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Rising sign: A guide to knowing the meaning of each zodiac sign

Jun 12, 2024 05:58 PM IST

This article will delve into the meaning of the rising sign and its meaning for each zodiac sign.

What is a rising sign in astrology?

Unlike your sun sign, which is determined by the month of your birth, and your moon sign, which is determined by the day of your birth, your rising sign is determined by the exact time of your birth.

Representative Image of a zodiac wheel.
Representative Image of a zodiac wheel.

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The Three Key Signs Explained:

  1. Sun Sign

Represents: Ego and drive in the world

Determination: Month of birth

2. Moon Sign

Represents: Emotional nature and internalized aspects of oneself

Determination: Day of birth

3. Rising Sign (Ascendant)

Represents: Traits others perceive in you and the energy you project

Determination: Time of birth

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Understanding the Rising Sign

"The sun sign represents our ego and drive in the world, while the moon sign dictates our emotional nature and the parts of ourselves that we internalize," explains astrologer Lisa Stardust to PEOPLE magazine. "The rising or ascendant is what we are revealing and letting people see, so it dictates the energy we put out there."

The Role of the Rising Sign in Astrology

  • Perception: Reflects the traits others see in you
  • Key to Self-Comprehension: Consider it the key to unlocking your map and comprehending yourself and the world around you.
  • Identity and Experiences: Provides insights into one's identity and experiences throughout life.
  • Astrological Chart: Sets off how we view our astrology chart.
  • Life Plans: Helps put life plans into motion by dictating temperaments, desires, and the timing of goal attainment.

What does a rising sign mean for each zodiac sign?

While your sun sign influences your core identity and your moon sign shapes your inner self, your rising sign shapes how you interact with the world and how others perceive you.

Aries- Aries risings are characterized by their fiery and passionate nature. They tend to be impulsive and often rush into situations, including relationships.

Taurus- Taurus risings are known for their dependability and kindness, but they can also be quite stubborn. They are clear about what they want and how they want it.

Gemini- Gemini risings are typically social butterflies. Their expressive nature and constant involvement in the lives of loved ones make them valued members of any social circle.

Cancer- Cancer risings are the caregivers among rising signs, known for their caring, compassionate nature, and sensitivity to others.

Leo- Leo risings are often popular in their social circles, and they enjoy being in the spotlight. Ruled by the sun, they exude confidence and strive to shine in all they do.

Virgo- Virgo risings prioritize growth and development personally and in their relationships. Ruled by Mercury, they possess analytical qualities and strong communication skills.

Libra- Libra risings are flirtatious, social, and have a taste for finer things. They are charming, balanced, and beautiful but can be indecisive about achieving their desires.

Scorpio- Scorpio risings are determined and goal-focused. In partnerships, they seek deep connections that can evolve over time.

Sagittarius- Sagittarius risings are seen as fortunate, inquisitive, and brave. They seek passionate romantic partners who share their zest for life.

Capricorn- Capricorn risings are hard-working and motivated. In relationships, they like to set the rules and take charge to maintain a sense of grounding.

Aquarius- Aquarius risings are the humanitarians of the zodiac, caring and innovative. They prefer partners who are progressive and intellectually stimulating.

Pisces- Pisces risings are highly compassionate, intuitive, creative, and imaginative. They look for partners who can match their emotional depth.

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