due to the earthquake", Syria's Ambassador to India Bassam Alkhatib said to ANI.

  • Feb 07, 2023 07:48 PM IST

    Syria newborn pulled alive from quake rubble

    Extended family members pulled a newborn baby alive from the rubble of a home in northern Syria, after finding her still tied by her umbilical cord to her mother, who died in Monday's massive quake, a relative said, reports AFP.

    The infant is the sole survivor of her immediate family, the rest of whom were all killed when the 7.8-magnitude quake that struck Syria and neighbouring Turkey flattened the family home in the rebel-held town of Jindayris, Khalil al-Suwadi said.

  • Feb 07, 2023 07:36 PM IST

    'Not yet known how long…': Shipping group Maersk on damages

    Leading global container shipping group AP Moller Maersk said there had been significant damage to logistics and transport infrastructure around the earthquake epicentre, including at the Port of Iskenderun.

    “It’s not yet known how long recovery efforts will take and when the port can undergo a full inspection of the damage”, Maersk said. 

  • Feb 07, 2023 07:34 PM IST

    Shipping containers ablaze at Turkey's Iskenderun Port, operations halted

    Turkish shipping agency Tribeca said on Tuesday some cargo areas of Limak port at the Iskenderun complex were still on fire and the terminal was closed to all operations until further notice, reports Reuters. 

  • Feb 07, 2023 07:33 PM IST

    UAE to allocate $100 Million for earthquake relief efforts in Syria and Turkey

    UAE to allocate $100 Million for earthquake relief efforts in Syria and Turkey, reports Reuters.

  • Feb 07, 2023 07:19 PM IST

    Turkey, Syria quake updates: Heart-nerving videos from earthquake-hit sites

  • Feb 07, 2023 07:07 PM IST

    Operation halted at Turkish port of Iskenderun after damage due to earthquake

    The southern Turkish port of Iskenderun has suffered severe structural damage after country got jolted with multiple earthquakes. All operations are halted until further notice, container shipping firm AP Moller Maersk said on Tuesday, Reuters report.

  • Feb 07, 2023 07:03 PM IST

    Foreign missions in Turkey show their solidarity by lowering their flag to half-staff

  • Feb 07, 2023 06:58 PM IST

    Officials conclude rescue operation in south-central Turkish city of Kilis 

    There is no one left under the rubble in Kilis, search-and-rescue operations finalised, says authorities, reports TRT World Now

  • Feb 07, 2023 06:48 PM IST

    Turkey-Syria earthquake search intensifies

    A frantic race was underway Tuesday to find more survivors and help the injured as the death toll from the devastating earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria the previous day passed 5,000. The toll is likely to climb further as freezing weather and multiple aftershocks are hampering the rescue efforts — despite international assistance, reports AP. 

  • Feb 07, 2023 06:40 PM IST

    Turkey's Iskenderun port on fire after quake

    Dozens of cargo containers were on fire for the second day running on Tuesday in Turkey's quake-hit southern port city of Iskenderun, local TV images showed, reports Reuters.

    The blaze at the Iskenderun international port has raged since 5:00 pm (1400 GMT) Monday, when one of its containers toppled over from aftershocks following the deadly 7.8-magnitude quake, Hurriyet daily reported.

  • Feb 07, 2023 06:33 PM IST

    Turkish flag flies at half-mast at the Embassy of Turkey in Delhi, ANI reports

  • Feb 07, 2023 06:32 PM IST

    Turkish port of Iskenderun suffered sever structural damage

    Turkish port of Iskenderun suffered sever structural damage due to earthquake, all port operations halted, reports Reuters. 

  • Feb 07, 2023 06:29 PM IST

    Flags in Turkey have been lowered to half-staff as the country observes 7 days of national mourning

  • Feb 07, 2023 06:21 PM IST

    10 ships, 54 cargo planes engaged in rescue operation: Turkish prez

  • Feb 07, 2023 06:18 PM IST

    EU aid to Turkey

    The European Union has sent more than 1,150 rescue workers, along with some 70 dogs, in response to the quake. The teams come from 19 European countries, according to the EU Commission, reported Bloomberg.

  • Feb 07, 2023 06:07 PM IST

    Egypt's President Sisi speaks with Syria's Assad

    Egypt's President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has spoken with Syria's Bashar al-Assad offering his full support for earthquake relief efforts, Egypt's presidency said on Tuesday, reports Reuters.

  • Feb 07, 2023 05:57 PM IST

    210 victims have been handed over to their families: Syrian public attorney

    210 victims have been handed over to their families, and there are other victims awaiting identification by their families and the prosecution and investigation judges who are on alert, Syrian public attorney Al-Watan Online.

