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What is a retrograde? How will planetary retrogrades impact our lives?

Apr 12, 2024 05:37 PM IST

This article delves into the influence of planetary retrogrades on our daily lives.

When a planet is retrograde, it seems like it's moving backwards in the sky from where we see it on Earth. But this is just how it looks, not how it moves. It's like when you're driving, and a car next to you seems to be going backwards as you pass it. Even though it's just a trick of the eyes, this backward appearance often reflects what we experience during retrogrades. They symbolize a time for thinking about the past, looking inward, and remembering things. Sometimes, they also result in delays or setbacks.

Representative Image of Mercury.(Pexels)
Representative Image of Mercury.(Pexels)

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How do different planetary retrogrades impact your life?

The planets farther away from the Sun, like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, are retrograde for about half the year. Because of this, retrogrades from these planets usually don't affect our individual lives too much. However, if a planet is about to go retrograde or direct to a certain degree where one of your important planets or points is located, it might have a bigger impact on you. Generally, these planets affect the world as a whole rather than individuals.

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On the other hand, the planets closer to the Sun-Mercury, Venus, and Mars have distinct retrograde cycles and usually affect us more personally. These retrogrades can cause disruptions in our daily lives, relationships, or energy levels. For example, Mercury retrograde is often blamed for delayed flights, while Venus retrograde might bring back people from our past relationships. Now, if these planets go into retrograde, here are some ways it could affect your life.

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Mercury Retrogrades: When Mercury goes retrograde, everything related to communication, travel, and daily activities gets mixed up and slowed down. People often misunderstand each other, and technology can start acting strangely. But Mercury retrogrades also offer a good opportunity to review, edit, and plan things carefully. Taking time to rethink and organize during a Mercury retrograde can be quite productive, especially when Mercury is closely aligned with the Sun in what's called a cazimi, which happens halfway through each retrograde period. Since Mercury moves quickly, it goes retrograde thrice a year.

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Venus Retrograde: When Venus goes retrograde, we're asked to look closer at our relationships, our appreciation of beauty, and the things that please us. These times allow us to reflect on what love means and understand our needs in partnership and intimacy. Venus retrogrades happen about every 18 months and repeat in the same zodiac sign every eight years. Over time, Venus' movement in the sky forms a beautiful five-pointed star, which suits a planet that's all about harmony and beauty. Like Mercury, Venus also has a cazimi, a special alignment with the Sun, about halfway through its retrograde period. This day is often a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with love, creativity, and your unique sense of beauty.

Jupiter Retrograde: When Jupiter goes retrograde, our dreams, chances for growth, and quests for wisdom need some adjusting. These periods might raise doubts about our spiritual beliefs and prompt us to think deeply about life's big questions. Because Jupiter is one of the planets farther from the Sun, it goes retrograde for about half of each year.

Saturn Retrograde: When Saturn goes retrograde, it's like we're delving into matters related to authority, discipline, parental roles, and boundaries. During these times, we might find ourselves reevaluating our long-term goals, as well as our duties and obligations. Like Jupiter, Saturn spends around half of every year in retrograde motion.

Uranus Retrograde: When Uranus goes retrograde, it's like we're taking a second look at our rebellious impulses, innovative ideas, and how we handle change. This is a time to find a balance between embracing new ways of doing things and respecting traditional approaches. Like Jupiter and Saturn, Uranus spends about half of each year in retrograde.

Neptune Retrograde: When Neptune goes retrograde, it's like we're grappling with profound spiritual inquiries or feelings of disillusionment. If you've been experiencing a sense of disenchantment, this period might offer an opportunity to restore your ability to dream and have faith in something greater. Like Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, Neptune spends approximately half of each year in retrograde motion.

Pluto Retrograde: When Pluto goes retrograde, we're in a period where transformation or personal growth needs some introspection. This might change how we perceive and utilize our inner strength, potentially leading to positive shifts. Similar to the other outer planets, Pluto retrograde occurs for about half of every year.

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