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Five individuals share moments that made them laugh during the lockdown
Five individuals recount comical instances that happened to them during this lockdown(Illustration: Mitrarun Halder)
Five individuals recount comical instances that happened to them during this lockdown(Illustration: Mitrarun Halder)
Published on Aug 30, 2020 06:44 AM IST
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Sneeze the day

Dhruv Kapoor, 31, Fashion Designer

“I decided to go to the supermarket with my sister. Of all days, that day I had to sneeze so bad! I was trying to block it at first, but then moved to an empty aisle to discretely sneeze in a corner. I sneezed thrice and loudly at that. From there on, I couldn’t hold my head up. People stared and my sister disowned me for the rest of our excursion. I felt like a criminal. Waiting for the day when I can sneeze sans guilt.”­

Temper tamper

Gurmehar Kaur, 23, Author

“In the UK, 30 days into lockdown I found myself craving dal-chawal. Now the most important component of dal is the tadka and the most important component of safety in the UK buildings are smoke alarms. Needless to say, my tadka did not sit well with the smoke alarm and had the entire student building rush out, some midst naps and showers, because of the fire alarm going off. The dal, however, was excellent!”­

Ready, steady, stay

Oindrila Mukherjee, 31, Communications Specialist

“In late April, the unbearable Kolkata heat had taken a toll on my brain. I was missing office so bad that I woke up one morning, took a shower, changed into formals, wore my identity card and was ready at the breakfast table on time. It was only when mom called me from behind – and then reacted like she saw Anabelle walking – that I came out of my trance. Till date, this is an inside joke for the family!”

Rape of the lock

Yashodeep Sengupta, 32, Content Writer

“Among things that the lockdown wreaked havoc on was my ‘locks’. Salons were shut and I resembled a mix between Jim Morrison and Professor Snape. I know the manual for married men says you shouldn’t allow the wife to handle sharp objects, but I had to ask mine. My heart skipped a beat with every snip, and at the same time I had to keep a smiling countenance. It’s been a couple of months and my hair has started growing again. But heck, I am a Jim Morrison fan now!”­

Baby’s day out

Stuti Agarwal, 32, Blogger

“We hadn’t stepped out for a whole five months. So, when we did for my daughter Aarna’s vaccination last month and put our masks on, my own daughter couldn’t recognise me and kept pulling down my mask to see if I’m the same person! Now, it has become a game between us where I wear my mask and she pulls it down and laughs hysterically!”

From HT Brunch, August 30, 2020

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