  • Feb 07, 2023 05:53 PM IST

    Over 8000 rescued from wreckage: Turkish President

  • Feb 07, 2023 05:43 PM IST

    ‘70 nations offered help to Turkey’: Prez Erdogan

    Erdogan said that 70 countries had offered help in search and rescue operations and that Turkey planned to open up hotels in the tourism hub of Antalya, to the west, to temporarily house people impacted by the quakes.

    He said the death toll in Turkey had risen to 3,549 people.

  • Feb 07, 2023 05:40 PM IST

    100 billion liras allocated for relief work: Turkish president

    “For the emergency aid and support, we have allocated a resource of 100 billion liras at the disposal of our institutions in the first place”, Turkish president Erdogan.

  • Feb 07, 2023 05:36 PM IST

    50 billion Syrian pounds allocated for relief work: Syrian govt

    50 billion Syrian pounds are allocated as an initial amount to finance the emergency operations undertaken to deal with the effects of the devastating earthquake that struck the country.

  • Feb 07, 2023 05:33 PM IST

    Turkish President on earthquake aid

  • Feb 07, 2023 05:32 PM IST

    Prez Erdogan on Turkey earthquake

  • Feb 07, 2023 05:26 PM IST

    Turkish President declares 3-month emergency in provinces hit by massive quakes

    President Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday declared as a disaster zone the 10 provinces affected by the devastating earthquakes in southern Turkey, imposing a state of emergency in the region for three months. Read more

  • Feb 07, 2023 05:25 PM IST

    53,317 search and rescue staff working in Turkey: Prez Erdogan

    53,317 search and rescue staff and support personnel currently working in earthquake zone, says Turkish President Erdogan.


  • Feb 07, 2023 05:17 PM IST

    Syrian Red Crescent presses EU, US for quake aid

    The Syrian Red Crescent on Tuesday appealed to Western countries to lift sanctions and provide aid after a powerful earthquake has killed more than 1,600 people across the war-torn country, reports AFP. Read more

  • Feb 07, 2023 05:14 PM IST

    Germany says Russia must pressure Syria into ensuring quake aid arrives

    German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock on Tuesday called on Russia to help pressure Syria into allowing humanitarian aid into the country for victims of Monday's deadly earthquakes quickly and without additional obstacles, reports Reuters.

    "All international actors, including Russia, should exert their pressure on the Syrian regime to ensure humanitarian help for victims can arrive," said Baerbock during a news conference in Berlin with Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirsojan.

  • Feb 07, 2023 05:04 PM IST

    'We didn't expect…': Turkish diaspora in Germany

    Turkish and Kurdish communities in Germany have launched donation drives to send aid. Levent Cukur has coordinated an aid drive in the boxing gym he runs in Munich.

    "We didn't expect it to go this crazy, it's mad. We thought we would fill two vans and then send them off but it hasn't stopped since 10 this morning."

  • Feb 07, 2023 05:01 PM IST

    Supplying victims basic aid has been a challenge: Turkish officials

    The Turkish government is scrambling to house people forced into the street after their homes either collapsed or were too risky to stay in because of the aftershocks.

    Hundreds of thousands spent the night in dormitories, schools, mosques and other public buildings, while others sheltered in hotels that opened their doors for free.

  • Feb 07, 2023 04:58 PM IST

    Rescuers struggled to dig people out of the rubble

    Across the region, rescuers toiled through the night and into the morning searching for survivors as people waited in anguish by mounds of rubble, clinging to the hope that friends and relatives might be found alive.

  • Feb 07, 2023 04:50 PM IST

    Helpline numbers issued for non-resident Rajasthanis stuck in Turkey, Syria

    A state government foundation has issued helpline numbers for non-resident Rajasthanis (NRR) seeking assistance in the earthquake-hit Turkey and Syria, reports PTI.

    Those seeking help can reach the foundation at: 91 83060 09838, 0141-2229111 and 011-23070807.

    "We have launched these helpline numbers to ensure that no NRR goes unattended during this crisis. The foundation will coordinate to provide assistance to those affected by the disaster," Rajasthan Foundation Commissioner Dhiraj Srivastava said.

  • Feb 07, 2023 04:49 PM IST

    World powers rush to offer Turkey, Syria aid over quake

    Countries around the world including India, US, China, Britain, European Union have mobilised rapidly to send aid and rescue workers after a massive earthquake killed more than 5,000 people in Turkey and Syria.

  • Feb 07, 2023 04:47 PM IST

    'If only we could lift the concrete…': Victim shares ordeal 

    A victim, Nurgul Atay told The Associated Press she could hear her mother's voice beneath the rubble of a collapsed building in the city of Antakya, the capital of Hatay province, but that her and others efforts to get into the ruins had been futile without any rescue crews and heavy equipment to help.

    “If only we could lift the concrete slab we'd be able to reach her,” she said. “My mother is 70-years-old, she won't be able to withstand this for long.”

