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Bono to serve as guest editor for Vanity Fair

The U2 frontman insists he was attracted to the opportunity because of the magazine's story presentation style.
ANI | By HT Correspondent, Washington
PUBLISHED ON MAR 06, 2007 07:43 PM IST

U2 frontman and AIDS activist Bono is all set to act as guest editor for the July (07) issue of style magazine Vanity Fair.

Bono, who has campaigned for debt relief and poverty reduction in Africa and focused attention on AIDS, insists he was attracted to the opportunity to edit the magazine because of its ability to tell stories well.

“We need to get better at storytelling. Bill Gates tells me this all the time. We’ve got to get better at telling the success stories of Africa in addition to the horror stories. And this magazine tells great stories,” Contactmusic quoted the singer, as saying.

This, however, won’t be the Irish singer’s first stint at running a publication, as he has also stepped in over at the Independent and France’s Libération.

In Vanity Fair, Bono will include special stories about the continent in the issue. Editor Graydon Carter told the New York Times, "Bono will make a different issue about Africa than we would. "I think there isn't one editor in the world who would not pay attention if Bono pulled up and said he wanted to edit a magazine."

Carter described the stories about Africa as a "tough sell," but said he thought the combination of Vanity Fair and Bono would appeal to readers.

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