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Yearly Horoscope 2023: What's in store for all zodiac signs in the coming year

ByDr Prem Kumar Sharma
Dec 30, 2022 09:06 AM IST

Yearly Horoscope 2023: The New Year is just around the corner and exciting things are on the horizon. Find out what is in store for Aries, Leo, Virgo, Libra and other zodiac signs in the New Year 2023.

ARIES (Mar 21-Apr 20)

Yearly Horoscope 2023: What's in store for all zodiac signs in the coming year
Yearly Horoscope 2023: What's in store for all zodiac signs in the coming year

Now that we're in a new year, let's put the past behind us and start fresh, Arians. When you're looking for opportunities, try thinking outside the box. You'll be presented with new possibilities towards the second quarter though. An increase in earnings is also foreseen for some. New business ventures have a good chance of success in 2023, and speculation and investment will yield profitable returns too. You may notice a growing awareness of tenderness, romantic thought, and a broadening of social connections in the first few months of the year. Even if your patience is wearing thin when dealing with certain family members, you still need to be flexible. This year, fixing things may not be simple and require some strategic adjustments. You should pay extra attention to your health during the year's first two quarters. Post that, health begins to improve and you will feel revitalized again. Just remember that you should not give stress any power over you.

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Lucky Numbers: 2 & 5

Lucky Colours: Peach, Pink, Green

Lucky Months: March, June

TAURUS (Apr 21-May 20)

Taurus, you can hope for a fresh start and a prosperous New Year! The coming year will present its fair share of obstacles, but it will also yield significant rewards. In 2023, you shouldn't rush into anything, invest in anything risky, or splurge on anything you don't need. Instead of trying to escape your problems, you should work on strengthening your ties with your family members. Mastering a new field of expertise or set of skills can help you climb the corporate ladder. Some of you may want to start your own business. By adhering to a routine of physical activity and nutritious eating, you can get closer to your fitness goals. You may have to deal with issues in your romantic relationships at the beginning of the year, but things will turn exciting very soon. Opportunities to attend university in other countries may present themselves. A trip abroad on short notice for work could be very beneficial. Be wary of potential deal traps by carefully reading the fine print of any transaction.

Lucky Number: 1, 9

Lucky Colour: Red, Golden

Lucky Months: Jan, April, July

GEMINI (May 21-Jun 21)

Gemini can look forward to a fruitful year. There will be no more issues with your work, and luck will shine on you. Some of you may take up additional responsibilities. Romance and love can blossom this year. The level of enthusiasm and mutual comprehension among loved ones will remain high. In spite of a shaky start to the year, health is likely to improve significantly towards the second quarter and beyond. You must stay energetic and include exercise in your daily routine to enjoy the perks of a healthy body. Legal settlements involving inheritance disputes may also reach amicable resolutions. Purchasing real estate is an option if you're interested in doing so. This year, the business will require frequent travel abroad and will prove to be favourable as well. The students may continue to do well on all of their exams and have a productive academic year. The last three months of the year may be marked by gains, windfalls, and fantastic opportunities to stash away cash.

Lucky Number: 6, 8

Lucky Colour: Blue, Grey, Silver

Lucky Months: Feb, Aug, Nov

CANCER (Jun 22-Jul 22)

2023 is going to be a fantastic year for you. A promotion or a salary increase may come your way. You can anticipate skyrocketing success and material abundance in the last quarter. Consistent, small-but-steady efforts over time are what it takes to accomplish anything. Strong networking is likely to benefit business folks. Plans for improving your financial situation may be much sought after. However, getting rich quickly or easily is not something to consider. Relationships with loved ones are likely to experience few fluctuations. In order to keep the peace at home this year, you will need to make some concessions. Romantic overtures from common friends may be received by some of you. Be especially careful with your health as the year draws to a close. Some of you might find success in the tourism industry. The academic and admissions prospects are both ideal this year. Buying property is recommended, but you should not make any hasty choices.

Lucky Number: 7, 11

Lucky Colour: Purple, Green

Lucky Months: Sept, Dec

LEO (Jul 23-Aug 23)

Opportunities abound for Leos in the New Year. Keep your cool and concentration intact if you want to enjoy the options coming along with. Advancement in career is going to be gauged through sheer hard work. Make as many personal and professional contacts as possible. Just avoid offending those in authority. You will remain money-motivated and will want to maximise your earnings. Joint ventures and other non-direct investments are likely to do well in the first half of the year. After the first three months, you'll have peaceful and amicable interactions with your loved ones. Your romance will flourish when you work out your differences as a couple. The wedding bells may ring for some. Changes in your work schedule can disrupt your routine diet – stay cautious there. Healthy living and self-care ought to be your guiding principles for the coming year. You'll need to use your diplomatic skills and courage to close deals in real estate transactions. Students may be required to travel to distant places in seek of the knowledge or skills they desire.

Lucky Number: 18, 22

Lucky Colour: Maroon, Magenta

Lucky Months: April, May, Sept

VIRGO (Aug 24-Sept 23)

Success is going to be yours in 2023! Smile! Fresh opportunities may present themselves in the first half of the year, paving the way for brand-new beginnings. Thanks to the meticulous financial planning, this year should be very fruitful monetarily. Your professional lives begin to improve this year if you make smart decisions about careers and goals. To stay competitive in today's job market, you need to keep up with your skills and education. 2023 may be a peaceful year at home. Spend time with those you care about. You may find romantic success towards the second quarter of the year. Committing to a healthier lifestyle will provide you enormous energy. The odds of you receiving an inheritance are high. Avoid escalating any property disputes. Students are likely to encounter some fascinating educational possibilities. A possible overseas assignment may surface in the last quarter. Significant developments are indicated for those who wish to settle abroad.