  • Feb 07, 2023 04:39 PM IST

    UNESCO sounds alarm over quake damage to Turkey, Syria heritage

    The UN's cultural agency UNESCO said on Tuesday it was ready to provide assistance after two sites listed on its World Heritage list in Syria and Turkey sustained damage in the devastating earthquake, reports AFP.

    As well as the damage to the old city of Syria's Aleppo and the fortress in the southeastern Turkish city of Diyarbakir, UNESCO said at least three other World Heritage sites could be affected.

    "Our organisation will provide assistance within its mandate," said UNESCO director general Audrey Azoulay.

  • Feb 07, 2023 04:33 PM IST

    Many Turkey quake victims hungry as winter hampers aid efforts

    In the Turkish city of Sanliurfa, survivors of the massive quake that has wreaked death, destruction and havoc on the region face an invisible but powerful threat -- hunger, reports AFP.

    As the morning sun illuminates the sky, Sanliurfa's cracked streets look empty. The mercury is only just above freezing, but it feels much colder.

  • Feb 07, 2023 04:28 PM IST

    German-Turkish community races to send money and blankets to quake victims

    Turkish and Kurdish communities in Germany have launched donation drives to send money, warm clothes and blankets to victims of a devastating earthquake that tore through Turkey and northwest Syria on Monday, reports Reuters.

    Germany has around 2.3 million people of Turkish origin, the largest Turkish diaspora community in the world, according to the Turkish Community in Germany.

  • Feb 07, 2023 04:26 PM IST

    Germany plans additional million euros in aid to NGO for Syria quake victims

    Germany will provide an additional million euros to the Malteser International aid group and is working to make more financial aid available to other humanitarian partners helping quake victims in Syria, said Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, reports Reuters.

    Speaking at a news conference in Berlin on Tuesday with Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirsojan, Baerbock added that Germany is also pushing for humanitarian access to Syria.

  • Feb 07, 2023 04:24 PM IST

    Syrian rescue workers urge help from international groups

    The rescue wokers said that urgent help was needed from international groups for the rescue effort by the organisation known as the White Helmets in rebel-held northwest Syria, where hundreds were killed and injured.

    "Every second means saving lives and we call on all humanitarian organisations to give material aid and respond to this catastrophe urgently," Raed al-Saleh, a rescue worker told Reuters.

  • Feb 07, 2023 04:20 PM IST

    India stands in solidarity with Turkey: Rajnath Singh

  • Feb 07, 2023 04:18 PM IST

    Hundreds still under earthquake rubble in Syria: Rescue workers

    Time is running out to save hundreds of families trapped under the rubble of buildings brought down by Monday's earthquake, the head of the Syrian opposition-run civil defence service said on Tuesday, reports Reuters.

  • Feb 07, 2023 04:12 PM IST

    UNICEF on Turkey, Syria earthquakes

    The United Nations children's agency said on Tuesday that the earthquake and aftershocks that destroyed scores of buildings in Turkey and Syria may have killed thousands of children.

    "The earthquakes that hit southern Turkey and northern Syria early yesterday morning may have killed thousands of children," UNICEF spokesperson James Elder told reporters at a briefing in Geneva.

    He added the organisation could not determine a specific death toll of children.

  • Feb 07, 2023 04:05 PM IST

    Turkish ambassador on India aid

  • Feb 07, 2023 04:02 PM IST

    Istanbul bourse trading halted for second time with benchmark index down 7%

    Trading on the Istanbul stock market was halted for a second time on Tuesday as a market-wide circuit breaker kicked in following heavy losses in the wake of Monday's devastating earthquake in Turkey and neighbouring Syria, reports Reuters.

    The second circuit-breaker was issued at 1004 GMT, with the benchmark BIST-100 index down 7.01% and the banking index down 6.41%. On Monday, the BIST-100 tumbled as much as 4.99% before circuit breakers came into effect, suspending trading in dozens of shares, and trading volumes remained at a fraction of last week's average at 21 billion lira ($1.12 billion), according to a research note from Ziraat Yatirim.

  • Feb 07, 2023 03:53 PM IST

    ‘Race against time’: WHO chief Tedros

    "It is now a race against time," said WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, explaining that the UN health agency was urgently sending aid to the area.

    “We're mobilising emergency supplies and we have activated the WHO network of emergency medical teams to provide essential health care for the injured and most vulnerable”, reports AFP.

  • Feb 07, 2023 03:41 PM IST

    India to send medical supplies to Syria today, reports ANI

    India to send medical supplies to Syria today in an Indian Air Force C-130J Super Hercules transport aircraft today: Defence officials, reports ANI.

