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How disproportionately big fashion is the order of the day: and how you can wear it!

Earrings as big as bangles? Hats the size of umbrellas? Go big to upgrade your style

brunch Updated: Jul 21, 2018 20:48 IST
Drishti Vij
Drishti Vij
Hindustan Times
proportion,skinny bottoms,short shorts
If you’re looking for the cosiness of roomy winter trends in summers, then 2018 has you covered!Styling assistant: Riya Dhankar; Make-up and hair: Kangna Kochhar; Model: Laxmi Pandey (Purple Thoughts India)(Dolly Haorambam)

Some of the most era-defining trends over the years have played with proportions. Runways were once dominated by short shorts and skinny bottoms – big has (unfortunately) never been in. But, if you’re one of those extra-large-loving ladies – if you’d rather wear your boyfriend’s jeans than your own – if you’re looking for the cosiness of roomy winter trends in summers – then 2018 has you covered.

2 inches too much!
Platforms to step up into

Wear Flatforms for height and style

Flatforms add symmetry to the look. Dress and blouse, Hemant & Nandita; shoes, Aldo; earrings, H&M ( Dolly Haorambam )

“A pair of flatforms add symmetry to the look and are borrowed from the cool aesthetic of Scandinavian fashion,” says award-winning fashion designer Nachiket Barve.

Wear these if… You want to celebrate minimalism and play with cool colours. “Style with a colour-blocked outfit,” says Nachiket.

Pair them with: “Cropped pants, a cute dress or even palazzos – anything that’s casual,” suggests Nachiket.

And remember! “Beware of making the look too clunky. Don’t wear them to an occasion where you want to look glamorous,” he says.

An exaggerated sleeve is a dynamic trend that is safe to experiment with. Dress, Two Point Two ( Dolly Haorambam )

Half a meter too long!
Sleeves that swallow your arms
Play with the youthful amusement of exaggerated sleeves

“A favourite of not just designers but high-street brands and people of all shapes and sizes too, an exaggerated sleeve is a dynamic trend that is safe to experiment with,” says celebrity stylist Eshaa Amiin.

Wear these if… “You want to make a statement with a singular detail. It’s a fabulous trend,” says Eshaa.

Pair them with: “Solid-coloured trousers,” she suggests.

And remember! “Keep your neck, and hair neat and clean especially if you’re petite,” she says.

Pair drop-crotch pants with statement shoes. Top, Anuj Bhutani; pants, Rajesh Pratap Singh; shoes, Aldo ( Dolly Haorambam )

25 cms too low
Trousers that are roomy!
Add edge and comfort with drop-crotch trousers

“If comfort and fashion go hand-in-hand for you and you’d rather stay in than step out in crisp trousers, drop-crotch pants are a must-have in your wardrobe,” says designer Shikha Grover, co-founder of the contemporary label Ilk.

Wear these if… “You want to look effortlessly cool and comfortable,” says Shikha.

Pair them with: “Statement shoes,” says Eshaa.

And remember! “Avoid unflattering silhouettes,” warns Shikha.

Huge hoops instantly add a bohemian vibe to your look and complement most Western outfits. Dress, Kanelle; earrings, H&M ( Dolly Haorambam )

Two into 2
Earrings the size of bangles!
Frame your face with hoops that are huge

“Throwing back to fashion of the ’70s that keeps coming back, huge hoops instantly add a bohemian vibe to your look and complement most Western outfits,” says Nachiket.

Wear these if… “You want to draw attention to your sharp features and face,” advises Nachiket.

Pair these with: “Almost anything – from peasant blouses to maxi dresses, tucked tees to even a swimsuit!” says Shikha.

And remember! “Don’t pair them with busy-looking prints, or anarkalis. Hoops look better if you have a well-defined jawline,” says Nachiket.

Draw attention to the lower part of your body with extra long belts. Dress and belt, Chola; pants, Two Point Two; shoes, Aldo ( Dolly Haorambam )

Six feet too long!
Elongated belts to make you slim
Rediscover your waist with a belt that trails

“Belts can up the style quotient of your outfit whether it’s a long dress or something shorter. It can give definition to your waistline and be a jazzy add-on at the same time,” says fashion designer Kanika Goyal.

Wear these if…“You want to draw attention to the lower part of your body as it can have a slimming effect. And, you can wrap it to form a bow,” suggests Nachiket.

Pair is with: “A dress, coat or jumpsuit. Elongated belts are the easiest way to manipulate outfits,” says Shikha.

And remember! “The belt shouldn’t look fussy, but intentionally elongated instead,” says Nachiket.

Look effortlessly cool in high collars. Jumpsuit, Two Point Two ( Dolly Haorambam )

A span’s length too high
Collars that dominate
Wear high collars to up your style

“The thing about high collars is that there are many kinds, so you’ll always find something that works for you. It’s a versatile and inclusive trend for both men and women,” says fashion designer Kanika Goyal.

Wear it if…“You want to look effortlessly cool without putting too much thought into styling your look,” says Kanika.

Pair it with: “Distressed denims or, something with crochet or lace can be a nice option as well,” she recommends.

And remember! “Don’t wear jewellery that takes away from your collar, since that can be a stylish element in itself. The drama is added through the collar. Keep it classic,” suggests Kanika.

From HT Brunch, July 29, 2018

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First Published: Jul 21, 2018 20:47 IST