World Cup first-half report: Zimbabwe rides on Taylor's farewell century to set India 288
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World Cup first-half report: Zimbabwe rides on Taylor's farewell century to set India 288

Lifted by a brilliant Brendan Taylor century, Zimbabwe posted 287 all out in their final World Cup Pool B game against defending champions India in Auckland on Saturday.

WorldCup2015 Updated: Mar 14, 2015 10:18 IST
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Lifted by a brilliant Brendan Taylor century, Zimbabwe posted 287 all out in their final World Cup Pool B game against defending champions India in Auckland on Saturday.

Taylor, who is playing in his final international before taking up an English county contract, smashed five sixes and 15 boundaries during his 110-ball 138 after India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni won the toss and put Zimbabwe into bat on a grassless Eden Park pitch.

Sean Williams made 50 while pacemen Mohit Sharma, Umesh Yadav and Mohammad Shami took three wickets apiece.

India have already qualified for the quarter-finals -- where they will face Bangladesh -- with five wins in five games while Zimbabwe are out of the tournament with only one win.

Scorecard: India vs Zimbawe

Highlights of the Zimbabwe innings

48.5 ovres | U. YADAV TO T. CHATARA
OUT! That's it! The last man departs! Darts in a very full ball on middle and off, Chatara has no clue of that and tries to get his bat down in time but fails. The ball crashes into the framework. ZIMBABWE FINISH ON 287!

47.3 overs | M. SHAMI TO T. PANYANGARA
OUT! Yet again a 3-for for Shami! On a length on middle and leg, Chakabva looks to slog that one but does not time that one. The ball goes straight down Umesh Yadav's throat at deep square leg.

45.6 overs | M. SHAMI TO S. RAZA
OUT! Timber! Shami comes round the wicket and Raza once again makes room to smack that ball but this time Shami darts in a perfect yorker to rattle the stumps. Perfect delivery. Terrific reply from Shami. A good cameo comes to an end.

43.1 overs | M. SHARMA TO C. ERVINE
OUT! Brilliant delivery! A slower one on a back of a length on off, off the back of the hand which is really hard to sight. Ervine looks to slog this one but is very early in his shot. He still goes through with it and only gets a top edge. The ball balloons back to the Mohit Sharma who accepts it with grace.

41.5 overs | M. SHARMA TO B. TAYLOR
OUT! Take a bow Taylor! His last innings has come to an end. A slower one on middle and leg, Taylor tries to go over mid on but is beaten by lack of pace and does not get the desired elevation. The ball balloons to Dhawan to take a sitter. A terrific innings comes to an end. Kohli and many other come to shake his hand. He indeed has played a gem of an innings.

38.3 overs | M. SHAMI TO B. TAYLOR
SIX! That is it! Finally he executes it! Short on off, Taylor bends behind and plays the upper cut over the third man fence for a biggie. He tried doing this 4 times and finally executed it. Take a bow Taylor! Brilliant innings! 8th ODI hundred for Taylor. He is the only Zimbabwean to score consecutive hundreds.

28.3 overs | R. ASHWIN TO S. WILLIAMS
OUT! That was a toughie! Floated on middle, Williams comes down the track and bunts it straight back to Ashwin who gets low and seems to have taken it. The Indians celebrate but Williams isn't going anywhere. He thinks Ashwin has grassed it and the umpires go upstairs for a review. The replay show that Ashwin had his fingers underneath the ball and the decision on the big screen comes as out and Williams has to depart.

23.1, 25.1 and 25. 3 overs | R. ASHWIN TO S. WILLIAMS
SIX! That is a biggie! Flighted on middle and leg, Williams clears the front leg and smacks it out of the park for a maximum.

SIX! Hammered! Tossed up on middle, Williams chips down, stays calm and slogs hard and sends it sailing over mid-wicket again.

SIX! Another biggie! Dances down the track and whacks it high and long over the mid-wicket.

20 overs | Partnership 31 (54)

Brendan Taylor | 31(43)
Sean Williams | 11(31)

10.6 overs | M. SHARMA TO S. MIRE
OUT! One more bites the dust! Back of a length just outside off, Mire hangs back and pokes at it. The ball takes a thin outside edge and goes through to the keeper. Dhoni and Mire knew that there was an edge but Sharma was unsure and hence did not go up straightaway but Mire was already walking back.

4.3 overs | M. SHAMI TO C. CHIBHABHA
OUT! One for Shami now! Chibhabha departs! On a length just outside off, nips away a tad, Chibhabha misreads the length and looks to punch it off the back foot but gets a thick outside edge towards second slip. Dhawan at first slip moves swiftly and dives to his left to grab the ball. Good smart catch.

3.3 overs | U. YADAV TO H. MASAKADZA
OUT! First blood! Perfect length and perfect line. Full on off, swings away, Masakadza looks to drive that one but the away movement induces an edge through to the keeper. It was the perfect length to draw the edge.

New ball and openers | Mohammad Shami will start with the new ball. Chamu Chibhabha and Hamilton Masakadza are the two openers.

Toss | Indian captain MS Dhoni won the toss and elected to bowl first against Zimbabwe in their final league match.
India are unchanged and Dhoni feels that the pitch won't change much and the short boundaries here will help them chase whatever the opposition put on. Brendan Taylor wanted to chase too. His side is also unchanged.

First Published: Mar 14, 2015 05:52 IST