  • Feb 07, 2023 03:40 PM IST

    Engineers, search dogs part of aids sent to Turkey, Syria

    Structural engineers, soldiers, paramedics and handlers with trained search dogs are heading to Turkey and Syria to help locate and rescue survivors of Monday’s earthquake, reports AP.

  • Feb 07, 2023 03:33 PM IST

    Turkey earthquake: Victims weeping in rain, searching for loved ones

    Weeping in the rain, a resident who gave his name as Deniz wrung his hands in despair.

    "They're making noises but nobody is coming," he said. "We're devastated, we're devastated. My God ... They're calling out. They're saying, 'Save us' but we can't save them. How are we going to save them? There has been nobody since the morning."

    Families slept in cars lined up in the streets, reports Reuters.

  • Feb 07, 2023 03:31 PM IST

    Around 13.5 million people affected in Turkey, say authorities

    Turkish authorities say some 13.5 million people were affected in an area spanning roughly 450 km from Adana in the west to Diyarbakir in the east, and 300 km from Malatya in the north to Hatay in the south, reports Reuters.

  • Feb 07, 2023 03:29 PM IST

    Earthquake rescue work moves slowly in Turkey

    Overwhelmed rescuers struggled to save people trapped under the rubble as the death toll from a devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria rose past 5,000 on Tuesday, reports Reuters.

    The temperature was close to freezing as the rain came down and there was no electricity or fuel in the city.

  • Feb 07, 2023 03:25 PM IST

    Indian aviation regulator meets with Indian carriers over operating flights to Turkey

    The Indian aviation regulator has held a meeting with Indian carriers over operating flights to Turkey for cargo movements in commercial scheduled flights, reports ANI

    IndiGo has offered free cargo movement on its scheduled commercial flights using Boeing 777 aircraft to Istanbul.

  • Feb 07, 2023 03:18 PM IST

    Ghana footballer Christian Atsu found alive inside rubble of Turkey earthquake

    Ghana national player and former Newcastle midfielder Christian Atsu has been found alive in the rubble of an earthquake that killed more than 4,800 people in Turkey and neighbouring Syria, Ghana's ambassador to Turkey said Tuesday.

  • Feb 07, 2023 03:00 PM IST

    ‘Where's my mum?’: Distressing stories of children after deadly Turkey, Syria earthquakes

    While rescue teams are scrambling to find survivors trapped under debris after a series of massive earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, some heart-wrenching videos of children and their parents have emerged on social media claiming to be from the disaster-struck countries.

    Read full report here

  • Feb 07, 2023 02:55 PM IST

    23 mn people could be affected by quake in Turkey, Syria: WHO

    23 million people could be affected by quake in Turkey, Syria, says World Health Body. 

    "Event overview maps show that potentially 23 million people are exposed, including around five million vulnerable populations," the World Health Organization's senior emergencies officer Adelheid Marschang said.

  • Feb 07, 2023 02:47 PM IST

    Turkey orders restart of crude oil flow to Ceyhan Terminal after halt

    Turkey ordered the resumption of crude-oil flows to the Ceyhan export terminal on the Mediterranean coast, according to an official with direct knowledge of the matter, reports Bloomberg.

    State pipeline operator Botas had halted flows to the facility as a precaution on Monday morning, after the first of two massive earthquakes shook the region.

  • Feb 07, 2023 02:38 PM IST

    Turkey’s Vice President on rescue ops

    Rescue operations are focusing on those three provinces and Malatya, Oktay said, reports Reuters.

  • Feb 07, 2023 02:30 PM IST

    Turkey’s Vice President on death toll

    Turkey’s Vice President Fuat Oktay said the total number of deaths in Turkey had risen to 3,419, with another 20,534 people injured, reports AP

  • Feb 07, 2023 02:23 PM IST

    Death toll surpasses 5,000 mark 

    Total death toll surpasses 5,000 in Turkey and Syria from Earthquake, after Turkey declares 3,419 dead, reports Reuters

  • Feb 07, 2023 02:14 PM IST

    Second IAF plane with rescue personnel, relief materials left for Turkey

    Second flight having a commander, 50 rescuers, one NDRF doctor, paramedics & rescuers left for #Turkey, from Hindon Airbase, Ghaziabad, at 11 am today, as India extends help to the earthquake-marred nation amid death toll there reaching 5,000.


  • Feb 07, 2023 01:53 PM IST

    Damage in Turkey extensive following multiple jolts

    So far, 11,000 buildings have been reported damaged in Turkey, said Tatar. Nearly 25,000 emergency responders are working at scenes impacted, reported CNN.

  • Feb 07, 2023 01:49 PM IST

    At least 1,602 killed in Syria so far following deadly earthquakes

    At least 1,602 people were killed and thousands injured in Syria following a number of deadly earthquakes and aftershocks in neighbouring Turkey, authorities and rescuers said on Tuesday.

