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Jackie O's weight-gain phobia

Jacqueline Kennedy did not mind her daughter's boozing habits; what she minded was Caroline's weight-gain, says a book.

books Updated: Jul 04, 2007 19:42 IST

Former First Lady of the United States, late Jacqueline Kennedy Onnasis, was so worried about her first daughter Caroline Kennedy’s weight, that her daughter’s drinking spree did not bother her even half as much as her weight gain.

In the book American Legacy: The Story of John & Caroline Kennedy, C David Heymann, has revealed that once Jacqueline chided Caroline, when she insisted on having dessert in a Paris restaurant.

“You're not going to order dessert, Caroline. You're much too fat. Nobody will ever want to marry you,” New York Daily News quoted the author, as stating.

Intervention by her step-daughter, Christina Onassis, fetched Caroline cherry-flavoured Jell-O without whipped cream topping.

According to late George Plimpton, a family pal, Jacqueline hated it when her son drank or did drugs, but she did not mind it when her daughter got sloshed as long as she did not gain pounds.

“Jackie didn't like it when John [Jr] drank or did drugs, but she didn't seem to care if Caroline got smashed on beer or stoned on grass. It was only when Caroline gained a pound or two that Jackie reacted,” Plimpton told the author.

The book has also revealed that Caroline once ‘took the blame’, when the police found her cousin David Kennedy growing marijuana in their home’s backyard.

"Although David Kennedy had harvested the plants. Caroline, attempting to protect her cousin, took the blame,” the author wrote.

When Caroline received a letter from her grandmother, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, who wrote to her reprimanding her for hookah addiction, Jackie O did not react much.

But she cancelled her daughter’s credit card when she found that Caroline had purchased barbecued spareribs from Mr Chow for two pounds.

However, the card was reactivated after Caroline promised to accompany her mum on jogs.

“She had given her daughter a credit card for individual purchases under $100. One day, she saw a charge for two pounds of barbecued spareribs at Mr Chow. After lecturing her daughter on the perils of excessive poundage, she cancelled the credit card, but reactivated it when Caroline agreed to join her mother on jogs around the Central Park,” the book said.

First Published: Jul 04, 2007 18:26 IST