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Stalker mania alert: When fandom turns into frenzy

A fan broke into actor Amitabh Bachchan’s house on Sunday, by scaling the wall of his bungalow Jalsa. This is not the first time a fan has gone to such lengths to meet a star.

bollywood Updated: Aug 02, 2016 19:57 IST
Actor Amitabh Bachchan at his house Jalsa, where a fan broke in on Sunday.
Actor Amitabh Bachchan at his house Jalsa, where a fan broke in on Sunday.(Mahendra Parikh / HT Photo)

Security at Amitabh Bachchan’s Mumbai house has been beefed up after a fan scaled the wall of his bungalow Jalsa to meet the actor. Bullet Banwari Lal Yadav, a singer from Bihar, sneaked in with the intention of singing a Bhojpuri song for the 73-year-old star.

“This lapse wouldn’t have mattered earlier. But there’s a child in the household (Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s daughter Aaradhya) whose safety and well-being are of paramount importance to the family,” says a source close to the family.

While the Bachchans don’t wish ‘harsh punishment’ for the intruder — who is now in police custody — they feel it’s imperative to avoid a repeat incident. “If the intruder is let off lightly, other so-called fans may attempt a similar break-in. The family can’t risk that situation,” adds the source.

However, this isn’t the first time a fan has gone to such lengths to meet his or her favourite star. Many Bollywood celebs have had a brush with crazy fan frenzy.

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Katrina Kaif

In 2010, a 20-something fan, who was following Kat for almost a year lurked around her residence for seven to eight months. The stalker even managed to reach the actor’s house and told her staff that she had invited him. He reached the venues of all events Katrina was attending and tried to approach her. When Kat recognised his presence, she alerted her bouncers. “He was the same guy who had come to my house. He keeps following me and reached the multiplex this time. The police warned him to stay away, but he doesn’t understand. I don’t know what he wants. It’s terribly disturbing,” Kat was quoted as saying.

A fan lurked around actor Katrina Kaif’s residence for seven to eight months. (Yogen Shah)

Sushmita Sen

In 2008, Sush started receiving expensive gifts from an anonymous fan. Things got out of hand when one day she received a bridal dress and accessories. This was followed by multiple threats by the stalker to marry him or he will murder her. The actor filed a police complaint against him.

Actor Sushmita Sen’s stalker threatened her to marry him. (Yogen Shah)

Kangana Ranaut

In 2010, a fan went on a four-day long hunger strike outside Kangy’s gym. He wanted the actor to read a letter he had written for her. Kangana accepted the letter, and the fan left. She did not reveal the contents of the letter to anyone. Kangy was later stalked by another man, who worked out at the same gym. He, too, wrote letters to her and reportedly imagined that he was in a relationship with the star. He was arrested from the gym after he created a scene in Kangana’s presence.

A fan went on a four-day long hunger strike outside Kangana Ranaut’s gym. (IANS)

Shah Rukh Khan

A crazy fan once managed to enter SRK’s Mumbai house, Mannat, just to take a dip in Shah Rukh’s swimming pool. The fact that he managed to enter the premises of the high-security property was not the only surprise. He left the house peacefully without even demanding to meet the actor. Shah Rukh narrated this incident at a press conference earlier this year.

Actor Shah Rukh Khan shared a fan story at a recent press conference.

Amrita Rao

A fan sold all his belongings in his village and camped outside the actor’s house in Mumbai. He started calling Amrita. On learning about the fan, the actor invited him to a studio where she was shooting, and spoke to him for 15 minutes. She made sure her staff bought a train ticket, gave the fan some money and sent him back to his village.

A fan sold all his belongings in his village and camped outside Amrita Rao’s house in Mumbai. (AFP)

John Abraham

In 2013, a male fan started calling John repeatedly, expressing a desire to go for coffee with the actor. On not getting a positive response from the actor, the fan started calling John’s parents. When the actor got to know about this, he informed the police.

A fan started pestering John Abraham to go for coffee with him. (Shivam Saxena/HT Photo)

Hrithik Roshan

A Russian girl, Anna, started lurking around Roshan’s house frequently in 2013. She tried to get into Hrithik’s Andheri (Mumbai) office twice and turned aggressive when entry was denied. The actor had to file a police complaint against the fan.

A fan tried to get into Hrithik Roshan’s Andheri (Mumbai) office twice.

Shahid Kapoor

A complaint was filed by Shahid against legendary actor Rajkumar’s daughter Vastavikta Pandit in 2012. She had apparently scaled the wall of the actor’s building and claimed to be Shahid’s wife. After bearing it for nine months, Shahid resorted to a police complaint. “She moved into a house next to his building, introduces herself as his wife, blocks his car’s path and even follows him to his shoots,” a source was quoted as saying back then.

A fan had scaled the wall of Shahid Kapoor’s building and claimed to be his wife. (Rohan Shrestha)


In 2009, the actor was in Singapore where a crazy fan followed her from Indore. After seeing the familiar face for some time in the same hotel, Asin alerted her security. She rescheduled her flight from Singapore to Mumbai, and checked out much earlier to trick her stalker.

Asin’s fan followed her from Indore to Singapore.

Minissha Lamba

The actor received abusive calls and messages from a so-called fan in 2009. When the person showed no signs of stopping those messages and calls, Minissha filed a police complaint.

Minissha Lamba received abusive calls and messages from a so-called fan.