Akshay is the first one to read my columns: Twinkle Khanna
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Akshay is the first one to read my columns: Twinkle Khanna

HT City caught up with Twinkle on the book, her sense of humour and obviously, her husband.

books Updated: Sep 10, 2015 16:35 IST
Deepshikha Bhattacharyya
Deepshikha Bhattacharyya
Hindustan Times
Twinkle Khanna,Mrs Funnybones,Interview

Actor-turned-writer Twinkle Khanna is back in news. Her debut book, Mrs Funnybones, has already been declared a bestseller and accolades are pouring in from all corners on social networking sites. Given that she is the daughter of late superstar Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia and is married to one of Bollywood's most bankable actors Akshay Kumar, Twinkle is no stranger to stardom.

The actor, who was last seen in Love Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega in 2001, says that she has "happily left that world (Bollywood) far behind". HT City caught up with Twinkle on the book, her sense of humour and obviously, her husband.

What is the book all about?
Mrs Funnybones is based and structured around my columns and it's about how a modern woman looks at India and how India looks right back at her. Since I have a weakness for illustrations, there are also a few funny illustrations in there as well.

From Bollywood to candles and now writing. When did you discover the writer in you?
The editor of a newspaper, who is an old friend, asked me to write a column. According to her, I cracked lame jokes all the time and read voraciously. I decided to give it a shot though the last time I had written anything was in my teens. One thing led to another and now I have almost a hundred newspaper columns under my belt and a book and I now wonder why I didn't continue what I started in my teens. I am into the candle business, have a home store, The White Window, and interior designing is my primary occupation though writing now seems to have become better known.

How have your mother and husband reacted to you being Mrs Funnybones?
My husband has always been my biggest supporter and my mother has finally joined the cheerleading team now that her friends have been telling her that they like my work as well.

How involved is Akshay with this book and your columns?

Akshay is the first to read my column when I'm done and is a great sounding board.


A winsome twosome: Akshay Kumar with his wife Twinkle Khanna on his 48th birthday. (mrsfunnybones/Twitter)

Tell us a few secrets about Akshay.
Let me keep the few I have, as it is, most of my life is now literally an open book.

Which is Akshay's best film according to you?
I watch most of his movies and I really enjoyed Special 26 and Baby along with his first Hera Pheri, which is sort of my favourite.

How has Bollywood reacted to your book? Are some of them scared that you might spill the beans about them?
My style of writing isn't very conducive to spilling the beans and I am careful about what should be said and what needs to be left alone and I have my censor board chief at home, my husband.

What made you call Aarav the prodigal son?

He is a good kid and has a great sense of humour. It was just a literary device. These things don't bother him at all. In fact, I think he is rather chuffed with it all.

Are all the people you write about real?
They are all caricatures but yes they are basically real.

Your mother-in-law gets a lot of mention in your columns? Has she read your book?
No, she doesn't really like to read but I did ask her once if her friends said anything to her about being in my columns and she just brushed it off and said she was very proud of me. I do think we are a lot alike in many ways.

Has your sense of humour ever put you in trouble?
Of course, on too many occasions to count.

Who do you get your sense of humor from?
From my maternal grandparents and aunts. We crack up at the oddest things.

Will your next book be funny too?

I am writing, let's see.

Apart from writing, what's keeping you busy?

Interior designing is my primary career though now I only take on two projects a year because I have a little one at home and I want to spend more time working from home, which is very difficult to manage while doing sites. I also curate and design products for the White Window home store and run my mother's candle company, The Faraway Tree and right now we are focusing on expanding that sphere of our business.


Your favorite author?
I read a lot of science fiction... Asimov, Neil Gaiman, Ken Liu and also enjoy PG Wodehouse and Rohinton Mistry. My favourite would be Asimov and I don't think a single writer has influenced me as much as a lot of wonderful concepts by diverse writers that swirl around in my subconscious mind.

Your all-time favourite book?

(Isaac) Asimov's Foundation series.

Your favorite comic book?
Mad magazine.

The book you are currently reading?
Tender Is the Night by (F Scott) Fitzgerald.

The number of books in your collection?
Have lost count.

First Published: Sep 10, 2015 15:35 IST