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Personal Agenda: Lisa Haydon

Who does Lisa Haydon think to be the sexiest actors? How does she define her fashion label? And what makes her day? Find out all this and much more about Lisa Haydon as we get personal with her.
Hindustan Times | By Veenu Singh
UPDATED ON MAR 11, 2012 11:59 AM IST

Sexiest actors in Bollywood?
Without sounding partial to anyone, I really admire Kareena, Vidya, Hrithik and Ranbir.

Indian models who have managed to make it big internationally?
I really feel that both Laxmi Rana and Ujjwala Raut have made us proud.

Have you ever faced a wardrobe malfunction?
Fortunately, I haven’t been in an embarrassing situation like this ever.

The last line of your autobiography would read?
...To be continued.

Three cosmetics you can’t do without?
Under eye cream, lip balm and a blush.

Lisa Haydon
Lisa Haydon

What do you prefer – a little black dress or a black


I actually love both. And the rest depends on the occasion.

If you could choose any movie as your dream debut, which one would it be?
Honestly, I am quite happy with Aisha as my debut film.

Define the styling of your label.
I believe in keeping it simple and not too over the top. Fashion for everyone is what I believe in and that’s what my designs also stand for.

An item number you would love to do?
I would definitely love to dance on something totally Indian like Chikni Chameli.

If you could be the editor of a magazine, who would you put on the cover?
Someone doing something really worthwhile like Hillary Clinton or even Angelina Jolie.

You de-stress by
Going to the spa and by doing something creative.

What makes your day?
Spending good times with my family and friends.

What spoils it?
My day can get spoilt by my own mood.

What do you love to gorge on after a long day at work?
Biryani and raita.

One gadget you love?
My iPad.

The last time you had a bad hair day?
There are days when my hair refuses to fall the way I want it to.

The last thing you bought for under Rs 10?
Pinch-clips for my hair in various colours.

You are closest to?
My mother.

If I could...
I would design: All the collections of my line, Lisa loves Sher Singh, for one year in a week.
What bliss!

I would like to live in: Tel Aviv and Bali, spending summers there would be fun

I would go to: South America – Brazil, Argentina and Peru, look around and have fun

Sun sign

June 17


Finished high school from Australia, started modelling soon after

Place of birth

First break
An Oil of Olay campaign at 19 and in the film Aisha

High point of your life
At 19 things started happening for me. I was earning good money

Low point of your life
When I moved back to India, I had to start from scratch

Currently doing
Have collaborated with global lifestyle brand Sher Singh to design clothes, I also have two films in my kitty

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