Your skin could die without a facial this summer

Ordinary facials are fine only for a short while. What you actually need, to save your skin, is a Medi-facial, writes Veenu Singh.

brunch Updated: Jun 16, 2012 12:32 IST
Veenu Singh
Veenu Singh
Hindustan Times

The current hot and sultry weather is sure to take a toll on your skin in more ways than one. Almost all of us complain about how our face seems to have lost its glow and we end up with pimples, breakouts or even rashes. And, if that's not all, then tanning and pigmentation are some of the other things to tackle. "What can I do to make my skin look good?" is one of the most common questions that any skin expert or even your friendly beautician has to tackle. And, what is the advice that we usually get, especially from the friendly beautician - get a nice facial done.


Oh yes, a facial! A good facial can definitely do wonders to the skin. It not only helps tackle problems like tanning but can also take care of blackheads, blemishes besides increasing the blood circulation, which actually gives you the glow. But how about getting something more out of a facial? Yes, you heard me right. Ordinary facials are fine for a bit of time-out and personal pampering but when you are serious about doing something really effective for your skin, you may need much more. That's where Medi-facials come to your rescue.

Medi-facials help you tackle specific skin problems like acne, extremely sensitive skin and also help for anti-ageing. The good thing about Medi-facials is that they are based on scientific principles and involve the use of appropriate machines; products and manual massage techniques, all used in perfect harmony with each to deliver effective and desired results. Since these facials are done under the supervision of dermatologists, one can be assured about them being absolutely safe. And, these facials are a great way to ensure that you have good glowing skin before a special occasion.

So, here's to happy skin.

First Published: May 26, 2012 17:47 IST