Class 12 physics exam: Mixed reaction from Lucknow students

  • Rajeev Mullick, Hindustan Times, Lucknow
  • Updated: Mar 07, 2016 18:47 IST
The CBSE physics exam for 12th standard students was held on Saturday. While some students found the paper lengthy, others were happy with how the exam went. (Deepak Gupta/HtTphoto)

Students of class 12 who took their CBSE physics examination in Lucknow on Saturday had mixed reactions to the paper, varying from lengthy to tricky, and some finding a few surprises as well.

While many students at Central Academy said the exam was reasonably challenging, those at Navyug Radiance Senior Secondary School said there were questions they were not expecting. “Overall the paper was tough. It was not easy,” said Ankita Gulati and Arshanshi Lal.

A common reaction though was that the paper took longer to complete than usual.

Vandit Mishra, of SKD Academy. “All the questions were from syllabus. But it was slightly lengthy,” he said, adding, the questions asked were easy in comparison to last year. His classmates Akhil Kant Tripathi and Himanshu Sharma also felt the same.

Students discuss their question paper after the board examination in Lucknow. (DEEPAK GUPTA/HT Photo)

Another student at The Millennium School, Jyoti Shekhar, felt the paper was simple, albeit lengthy, and didn’t have too many high order thinking skill (HOTS) questions.

But Sanskriti Srivastava, who also goes to Millenium School, was quite upset with her performance after missing out on a 5-mark question.

Teachers from various schools were pleased as they felt the question paper was quite balanced.

“The paper was well balanced and could easily be comprehended by all students. One thing that could have been better was that the one-mark question level should be a little above average,” said Anas Khan and Anant Mishra at Study Hall.

Students discuss their question paper after the board examination in Lucknow. (DEEPAK GUPTA/HT Photo)

Calling the paper “student-friendly”, Poonam Bali, part of the Physics department at The Millennium School said, “The children need to practice numerical and derivations in writing. Effective time management is required to finish the paper on time.”

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Responding to students who said they came across unexpected questions, Alka Verma of Navyug Radiance said students who study selective topics may not have been able to solve the question paper.

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