  • Feb 07, 2023 01:42 PM IST

    Turkey-Syria earthquake death toll reaches 4,983, Associated Press reports

    Rescuers raced Tuesday to find survivors in the rubble of thousands of buildings brought down by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake and multiple aftershocks that struck eastern Turkey and neighboring Syria, with the discovery of more bodies raising the death toll to 4,983.

  • Feb 07, 2023 01:24 PM IST

    Earthquake of magnitude 5.7 strikes eastern Turkey region

    An earthquake of magnitude 5.7 struck eastern Trukey on Tuesday, the European Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) said.

    The quake was at a depth of 46 km (28.58 miles), the centre added.

  • Feb 07, 2023 01:00 PM IST

    India to send two more IAF planes with rescue personnel, relief materials to quake-hit Turkey

    India will send two more C-17 Indian Air Force planes to Turkey later this evening with 60 Para Field Hospital and personnel to assist in rescue and relief operations.

    According to defence officials, the Agra-based Army Field Hospital has despatched an 89-member medical team.

  • Feb 07, 2023 12:50 PM IST

    Syria seeks United Nations help in earthquake aftermath

    War-ravaged Syria is calling on the United Nations and all member states to help with rescue efforts, health services, shelter and food aid following a massive earthquake that killed thousands in Syria and Turkey.

  • Feb 07, 2023 12:43 PM IST

    Turkey port fire rages after deadly earthquake

    A large fire that broke out at a section of a port in an earthquake-stricken city in southeast Turkey is raging for a second day.

    Television images Tuesday showed thick black smoke rising from burning containers at Iskenderun Port on the Mediterranean Sea, in the city of Iskenderun. Reports said the fire was caused by containers that toppled over during the powerful earthquake that struck southeast Turkey on Monday.

  • Feb 07, 2023 11:56 AM IST

    Hospitals overburdened after Turkey-Syria earthquake

    Strained medical centers quickly filled with injured people, rescue workers said. Some facilities had to be emptied, including a maternity hospital, according to the SAMS medical organization.

  • Feb 07, 2023 11:46 AM IST

    Earthquake in Turkey and Syria: How satellites help rescue efforts

    In disasters like the 7.8 magnitude earthquake and 7.5-magnitude aftershock that struck Syria and Turkey on February 6, 2023, international cooperation on satellite imaging plays a crucial role in the rescue and recovery efforts.

    Such data enables humanitarian aid to better deliver water and food by mapping the condition of roads, bridges, buildings, and – most crucially – identifying populations trying to escape potential aftershocks by gathering in stadiums or other open spaces.

  • Feb 07, 2023 11:37 AM IST

    Member of Doctors Without Borders dies in Syria earthquake

    The medical aid organization Doctors Without Borders says a staff member has been found dead under the rubble of his house in Syria’s Idlib province following the powerful earthquake that struck Syria and Turkey.

  • Feb 07, 2023 11:19 AM IST

    Turkey airports damaged after devastating earthquake

    At least four Turkish airports were damaged, said authorities, who were tracking calls for help on social media from people who were believed to be trapped under the rubble. More than 6,200 buildings have collapsed in Turkey, authorities said.

  • Feb 07, 2023 11:07 AM IST

    India's aid for Turkey following devastating earthquake

  • Feb 07, 2023 10:53 AM IST

    All you need to know about the rescue ops: India, other nations rush aid, rescuers to Turkey, Syria after deadly earthquake

    India has dispatched the first batch of relief material to Turkey aboard an Indian Air Force aircraft even as rescuers searched through the frigid night into Tuesday, hoping to pull more survivors from the rubble after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake killed more than 3,800 people and toppled thousands of buildings across a wide region. Read more

  • Feb 07, 2023 10:47 AM IST

    What Turkey president said amid rescue ops

    Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan called the quake a historic disaster and said authorities were doing all they could.

    "Everyone is putting their heart and soul into efforts although the winter season, cold weather and the earthquake happening during the night makes things more difficult," he said. He said 45 countries had offered to help the search and rescue efforts.

  • Feb 07, 2023 10:41 AM IST

    Update on rescue ops in Turkey

    Nearly 8,000 people have been rescued from 4,758 buildings destroyed in the tremors a day earlier, Turkey's Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) said in its latest statement.

  • Feb 07, 2023 10:22 AM IST

    China to give Turkey $6 million in emergency aid for earthquake relief

    China will give a first tranche of 40 million yuan ($5.9 million) in emergency aid to help Turkey's relief efforts after this week's major earthquake, state broadcaster CCTV said on Tuesday.

    China's Red Cross will give emergency aid of $200,000 each to Turkey and Syria, it added.

  • Feb 07, 2023 10:17 AM IST

    Why was the Turkey-Syria earthquake so devastating?

