Twitter users in the US face frustration as global outage hits social media platform

Jul 01, 2023 09:51 PM IST

Discover the impact of the recent Twitter outage as users worldwide including US users share frustration and humour through hilarious memes

On Saturday, Twitter suffered a widespread outage that left thousands of users in the United States and around the world unable to refresh their feeds and access their tweets.

The outages and the concerns raised among Twitter users in the United States. (Image Credit: Twitter/bennydiego)
The outages and the concerns raised among Twitter users in the United States. (Image Credit: Twitter/bennydiego)

Frustrated users took to other platforms to pour their dissatisfaction, reporting that they encountered repeated errors, such as the "cannot retrieve tweets" message.

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This marks the third major outage experienced by the Elon Musk-owned platform this year.

According to Down Detector, a popular website that monitors online service disruptions, approximately 4,000 users in the US reported issues with Twitter's functionality during the outage.

#WTF Twitter, Twitter Down, Oh Twitter tags are continuously trending on social platforms due to enormous meme flood.

Twitter outage trends.
Twitter outage trends.

Despite the widespread outrage, the platform has yet to issue an official statement on the cause or resolution of the problem.

This recent outage adds to a series of similar incidents Twitter has faced this year.

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In March 2023, the social media platform encountered glitches in its systems, causing numerous links to suddenly stop working.

Similarly, in February, Twitter users across the globe, including those in the US, experienced difficulties performing basic actions on their accounts, such as tweeting, following others, and sending direct messages.

The recurring nature of these outages raises concerns among Twitter users in the US, who rely on the platform for various purposes, including staying informed, engaging with others, and sharing their thoughts and opinions.

Twitter outrage sparks a plethora of memes

Thousands of users took to Twitter itself and other social media platforms to share their frustration in a rather amusing way—through hilarious memes.

The outage, which left users unable to refresh their feeds or access their tweets, became the subject of creative humor across various online communities.

While the exact cause and duration of the issues remained uncertain, users seized the opportunity to showcase their wit and creativity. Memes mocking the situation quickly spread, providing a lighthearted way for users to cope with the temporary loss of their favorite social media platform.

In recent times, Twitter has undergone some changes, including the recent implementation of mandatory account creation for viewing tweets.

Musk, the driving force behind the platform, referred to this move as a "temporary emergency measure." As a result, unregistered individuals attempting to access content on Twitter are now prompted to create a new account or authenticate themselves with an existing one to view the tweets they desire.

Notably, even during the outage, users were still able to access tweets that were either displayed in Google search results or embedded within other websites.

This peculiar aspect of the situation did not go unnoticed, and meme-makers capitalized on this loophole to create humorous content, further adding to the laughter-inducing chaos on social media.

While Twitter users eagerly awaited the resolution of the outage and the return of normalcy, they found solace in the humour and camaraderie.

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