Ira Khan is putting out videos about her experience with depression.
Ira Khan is putting out videos about her experience with depression.

Aamir Khan’s daughter Ira reveals advice doctors, parents, ‘Kiran aunty’ gave her when she told them about her depression

Aamir Khan’s daughter, Ira, in a new Instagram video has spoken about the advice that she received from professionals and her parents when she told them about her depression.
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UPDATED ON NOV 13, 2020 07:40 PM IST

Actor Aamir Khan’s daughter, Ira Khan, has shared the first part of her planned video series in which she will discuss depression. She recently revealed that she is clinically depressed, and expressed her desire to speak about her experience in a series of videos.

In part one, posted on Instagram, she said that ‘different people show their depression differently’, and that a strategy that might have worked for one person might not work for another. “What can you say to someone who’s depressed as way of advice when you don’t really know how their depression is effecting them?” she wrote in her caption. “What should you say? What should you not say?”


Citing the example of advice that she is given -- ‘stay positive, work out, stay busy’ -- Ira said that after having consulted at least four doctors, she learned that staying busy was absolutely not what she should have been doing. She said that she also consulted her parents, her aunt, and ‘Kiran aunty’, perhaps referring to Aamir’s wife, Kiran Rao. She revealed that they all advised her to ‘stop being busy, stop jumping from one thing to the next... Just be... Just slow down’.

Ira said that she used to enjoy working out, but has now come to dread it, which is a bad situation to be in. “I used to work out a lot, but now I’m scared of working out, which is frustrating, because I loved working out a lot,” she said.

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Ira in her original October post had said, “Hi, I’m depressed. I have been for more than four years now. I’ve been to a doctor and I’m clinically depressed. I’m doing much better now. For over a year now, I wanted to do something for mental health, but I wasn’t sure what to do. So, I have decided to take you on a journey, my journey, and see what happens. Hopefully, we will get to know ourselves slightly better, understand mental illness better.”

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