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Thanksgiving day 2023: Find out your traditional holiday pie to bake as per your zodiac sign

Nov 21, 2023 07:06 PM IST

If you're unsure which flavour to bake this Thanksgiving day 2023, then let your zodiac sign help you decide according to your zodiac's traits.

The holidays are almost here, and it's a perfect time to gather with loved ones and enjoy tasty dishes. There's something special about homemade meals that unite people, like soft dinner rolls, creamy mashed potatoes, and that delicious Thanksgiving turkey. And when it comes to sweet treats during the holidays, freshly baked pies steal the spotlight. With lots of flavours to choose from, each pie brings back different memories. If you want to add some warmth and magic to your celebration, bring along a pie. And if you're unsure which flavour to bake, let your zodiac sign help you decide according to your zodiac's traits.

The image represents and Pumpkin pie. (Pixabay)
The image represents and Pumpkin pie. (Pixabay)

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Eggnog pie

Aries individuals are known for their vibrant and adventurous spirits, thriving on the thrill of trying out new experiences. Their dynamic personalities revel in breaking away from routines and embracing novel tastes. During festive seasons, especially the holidays, Aries prefers taking an active role in the preparations, eager to tackle culinary challenges head-on. To celebrate this love for the season and their bold approach to life, an ideal culinary creation would be a captivating and indulgent dish like the boozy eggnog pie.

This intriguing pie boasts a delightful combination of flavours that embody the essence of the holidays. It encapsulates the rich, creamy sweetness of eggnog within a velvety pie, promising a sensory delight with each bite. Its preparation involves an engaging process, perfectly suited for the Aries enthusiast seeking excitement and uniqueness in their culinary endeavors. The very act of crafting this pie aligns with Aries' spirited nature, igniting a sense of thrill and accomplishment.


Pumpkin pie

Taurus, guided by a love for life's luxuries and the finer elements, often finds solace in the beauty of simplicity. Grounded and deeply connected to the pleasures of life, they cherish the smaller, meaningful indulgences. While not overly particular about food, Taurus does hold a few favourites close to their heart. This holiday season presents an opportunity for Taurus to infuse a touch of novelty into their treasured classics.

Pumpkin pie, a nostalgic emblem of comfort and tradition, embodies the essence of familiarity for Taurus. However, this year offers a chance to playfully reimagine this beloved dessert, taking Grandma's cherished recipe to new heights. Taurus can effortlessly sprinkle in the warmth of chai spice for a spirited kick or delicately infuse the sweetness of maple for a subtle twist. These creative adaptations open up a world of possibilities, allowing Taurus to craft a pie that retains the cherished essence of tradition while embracing newfound flavours.


Cranberry pie

Gemini, the lively social butterfly, thrives in the whirlwind of festivities during the holiday season. With a calendar full of engagements and a perpetual hustle from one gathering to another, simplicity becomes essential. Amidst the flurry of activities, Gemini seeks a pie recipe that mirrors their dynamic lifestyle – something quick yet captivating.

Enter the festive cranberry hand pies, designed perfectly for Gemini's fast-paced schedule. Crafted with a tangy cranberry filling nestled within layers of flaky pie crust and crowned with a dollop of whipped cream, these handheld delights offer a burst of flavors in every bite. Their simplicity of preparation aligns seamlessly with Gemini's need for something easy to whip up on the go.


Pecan pie

This zodiac is the nurturing homebody and takes centre stage in hosting holiday gatherings, creating a warm and inviting ambience that's unparalleled. Months of meticulous planning precede your perfect holiday get-together, ensuring every detail contributes to the cosiness and festivity.

Tradition holds a special place in Cancer's heart, especially when it comes to flavours. While embracing the classics, there's a penchant for infusing a sweet twist into the beloved pecan pie. This creative endeavour promises to evoke nostalgia while introducing a delightful variation, harmonizing beautifully with your holiday spread.

The traditional pecan pie, adorned with a sweet innovation, resonates with the comforting sentiments cherished by Cancer. This innovative touch infuses the gathering with an extra layer of warmth and familiarity, adding to the joy and satisfaction of hosting loved ones during the festive season.


Candy Cane Pie

Leos adore making a grand entrance during the holidays, ensuring every detail, from gifts to gratitude, exudes excellence. Your zest for celebrations demands an equally remarkable dessert, perfectly complementing your festive persona.

The Candy Cane Pie, a delightful twist on a cherished Christmas treat, aligns perfectly with your spirited nature. This dessert embodies a light and airy filling nestled in a decadent chocolate crust, topped with the irresistible crunch of crushed peppermint candies. Its unique blend of flavours mirrors your desire for standout moments, elevating the dessert table to match your dazzling holiday style.


Sugar Cream Pie

Virgos are the perfectionists of the zodiac, valuing simplicity over complexity. Your refined taste doesn't necessitate an intricate recipe; instead, you appreciate the elegance of classic, minimalistic dishes that accentuate natural flavours.

The Sugar Cream Pie perfectly resonates with your culinary approach. Its simplicity unveils a custard-based marvel, boasting a unique sweet and creamy vanilla essence. This dessert, with its distinctive texture, showcases your mastery and ability to turn a few ingredients into a sublime holiday delight. It's a reminder that simplicity can indeed yield extraordinary results, reflecting your adeptness during the festive season.


Salted Caramel Pie

Libras cherish harmony and the holiday spirit, revelling in the warmth and goodwill that surround this time. You effortlessly immerse yourself in the festive cheer and revel in the open-heartedness that permeates the season.

For a pie that harmonizes with everyone's taste buds, the salted caramel pie is your go-to choice. Its balanced blend of salted caramel, nestled within a graham cracker crust and adorned with a delightful whipped topping, creates an ethereal taste experience. This pie mirrors your knack for finding balance and ensures a heavenly, crowd-pleasing bite at every serving.


German chocolate pie

Scorpios are strong and deep, craving meaningful bonds. Even if you don't show it, you secretly love holiday celebrations and the joy they bring. You enjoy keeping things mysterious, so your pie choice should reflect your intricate personality. How about trying a rich German chocolate pie? It's filled with chocolate, pecans, and coconut, like a dessert with lots of secrets, just like you.


Gingerbread Cream Pie

For Sagittarius, holidays are about embracing adventure and taking risks. You're always exploring new ideas and places, and the holidays are a time to share those exciting stories. To wow your guests, try a zesty gingerbread pie—it's a fresh twist from the usual pumpkin and super quick to make, taking less than 10 minutes!


Dutch Apple Pie

Capricorn, you're dependable and organized, often the holiday coordinator. Your dedication ensures a smooth celebration, yet you may forget to fully unwind with family. A Dutch apple pie suits you perfectly—a treat to savour leisurely after the rush settles.


Purple Sweet Potato Pie

Aquarius, you usually like to do things your way, but you also enjoy joining in on holiday celebrations with your loved ones. Even during these festive times, you strive to stand out and express your uniqueness. For you, an excellent choice would be a different take on a typical holiday pie. This special recipe keeps the yummy flavours of a traditional sweet potato pie but surprises everyone with its eye-catching purple colour.


Sugarplum Pie

Pisces, you're pretty chill and go with the flow during the holidays, just like you are all year round. You're not too fussy about traditions or plans; what matters most is being with your loved ones. You enjoy adding a new dish to the table, but you're just as content savouring whatever's around. Want to bring a touch of your dreamy world to life this year? Try baking a sugar plum pie—it's made with fresh fruit and a crumbly topping that makes any meal feel extra special.

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