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In India, the need for an air conditioner is for 9 months out of twelve.
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Updated on Jun 09, 2015 04:55 PM IST
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By, New Delhi

In India, the need for an air conditioner is for 9 months out of twelve. If it is not the oppressing heat it is the monsoon, muggy and humid. And mosquitoes are a menace through the year. If only the AC was not such a power guzzler and came with a magic wand which could banish mosquitoes. Problems that you would expect India’s most trusted brand LG to solve.

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Now, LG has come with the revolutionary new Inverter V AC that does all that you desired and then some more. AC that goes beyond the basic needs of cooling, heating and keeping the air clean to becoming an integral part of your lifestyle. An AC that offers health benefits besides saving electricity contributing to your savings. While technology has been evolving, very few companies have thought beyond traditional cooling and heating till this new AC from LG, the leading consumer durable brand of India.

Some of the features are listed below to blow your mind :

The unique mosquito away technology: In the LG Inverter V Air Conditioners, mosquitoes are kept out of your room keeping the family safe and secure. Gone are the fears of mosquito borne diseases like dengue and malaria, LG Inverter V AC uses ultrasonic technology to keep the pests at bay. So, with this technology, no fear of chemicals or bad odor! This never before feature not only protects your family but also enhances your working and living conditions.

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Power Saver supreme : The new LG Inverter V AC is equipped with a technology that automatically adjusts the cooling as per the user requirement and saves energy basis the usage of different features. This additional benefit blended with the unique Inverter V technology ensures that you get the best ever variable cooling that is 1.7 times faster saving up to 66% energy. Along with more control, comfort and convenience to the customer, it also gives better life time Value by consuming lesser Energy and enhancing savings. With the world’ lowest noise level of 19dB, you can literally hear a pin fall. No wonder LG AC’s have been awarded the first prize by the Govt of India for star labeled Air Conditioners.

Awards and recognition : The biggest accolade is from the thousands of satisfied customers but when the Govt of India also recognises efforts to make breakthrough products and technology, it surely gladdens the heart. LG has been awarded the National Energy Conservation Award 2014 by BEE and the Ministry of Power. This is an acknowledgement of the single minded focus with which LG has been working to address the need for power efficiency.

Himalaya Cool and Monsoon Comfort : With state-of-art features like the Unique Himalaya Cool Technology which provides 28% faster cooling along with 26% additional energy savings & The Monsoon Comfort Technology which provides comfortable cooling in humid seasons and also saves up to 36% energy, LG Inverter V Ac is setting new standards. While the Himalaya cool technology blocks the hot air of the ceiling to get into the cooled space the Monsoon Comfort technology automatically senses the ambient temperature and optimally adjusts the temperature for maximum comfort during monsoon season. So you no more have to switch the AC off/on to avoid freezing and sweating.

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Freedom from Dust: Another profound innovation at LG Air conditioners is the incorporation of the unique 3M Micro Protection Filter for providing clean & pure air. In addition to keeping your room free from visible and invisible dust and other microscopic substance, they prevent dust from collecting on the interior parts of the Air Conditioner thus increasing durability. LG is committed to innovation and is strongly backing the highly energy efficient and service free Multi Flow condenser technology.

So this summer if you are looking for a product that protects your family, saves power, saves money and a host of other features, LG Inverter V Air Conditioners is a must have for your house.

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