What will make us laugh in 2014?

More gig venues, more money for stand-up comics and a lot more laughs for you... Give a big hand to 2014.

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Amrah Ashraf
Amrah Ashraf
Hindustan Times

More gig venues, more money for stand-up comics and a lot more laughs for you... Give a big hand to 2014.

Look out for…

Kenny Sebastian
This Bangalore-based stand-up comedian has done a few shows in Mumbai and the audiences have loved him. He is new to the circuit, so not too many people know him but his brand of comedy – musical satire – is slowly gaining favour.

Aditi Mittal
She has her A-game on every time she goes on stage. Even her bad shows are funny. Mittal is moving up the ladder fast and will be doing exciting things next year. Plus, she’s a woman with a lot of guts. Who else can swear and succeed?

Stand-up comedians Kenny Sebastian and Aditi Mittal

All India Bakchod
Everyone loves the All India Bakchod (AIB) boys. They have over one million subscribers on their YouTube channel and they perform to houseful shows regularly. The branchild of Gursimran Khamba and Tanmay Bhat, AIB produces its own shows and skits. And considering how outright cheeky they are, it’s just as well that they do. Check out their spoof on Yash Raj Films.

Next year, we’ll see…

Some hilarious election specials
Spoofs, satires, improvs, you name it and these comics are working on it. They are already preparing their shticks, and the stuff I’ve seen is hilarious.

More dedicated gig venues
Canvas Laugh Factory is opening a store in Delhi later next year and another one in Mumbai.

More improv comedy
The comics have been experimenting with a bit of improv and the audience response has been phenomenal. 2014 is the year for improv comedy.

People making money off stand-up!
Finally! With the number of commercial and corporate gigs increasing by the day, you can easily be a full-time stand-up comedian. Let me assure you, if you’re any good, you will eat all your meals, plus more.

– Inputs by Tom Course, director – Creative/Technical and Programming, Canvas Laugh Factory

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