    The earthquake was powerful — especially for a quake that hit on land. Typically, very strong earthquakes occur underwater, Margarita Segou, a seismologist with the British Geological Survey, said.

    On top of that, the quake hit near heavily populated areas. The epicenter was near Gaziantep, a major city and provincial capital in Turkey.

    The affected regions were also home to vulnerable buildings, experts have said. 

  • Feb 07, 2023 10:02 AM IST

    South Korea to dispatch a 60-person search and rescue team

    In announcing the plan Tuesday, South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol described Turkey as a “brother nation” that sent troops to fight alongside South Korea during the 1950-53 Korean War. Turkey lost more than 700 of its forces in action.


  • Feb 07, 2023 09:49 AM IST

    Are earthquakes common in Turkey and Syria?

    The quake occurred in a seismically active area known as the East Anatolian fault zone, which has produced damaging earthquakes in the past.

    Turkey was struck by another major earthquake in January 2020 — a magnitude 6.7 that caused significant damage in the eastern part of the country. In 1999, a 7.4 magnitude quake struck near Istanbul and killed an estimated 18,000 people.


  • Feb 07, 2023 09:33 AM IST

    What you need to know about the type of earthquake that struck Turkey, Syria

    Researchers said the earthquake was a strike-slip quake, where two tectonic plates slide past each other horizontally. The Earth is divided up into different pieces, “kind of like a jigsaw puzzle,” said Eric Sandvol, a seismologist at the University of Missouri.

    Those pieces meet at fault lines, where the plates usually grind against each other slowly. But once enough tension builds up, they can snap past each other quickly, releasing a large amount of energy. In this case, one plate moved west while the other moved east — jerking past each other to create the quake, Hatem said.

    Over time, aftershocks will start to die down and become less frequent, Sandvol said.

  • Feb 07, 2023 09:29 AM IST

    New Zealand's aid for Turkey and Syria following earthquake

    New Zealand is providing $632,000 to the Turkish Red Crescent and $316,000 to the Syrian Arab Red Crescent to deliver items such as food, tents and blankets, as well as provide medical assistance and psychological support.

  • Feb 07, 2023 09:21 AM IST

    What Turkey minister said on rescue operations

    According to Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, who spoke during a news conference from Hatay Emergency Coordination Center, the weather and the scale of the disaster are creating challenges for aid teams.

    "The weather conditions and the scale of the disaster make it hard for our teams to reach the region," Koca said, adding "our helicopters could not take off today due to weather conditions."

  • Feb 07, 2023 09:11 AM IST

    In case you are just joining us, here's all you need to know on Turkey-Syria earthquake

    Officials and agencies confirmed that at least 4,372 deaths have been confirmed in Turkey and Syria and according to the World Health Organisaton (WHO) the toll could surpass 20,000.

    Turkey's toll rose to 2,921 as of Tuesday morning, according to Yunus Sezer, Turkey's head of disaster services.

    A total of 15,834 injuries have been reported, Sezer said in a news conference in Ankara.

    In Syria, 1,451 deaths and 3,531 injuries have been reported by officials, reported CNN.

  • Feb 07, 2023 09:01 AM IST

    Magnitude 5.6 earthquake strikes central turkey region, Reuters reports

    Magnitude 5.6 earthquake strikes central turkey region, Reuters reports

  • Feb 07, 2023 08:59 AM IST

    UK extends help to Turkey, Syria

    Britain is sending 76 search-and-rescue specialists with equipment and dogs, as well as an emergency medical team, to Turkey. The UK also says it’s in contact with the UN about getting support to victims in Syria.

  • Feb 07, 2023 08:53 AM IST

    Russia's help for Turkey, Syria

    Russian rescue teams from the Emergencies Ministry are preparing to fly to Syria, where Russian military deployed in that country already has sent 10 units comprising 300 people to help clear debris and search for survivors. The Russian military has set up points to distribute humanitarian assistance. Russia also has offered help to Turkey, which has been accepted.

  • Feb 07, 2023 08:40 AM IST

    Over 5,600 buildings flattened in Turkey, Syria

    Turkish and Syrian disaster response teams report more than 5,600 buildings have been flattened across several cities, including many multi-storey apartment blocks that were filled with sleeping residents when the first quake struck.

  • Feb 07, 2023 08:30 AM IST

    Earthquake toll for Turkey rises to 2,921 dead

    The death toll in Turkey from a massive 7.8-magnitude earthquake rose to 2,921, the country's relief agency AFAD announced Tuesday.

    The new count brings the confirmed death toll in Turkey and neighbouring Syria to 4,365, after a quake considered to be the strongest to hit the region in nearly a century.

  • Feb 07, 2023 08:16 AM IST

    What Turkey's vice president said 

    Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay said such a disaster could hit “once in a hundred years” and that his country should be prepared for the death toll to rise.