Lucky Number: 4, 8

Lucky Colour: Green, Blue, Orange

Lucky Months: Sept, Oct, Dec

LIBRA (Sept 24-Oct 23)

2023 is likely to bring with itself an opportune time. You have a good chance of achieving your goals in the second quarter. In addition to material prosperity, there will be openings for professional growth too. Your efforts to amass a fortune for retirement may pay off handsomely. Learn to prioritize your own needs before focusing on opinions of others. Family life may experience its shares of highs and lows. Romantically inclined Librans may have some trouble in their relationship. Make a year-changing decision early this if at all possible. Those suffering from some chronic illnesses may require additional attention. Although, it will start improving towards third quarter of the year. The experience of travelling could end up being very rewarding for Libras. A vacation full of memories is much indicated. This year offers a lot of potential for academic advancement. Some of you may be in for an unexpected inheritance.

Lucky Number: 11, 17

Lucky Colour: Yellow, Cream, Maroon

Lucky Months: Feb, March, Aug

SCORPIO (Oct 24-Nov 22)

“Change” is going to be your mantra in 2023. Your financial situation is likely to gain a new high. Those who own businesses will have unprecedented possibilities for growth. You could make some significant strides in your career this year. Limelight is in store for some of you. The last quarter of the year especially would turn out to be very successful for you. There may be calm and agreement at home, but the last two or three quarters may still have its share of challenges. The year has a lot of potential to be a remarkable one on the romantic front. Cupid's arrow may find those who are lonely and looking for love. If health is a priority for you this year, it could be good. Keeping your mind clear through spiritual practice allows you to see past your own limitations. Students are likely to succeed through competitive exams. This year brings a lot of travel opportunities, as well as professional fulfilment.

Lucky Number: 18,22

Lucky Colour: Magenta, Purple

Lucky Months: Jan, March, Oct

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23-Dec 21)

2023 would be a year to look forward to. There's a good chance that you'll reach new heights this year. Thanks to a steady stream of projects, you might be kept busy all year. Your coworkers will back you up, and you may achieve greatness in your chosen profession. Make good use of your gut instincts when it comes to financial matters to ensure the success of your business. It's going to be a good year for your relationships. Family and relatives will always have your back and extend support. In the second half of 2023, Sagittarius will feel more settled emotionally, allowing them to focus more on home life. You and your partner may become happier and closer to one another. This coming year should be one of the healthiest of your life. Relaxing activities can help you avoid adding to your stress levels. Some will need to discuss the inheritance of family property and heirlooms once more. If students want to get into the institute of their choice, they may need to step up their game.

Lucky Number: 1,8

Lucky Colour: Saffron, White

Lucky Months: May, June, Aug

CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 21)

Ring in 2023 with a smile! There is a potential for a rise in earnings and a resulting increase in wealth. The opportunity to secure a highly lucrative deal with a high-net-worth client may crop up for entrepreneurs. No matter what you do with your money, it will all work out for the best. You can success on the career front as the year begins. You can distinguish yourself by rising to the challenge and taking on additional responsibilities as the year progresses. Happiness and peace will permeate your home and relationships. It's a good year to start a family, so if you've been thinking about tying the knot, now is the time. Warmth and intimacy in your relationship are likely to grow during the second and third quarters, bringing you great joy and stability. For the most part of the year, you should feel fantastic. Your limitless optimism should help you conquer any challenge. Purchasing and investing in real estate in the last quarter of the year will yield positive results. Capricorn students would do well this academic year if they take a proactive stance and listen to their mentors. If the opportunity to travel arises, there is no harm in taking it.

Lucky Number: 9, 11

Lucky Colour: All shades of Green

Lucky Months: April, Nov, Dec

AQUARIUS (Jan 22-Feb 19)

Luck smiles on you in the year 2023! You may feel more energized than ever before, and this will carry you steadily into the second quarter. If you put in the effort in the New Year, you may find yourself in a very secure financial position by the end of the year. Don't rush into anything in trading; doing so could end up costing you money. After a rough beginning, the year will turn out well. Very soon, you might get a raise or a promotion because of the value others see in what you've accomplished in your field of work. Maintaining your health should be one of your top priorities. Your energy levels may decrease if you push yourself too far beyond your physical limits. Work obligations may prevent you from spending enough time with family and friends at home. A rough start to the year in love won't last forever. Your positive outlook and trust in the relationship may help strengthen it. Putting your old home on the market in the first half of 2023 will be the best decision you can make. Students' academic performance will suffer if they devote less than full attention to it.

Lucky Number: 5, 9

Lucky Colour: Silver, Pink

Lucky Months: June, Sept

PISCES (Feb 20-Mar 20)

You get what you wish for in 2023! You may find new opportunities that will help you succeed in all areas of your life. You might start to feel better about yourself again, and that could lead to quicker, better decision-making. In the first two quarters, businesspeople can expect success in their endeavors and expansion. You'll meet some people along the way who serve as role models and mentors of financial responsibility. In 2023, you shouldn't second-guess any major choices you made for your career. As the second half of the year progresses, you may find better job openings. Think about each one. If you and your partner have been dating for a while, you should work up the courage to take the plunge and get married. You can expect your home and family life to continue to flourish as a result of your efforts. Although, it may appear to be difficult to interact with kids in the second half. You will continue to find success in your academic endeavors this year, and you will do very well in all of your tests. The fourth quarter is a good time to make a new real estate investment, but only after careful consideration and study.

Lucky Number: 2, 6

Lucky Colour: Cream, Peach

Lucky Months: March, May, July

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