Shah Rukh Khan’s crazy episode with a director and his script is making Twitter LOL.
Shah Rukh Khan’s crazy episode with a director and his script is making Twitter LOL.

Shah Rukh Khan once received a script so outrageous that fans want their ears cleaned with bleach after hearing it

Shah Rukh Khan must have got his fair share of bad scripts but surely nothing will ever come close to this one.
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UPDATED ON FEB 05, 2020 11:06 AM IST

There are good film scripts, there are bad film scripts and then there is this. In a video that was shared by Film Companion earlier this week, film critic Anupama Chopra had recounted a story so cringeworthy that Bollywood lovers are shaking in their seats.

Anupama has written a book on the life and career of actor Shah Rukh Khan titled King of Bollywood: Shah Rukh Khan and the Seductive World of Indian Cinema. While talking about the writing process, Anupama said Shah Rukh had told him of a ridiculous script that once came his way.

“He said that a bearded, arty type director came to him and pitched him a story in which he plays a character who cannot marry the woman he loves. So in the gamm (sadness) of that he becomes a gangster. And she marries a cop who at some point is now chasing the gangster. I don’t know if he knows he is chasing his wife’s ex-boyfriend but who knows,” Anupama says in the video.


“Then the cop shoots the gangster. Alright? Somehow the wounded gangster makes his way to a train in which that girl is sitting, the one he loved. Okay. Here’s is where it gets really strange. He’s lying there wounded and he cannot find water. He’s really thirsty and he needs water. The girl is pregnant but there is no water. And therefore the only way to stop Shah Rukh from dying--and I don’t know again how this works biologically it’s impossible--but she breastfeeds him. And here I quote Shah Rukh exactly and Shah Rukh is quoting the director: ‘And at that point the relationship between them becomes like brother and sister’,” she said while laughing hysterically all the way.

“Shah Rukh said that when he told the director that this is a very odd scene, he got really upset. He said, ‘What a dirty mind you have’. Like I said, you can’t make this up,” she said.

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Understandably, the video has created waves among Shah Rukh’s fans. The video on Twitter got a lot of reactions, memes and jokes. “I was fine with gangster and police chase that was nice but breastfeeding I mean it’s so wtf was that ewww,” wrote one. “Lol actually they would become mother-son and not brother-sister. But seriously! Breastfeeding????,” wrote another. “skskkssk Who’s this director? We really really REALLY need to talk,” read another tweet. Check out more reactions:








The story makes one appreciate how Shah Rukh is taking his sweet time to finalise a project after the debacle that was Zero. His past several films have failed to perform at the box office, but here’s hoping a great script finds its way to him soon and crazy directors keep away.

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