    Oktay also said some 145 aftershocks have been registered following the deadly quake overnight, with three that were larger than 6.0 magnitude.

  • Feb 07, 2023 08:10 AM IST

    Silent tribute to Turkey-Syria earthquake victims

    Diplomats from the 193 member countries of the United Nations have stood in silent tribute to victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

    General Assembly President Csaba Kőrösi on Monday extended “our deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences” to the government and people of both countries.

    He then asked diplomats “to stand and observe a minute of silence in tribute to the memory of those who lost their lives.” Kőrösi spoke at the start of a meeting to hear Secretary-General Antonio Guterres outline his priorities for 2023.

  • Feb 07, 2023 07:55 AM IST

    A look at world's deadliest earthquakes since 2000

    A magnitude 7.8 earthquake shook Turkey and Syria on Monday, killing more than 3,400 people in the two countries. The death toll is expected to rise as rescuers search through the frigid night. Read here

  • Feb 07, 2023 07:48 AM IST

    UN on situation in Syria after earthquake

    UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said 224 buildings in northwestern Syrian were destroyed and at least 325 were damaged, including aid warehouses. The UN had been assisting 2.7 million people each month via cross-border deliveries, which could now be disrupted.

  • Feb 07, 2023 07:42 AM IST

    US president Joe Biden dials Turkey counterpart following earthquake

    US President Joe Biden called Erdogan to express condolences and offer assistance to the NATO ally. The White House said it was sending search-and-rescue teams to support Turkey’s efforts.

  • Feb 07, 2023 07:34 AM IST

    Death toll more than 4,000, Associated Press reports

    Rescuers in Turkey and war-ravaged Syria searched through the frigid night into Tuesday, hoping to pull more survivors from the rubble after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake killed more than 4,000 people and toppled thousands of buildings across a wide region, Associated Press reported.

  • Feb 07, 2023 07:32 AM IST

    Syria's plea to the world following deadly earthquake

    War-ravaged Syria is calling on the United Nations and all member states to help with rescue efforts, health services, shelter and food aid.

    The affected area in Syria is divided between government-held territory and the country's last opposition-held enclave.

  • Feb 07, 2023 07:19 AM IST

    Russia's aid to Turkey and Syria following earthquake

    Russian rescue teams from the Emergencies Ministry are preparing to fly to Syria, where Russian military deployed in that country already has sent 10 units comprising 300 people to help clear debris and search for survivors.

    The Russian military has set up points to distribute humanitarian assistance. Russia also has offered help to Turkey, which has been accepted.

  • Feb 07, 2023 06:41 AM IST

    India dispatches first consignment of earthquake relief material to Turkey

  • Feb 07, 2023 06:33 AM IST

    Christian Atsu, former Chelsea and Newcastle star, ‘trapped’ after deadly earthquake kills 1000 in Turkey: Reports

    Former Chelsea and Newcastle United player Christian Atsu is reported to be among the many trapped under the rubble after Turkey and Syria were hit by a deadly earthquake in the wee hours on Monday. A search and rescue operation is underway as the country was hit by an earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale. Although no official data has been released but it is claimed that over 1000 people lost their lives in the disaster. Read here

  • Feb 07, 2023 06:12 AM IST

    Death toll could increase eight-fold, WHO says

    The death toll from a strong earthquake in south-eastern Turkey, near Syria's border, could rise eight-fold, the World Health Organisation has warned.

    The toll, which currently stands at more than 3,400 people, has increased rapidly since the first earthquake struck early on Monday morning.

  • Feb 07, 2023 06:08 AM IST

    Amid quake, at least 20 escape Syria prison holding IS inmates

    Prisoners mutinied in a northwestern Syria prison Monday following a deadly earthquake, with at least 20 escaping the jail holding mostly Islamic State group members, a source at the facility told AFP. Read more

  • Feb 07, 2023 06:02 AM IST

    US' immediate aid to Turkey following earthquake

    Ned Price said, "Two rescue and recovery teams constituting 78 individuals will be travelling to Turkey. We are looking at additional funding resources that we have available for both sides. We are going to remain committed to doing what we can do for our Turkish allies and people of Syria." He said that rescue and recovery teams will be dispatched to Turkey, who will work along with Turkish allies in the rescue and recovery effort.

  • Feb 07, 2023 05:53 AM IST

    Turkey declares seven days of national mourning

    Turkey has declared seven days of national mourning after earthquakes jolted southern provinces of the country, Anadolu Agency reported citing Turkish Vice President Fuat Oktay.

  • Feb 07, 2023 05:41 AM IST

    US to dispatch two rescue and recovery teams to earthquake-hit Turkey

    The United States has expressed "deepest condolences" to the people of Turkey and Syria following the earthquakes that jolted the two nations on Monday, US State Department spokesperson Ned Price said.

