I’ve not grown up watching films, haven’t seen Sholay: Sonakshi Sinha

Actress Sonakshi Sinha talks about her fondest Diwali memory, her favourite snacks and about norms in Bollywood that she’d like to knock out.

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Nihit Bhave
Nihit Bhave
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Sonakshi Sinha likes to play it with a straight bat. We throw her some difficult ones but the shotgun-in-training comes out on top.

Gun to your head, if you were asked to choose one co-star for the rest of your career, who would you pick and why?

I think I’d rather get shot than answer this question! The repercussions of choosing only one co-star will be as painful anyway.

One lesson Bollywood has taught you.

Never take anyone at face value.

Pick one: Five-star rating from critics or five weeks at the box office.

Five weeks at the box office hands down! Audience appreciation is better than any number of stars on a piece of paper.

A cult classic film you tell everyone you’ve watched, but secretly haven’t.

Sholay (1975). And it’s not the only one. I’ve just not grown up watching movies so I’ve not seen quite a few.

Apart from you, the actresses that look the hottest in a sari are...

Kareena Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Kajol and Priyanka Chopra.

A fitness tip/trick John Abraham taught you while shooting for Force 2.

Zip your mouth. He would watch over me like a hawk, noticing what I was eating. And it was torturous.

A topic you wish you hadn’t tweeted about and why?

None, actually. I always speak about things that I feel strongly about. And I always will.

The fashion police is…

Too strict!

Hypothetically, if Dabangg 3 and Lootera 2 were getting made simultaneously, and you could do only one,

which would you pick?

My heart would pick Dabangg 3 and my head would pick Lootera 2. But I’m used to juggling two-three films at a time so I would end up doing both.

A recent Bollywood song that’s stuck in your head.

Afghan Jalebi from Phantom (2015).

Do you remember the forehead joke that had made even you ROFL?

There were too many. But I wonder if Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Nicole Kidman, Tyra Banks and Katy Perry get the same jokes about their big foreheads... What do you think?

A Shatrughan Sinha film you would love to remake/be a part of.

Khudgarz (1987) or Dostana (1980). I loved watching these films as a kid. I loved his character in Khudgarz, but that would be difficult to adapt into for a female lead.

You’ve played a boxer before. Tell us one norm in Bollywood that you’d like to knock out.

Slamming actresses for their weight, forcing them to conform, promoting self-doubt, unhealthy habits and insecurity in young girls by criticising a certain size. Why not focus on a star’s talent and their craft instead?

The best thing about your recent trip to Budapest was...

The independence. I’ve never stayed away from home for so long. It kinda felt like I was sent away to boarding school, which is something that I wanted to do in my school days, but my parents never sent me to live on my own!

The last line of your biography would be...

“She did it her own way.”

Your fondest Diwali memory.

It has to be the togetherness shared by my family during Diwali. The happiness and love is addictive, and I love watching the fireworks from my terrace.

If you could name a firecracker after you, which would you choose?

A phuljhari! I want to always shine bright like one, or at least try. They are usually the one thing even people like me – who don’t burst firecrackers – light as shagun. So it’s beautiful as well as important.

A reason this Diwali is extra special.

My sister-in-law will be a new addition to our family this Diwali; it’s amazing to have a new family member to celebrate with.

Favourite Diwali snack

The mithais are so sinful, I just can’t help myself, especially to a kaaju katli.


Do a song-less movie OR a silent movie? A silent movie would be a great challenge.

Never gain weight OR Never have a flop film? Never gain weight. It’s too much effort to lose it again!

Swap lives with Salman khan OR with Akshay kumar? I’ll keep my own life, thank you very much!

Date Iron Man OR Robert Downey Jr? Date Iron Man/Tony Stark.

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