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Royal Family Update: Has BBC logo turned black?

Mar 18, 2024 10:56 AM IST

Several X users claimed that the BBC logo had turned black and that portended to a crisis in the Royal Family.

The Royal Family can’t get away from its set of rumours that started swirling after Kate Middleton’s “disappearance”. On Monday, several X users claimed that the BBC’s main logo had turned black which portended to an impending crisis in the Royal Family.

A screenshot of BBC's X account
A screenshot of BBC's X account

However, the matter of the fact is that the BBC logo is always black. The BBC uses several different colours for various segments. For example, their news logo is red while the sports one is yellow. The main one however is always black. A simple check on the Wayback Machine – a website that archives pages on the internet – clearly shows that the BBC logo has always been black on various dates.

Several X users also pointed out that the BBC logo had always been black:

What’s going on with the Royal Family?

While the BBC has not turned black, British media is anticipating a ‘major announcement’ from the Royal family. According to reports, the BBC Events production unit has been urged to stay alert for an “extremely important” announcement from the Royal Family at “any moment”.

The development comes amid statements that the Princess of Wales won’t resume her royal duties until Easter as she recovers from abdominal surgery.

Speculation surrounding the public absence of Catherine, Princess of Wales, has transitioned from a mere fascination among royal enthusiasts to a global phenomenon, igniting a plethora of theories and jokes across various social platforms, CNN reported.

Despite assurances from Kensington Palace regarding her planned abdominal surgery in January and subsequent withdrawal from public appearances until March, peculiar details such as grainy photographs, altered images, ambiguous medical updates, and sporadic communication from the British royal family have fueled widespread conjecture.

Catherine's prolonged absence has spurred TikTok and X users to delve into a realm of bizarre conspiracy theories and humour, blurring the lines between genuine concern and comedic speculation.

Amateur detectives have meticulously crafted timelines and analyses of the princess's activities, intertwining genuine apprehension with outlandish conjectures. Ordinary individuals, doubling as amateur photo forensics experts, have cast doubt on recent images of Kate, hypothesising about her true whereabouts and those purportedly attempting to conceal the "truth," as reported by CNN.

Initially, the discourse surrounding Catherine's absence elicited typical jests from the online comedy circuit, with suggestions ranging from whimsical notions of cosmetic procedures to humorous scenarios of personal reinvention.

However, the tone shifted markedly when a Mother's Day photo featuring the princess and her children was suspected of being doctored, prompting a cascade of skepticism from typically supportive British media outlets and even international television programs, which openly ridiculed the unfolding saga.

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