  • Feb 07, 2023 05:27 AM IST

    Turkey, Syria earthquake kills over 3,800; trapped citizens battle freezing weather | Top 5 points

    More than 3,800 people have lost their lives and thousands injured after a deadly 7.8 magnitude earthquake ravaged central Turkey and northwest Syria on Monday. Buildings collapsed like a pack of cards, leaving citizens trapped under the rubble in both the countries. Read more


These countries made to top 10 list of world’s happiest. Where does India stand?

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The list released by the United Nations placed eight European nations on the top 10 ranks. India, this year was placed at 126, ranking below its neighbours including Pakistan, Bangladesh.

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The growth of China-Russia relations has not only brought tangible benefits to the people of our two countries, but also made important contributions to the development and progress of the world, Xi Jinping said

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Why Bali plans to end visa-on-arrival for Russians, Ukrainians

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Indonesia has deported 47 people as Bali cracks down on foreigners, especially Russian and Ukrainian nationals who are misusing their visas to work illegally.

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Xi Jinping meets ‘dear friend’ Putin in Moscow to strength alliance against West

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Xi Jinping met with Putin on his first trip since securing an unprecedented third term as China's president this month as he seeks stronger ties with Russia to counter West as well as establish China as a potential peacemaker in Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, right, and Chinese President Xi Jinping shake hands prior to their talks at the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia, Monday.(AP)
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Pak police arrests dozens of Imran Khan supporters after last week's clashes

Published on Mar 20, 2023 06:51 PM IST

Imran Khan is facing several legal cases, including one that prompted a failed attempt to arrest him on Tuesday after a court issued warrants for his arrest for not appearing before it which led to his supporters clashing with police in Lahore last week.

Supporters of former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan climb on shipping containers, placed to block the road, during a clash outside the federal judicial complex in Islamabad, Pakistan.(REUTERS)
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Hutong Cat | Iran-Saudi deal, third term presidency, all in a day's work for Xi

Updated on Mar 20, 2023 06:26 PM IST

While the sequence of how the talks were engineered falls into place only in hindsight, the timing of its announcement was finely calibrated and the symbolism was clear for all to see and interpret

opinion China’s influence — clout, maybe? — in West Asia is growing as the US’s ties with Saudi Arabia have considerably dampened in recent years. (AP)

Khalistanis attack Indian Consulate in San Francisco; protest in Canberra

Published on Mar 20, 2023 06:08 PM IST

Khalistan supporters are upset at crackdown launched by authorities in India against Punjab-based radical Sikh preacher Amritpal Singh.

Khalistan supporters vandalising Indian consulate building in San Francisco (Screengrab of video from Twitter)

China should press Russia to end war, says Ukraine

Published on Mar 20, 2023 06:03 PM IST

Kyiv says any peace efforts must include a complete withdrawal of Russian troops and respect for Ukraine's territorial integrity.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, left, and Russian President Vladimir Putin (File) (AP)
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Finland tops World Happiness rankings for sixth straight year

Updated on Mar 20, 2023 05:44 PM IST

Finland: The World Happiness Report showed Finland scores “significantly ahead of all other countries” in the ranking.

A Finnish family in Finland celebrating world's happiness day.(Representation Image/Twitter)
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Nearly half children among 43,000 dead in Somalia drought last year

Published on Mar 20, 2023 05:19 PM IST

Somalia and neighboring Ethiopia and Kenya are facing a sixth consecutive failed rainy season while rising global food prices complicate the hunger crisis.

Fadumo Isaq Abdi, an internally displaced Somali woman, holds her child Maria Mohamed Ali as they drink water outside the feeding centre, a new site for IDPs, in Barwaaqo, near Baidoa, Somalia.(REUTERS)
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Australian police releases pics of 6 men involved in Khalistan referendum brawl

Published on Mar 20, 2023 05:09 PM IST

On January 29, two seperate brawls had broken out in Australia's Melbourne between Khalistan supporters and pro-India demonstrators over the former holding a so-called ‘Punjab independence referendum’.

Australia's Victoria police releases images of 6 men who they believe may be able to assist in the incident's enquiry.(Twitter/Victoria Police)
By | Edited by Aryan Prakash

‘No simple solution to a complex issue’, Xi Jinping says on Ukraine

Updated on Mar 20, 2023 07:02 PM IST

Xi’s visit, between March 20 and 22, comes just days after the International Criminal Court (ICC) indicted Putin for war crimes, and is also a sign of Beijing’s soaring diplomatic ambitions in the region and beyond

Chinese President Xi Jinping, left, and Russian President Vladimir Putin enter a hall for talks in the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia, June 5, 2019. (AP)
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