This week’s list of good reads includes a memoir, a meditation on villainy, and a funny career guide(Meril Anand)
This week’s list of good reads includes a memoir, a meditation on villainy, and a funny career guide(Meril Anand)

HT Picks: The Most Interesting Reads of the Week

This week’s list of good reads includes the memoir of a highly respected legal voice, a meditation on villainy through a study of characters in the Mahabharata that’s aimed at corporations, and a funny career guide to help you navigate the workplace
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208pp, Rs 595; Rupa
208pp, Rs 595; Rupa

In the author’s own words, this book is about the second innings in his career, post 2008.

In the no-holds-barred manner characteristic of Shanti Bhushan, the author traces his early life and formative years, talking of the many high profile and important cases he handled, such as the Sanjay Dutt trial, the Mumbai bombings, and many others. Offering personal experiences, he writes about the Emergency and what was going on behind the scenes at that time. Unravelling a life of activism, he talks of the Anna Hazare movement, his association with the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), the early days of AAP and his eventual disenchantment leading to a dissociation.

My Second Innings is not just a memoir of a highly respected legal voice of the country, it is also the life of a nation recounted by one of its conscientious citizens. It bears testimony to his relentless crusade against corruption both in the judiciary and in public life.


198pp, Rs 499; Penguin
198pp, Rs 499; Penguin

Duryodhana was a man of strong character and integrity.

Duhsshasana was respectful, generous and kind towards women.

Shakuni was a simple man who loved his subjects unconditionally.

Dhana Nanda, Aurangzeb and Hitler possessed admirable leadership traits.

‘Duryodhanization’ refers to the birth and processes of development of a villainous character – whether in works of history or mythology. In this book, Uppal ekes out the dark side of management and leadership by studying fascinating characters from the Mahabharata. He probes into what it really means to be a villain, and if villainous traits are inherent or cultivated.

Original and thought-provoking, the book draws from history, mythology and literature, and unpacks the process of villainization through the character of the legendary villain, Duryodhana.



252pp, Rs 299; HarperCollins
252pp, Rs 299; HarperCollins

Do you think you’re a hardworking professional who has a lot to offer Are your ideas brighter than everyone else’s in your team? Did you deserve a standing ovation after your last performance appraisal?

Even if the answer to these questions is a resounding yes, do you still find yourself trailing behind corporate losers – the devil boss who takes all the credit; the slimy politician who stole your promotion; the sweet-talking weasel whom everyone seems to love?

Job Be Damned is the kick in the backside that you so desperately need. This book recognizes that you are an average employee and ensures that, by the time you’re done reading it, you’ll be the best average employee there can be. You will gain a unique perspective to help navigate every tricky workplace situation – and unmatched bullshit-doling and handling capabilities to wing it through your spectacularly unexciting job.

After all, isn’t that what corporate success is all about?

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