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Royal rift between Prince William-Kate Middleton? America ‘spills the tea’ on Katespiracy

Mar 14, 2024 12:18 AM IST

From John Oliver speculating Kate Middleton is “dead” to Stephen Colbert leaning into royal affair rumours, here's how US hosts explored the Katespiracy.

One can only imagine the Palace's telephone lines ringing off the hook with all Kate Middleton-centric conspiracies, now being labelled as Katespiracy or Kate Gate, having blown out of proportion. Social media trends are bombarding new terminologies and whatnot to address the Princess of Wales' whereabouts and health. Unfortunately, Kensington Palace's “very clear” claims about her resuming her royal station after Easter are not enough to keep it all under control. The royal family would've been hoping for everything to quiet down. On the contrary, now, America has joined the chat. US TV sensations have no intentions of holding back from ‘spilling the tea.’ The recently doctored Mother's Day family portrait has exacerbated the inconvenience for Princess Catherine. Her husband's alleged affair resurfacing amidst it all has put salt on the royal scenario. Here are some American celebs' two cents on the growing controversies.

The Late Show host Stephen Colbert 'spills the tea' on Prince William's alleged affair with Lady Rose Hanbury,
The Late Show host Stephen Colbert 'spills the tea' on Prince William's alleged affair with Lady Rose Hanbury,

US coverage of Kate Middleton's conspiracy theories

1. Is Prince William Cheating? The Late Show host Stephen Colbert ‘spills the tea’

In one of his latest opening monologues, Colbert went around sniffing Prince William's alleged affair. While the rumours itself has consumed tabloids for quite a while, the talebearing accusation rose to the top again when Middleton's disappearance became the talk of the internet.

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The 42-year-old's discreet photograph with Prince William, as they rolled out of Windsor in a car, should've silenced all conspiracies around her missing out in action. Instead, it ended up fanning the flames. Twitterati started speculating that the woman beside William in the Windsor car image wasn't Middleton. The picture caught the lady turning to the window on the other side, again raising questions about why Middleton would shy away from cameras when she never has before. Many came down, concluding that William's companion was actually his alleged mistress, Lady Rose Hanbury.

Colbert also built his monologue around the same suggestion. Though this story about the “other woman” has never been confirmed, the gossip continued. Many are correlating the Princess' public absence with the same tidbit. The Late Show host had no plans of formulating a timeline because he was busy cracking jokes at the expense of what was going down. As for the distressing rumours, Kate supposedly confronted William about it in 2019, but he laughed it off.

2. John Oliver quips, “There's a non-zero chance she died 18 months ago,” on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live!

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Like many netizens, British-American comedian John Oliver had left the Kate situation behind until the “Photoshop thing” blew up. “It feels like you're almost handling it badly in an impressive way at this point.” During Tuesday night's Watch What Happens Live episode, host Andy Cohen dug into the royal scandal, wondering what was going on with Kate Middleton. Oliver chimed in with what many internet sleuths are already considering: How could Kensington Palace's attempts to assuage the mess have only wiped out the minimal possibility of silencing the scandalous tittle-tattle?

Facetiously, Oliver's tongue-in-cheek remarks about the"non-zero chance" of Middleton's death caused an uproar online. He continued, "I’m not saying it happened, I’m saying it’s non-zero. Until proved otherwise, until we see her with a copy of today’s newspaper.”

3. The Daily Show hosts unpack the Kate Middleton Photoshop fail and more

The lack of self-restraint continued the motion, with The Daily Show hosts Desi Lydic and Michael Kosta dissecting the Photoshop scandal. “I'm calling bullsh** that Kate was the one who edited the picture. This is the royal family. They don't do anything themselves…The only they know how to do without help is adultery,” Lydic's flippant joke played around the ongoing inflated talks of conspiracy theories.

Regardless of how hard the royal cleansers may be doing their job to prove Middleton's presence behind her leave of absence, everything has backfired on them. The Photoshop mess took the cake. Kill orders sought for the Mother's Day family photo to be taken down in light of how digitally doctored it was that nothing seemed to fit the normalcy bill.

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