2016 in comics: A return to colouring books

One of the highlights of 2016 was the youth cutting off from digital media to pursue simpler activities such as colouring or bullet journalling
Hindustan Times | By Soma Das and Siddhant Jumde, Mumbai
UPDATED ON DEC 30, 2016 06:18 PM IST

2016 marked the year when adults took a conscious break from gadgets and escape the digital overload by turning to colouring books and bullet journals. From the globally acclaimed Secret Garden series by Johanna Basford to Baagh-e-Bahar, a Mughal theme-inspired colouring book by Good Earth, there were many options for those looking to try their hand at colouring. Art was suddenly a good way to de-stress and ruminate. An offshoot of this were paint parties or events where even amateur artists could learn how to paint in groups. Bullet journalling - a novel way to write a journal by putting in self-assigned tasks in bullet points, and recording your day-to-day life in sections - was also a major trend.

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