Cricketer Yuvraj Singh and actor Hazel Keech for married in November 2016.(Instagram/hazelkeechofficial)
Cricketer Yuvraj Singh and actor Hazel Keech for married in November 2016.(Instagram/hazelkeechofficial)

Valentine’s Day special: We’re a fun loving couple, we don’t pretend to be somebody else, says Yuvraj Singh

After three years of marital bliss, while Hazel Keech has become “more patient”, Yuvraj Singh is enjoying being “the queen of the house”.
Hindustan Times | By Monika Rawal Kukreja
UPDATED ON FEB 13, 2020 08:59 PM IST

Couples that travel together, stay together. That’s pretty much the relationship mantra for cricketer Yuvraj Singh and actor Hazel Keech, who are currently out of the country, holidaying. They completed three blissful years of marriage in November last year and as Yuvi says, “it looks like 30 years, already”. On Valentine’s Day today, we got talking to the “fun-loving” duo and decode the secret behind their bond.

It has been eight months since you retired... You must be getting a lot of time to spend with Hazel.

Yuvi: Earlier I was busy, and now that I’m at home, Hazel has become busy. But it’s good because she has always been an actor, so I’m happy she’s doing what she always wanted to do.

How have these three years, with each other in your life, changed you as a person?

Yuvi: I’ve realised I’m no longer the king of the house. Hazel is the king; I’m the queen (laughs). It has been a different journey. I got married at the right time when I was getting into a space where you don’t want to be changed. So, we adjusted as a couple. We were living for a while together before we got married and now we are here. So, we’re used to each other and Hazel would always be my valentine.

Hazel: The one major change in me that Yuvi has told me is patience. He, in the very beginning, had the most patience I had ever seen in a person — like patience with my insecurities, and times when I’d be emotional — and I’ve learnt that from him.


Do you guys believe in celebrating these special days like Valentine’s Day?

Hazel: I do believe in celebrating things like Christmas, anniversaries and Diwali... like family time. Valentine’s Day is more of a novelty. However, we travel a lot, not always together. So, when we’re together, we try and celebrate days like these. When we’re not, it’s more me who makes an effort like give him a card or flower. But, when he has planned something, he goes all out and has done very, very romantic things, which I’m not going to share (laughs).

You’re quite out there on social media sharing about your life. Do you ever put on extra thought before putting up a post?

Yuvi: It’s more of banter, I’d say. We’re a fun loving couple who like pulling each other’s leg. We don’t pretend to be somebody else.

Hazel: We’re more joking on social media. We like to tease each other and that comes naturally because we have a great rapport and our relationship is based on a very solid friendship. We don’t really believe in sharing so much PDA, as we don’t think it’s necessary to prove that we’re together. We’re very private people, so we try to keep our relationship that way. 

But there would be times when you’ve to deal with nasty comments too… how do you handle those?

Yuvi: Well, I ignore it and Hazel can’t. But, I tell her that there’s no point and it’s wasting time. Everybody will have an opinion of you. You’re going to do what you feel is right. That’s what I tell her. She doesn’t shy away from being honest, but sometimes I’ve to tell her, ‘take it easy’ because I’ve also been like that and I’ve toned down with time. But, she doesn’t really worry about what people are saying.

There are constant talks about you planning a family soon. What’s the status?

Yuvi: Obviously once you are married and settled... I’m sure Hazel and I would get to that stage where we also want to have a child. But at the moment, she’s busy working and I’ve just retired so we’re very happy and content with what we’re doing in our respective lives. When we feel it’s the right time for her and me, we’d both give some good news.

Hazel: We’ve said this since we got married that we’re open to it but people have been quite unkind. I’m a woman who has transitioned from my 20s to 30s; I had eating disorders for very many years, and hence, my weight has fluctuated. So, it’s very harsh for people to constantly be speculating that I’m pregnant every time I gain some weight. It’s nobody’s business. When we do have a child or get pregnant, and we decide to share with the world, we will. But it’s a private matter and we wish people would respect me as a woman who’s trying hard to love and accept her body and the change that she’s going through and it’s very difficult when there are constant speculations and fat-shaming.

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