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Readers in Chandigarh are building up an appetite for healthy eating and living.
On everyone’s reading list: Rujuta Diwekar, Josh Axe, Michael Greger and Pooja Makhija.(Representative image)
On everyone’s reading list: Rujuta Diwekar, Josh Axe, Michael Greger and Pooja Makhija.(Representative image)
Updated on Mar 27, 2019 03:56 PM IST
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Hindustan Times, Chandigarh | ByHT Correspondent

Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli once said that he was going so hungry during his initial years in his quest for fitness with the team that he wanted to scream with hunger at night. “I wanted to eat the hotel bed-sheet,” he has joked about those times.

None of us are likely to feel such wild cravings, ever, but many of us are hungry to be fit and healthy. If not a ‘Kohliesque’ physique, the least we want to do is race with our kids and beat them at it.

As you take out your schedulers and plan a healthy lifestyle, perhaps, the lazy among you would like to read about good health, for a start.

The recommendations in this field are few, but important.

First, we bring you the non-glamorous, but essential reading. This author recommends that you first start with the Class-10 textbook and the chapter on health and nutrition. Then, we can come to more attractive propositions such as Rujuta Diwekar and the likes. Her offering on the shelves these days is, Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight.

Three other books that are moving off the shelves in the city are Keto Diet by Dr Josh Axe; Eat Delete by Pooja Makhija and How Not to Die by Michael Greger, MD.

A substantial portion of the book by freedom fighter Lal Hardyal, a Ghadarite, titled Hints For Self Culture is actually devoted to good diet and health.

For good health, it is essential that one knows the dos and don’ts of eating right . While the don’ts get all the attention, a great body and mind also require some dos.

There is also an alternative to all that reading, if you are so inclined. For city-based corporate lawyer Sonia Chauhan, the road to fitness started with a workout and she used an app,, for some time and got good results. She is in love with books, but for health she says she prefers to be more hands on.

Ajay Arora of Capital Book Store says, “The thing with diets is they change and books in the field also change correspondingly. Rujuta Diwekar is a popular choice. However, trends change. We also have books by Namita Jain, a Mumbai-based nutritionist.”

‘It’s important for writers of diet books to bust myths’

Namita Jain, who has authored 12 books on health and fitness tells Madhusheel Arora her success mantra is to offer a platter to all kinds of readers and not just a limited audience.

How much time do you take to complete a book?

Typically, it takes me two years. Illustrations and photos are needed for these books and add that zing to your work as a writer.

How much time do you devote in a day to writing?

Sometimes the words flow, writer’s block is very rare. Diet books are all about communicating correctly and elegantly on how to cook, how to eat and also how to exercise. Busting myths is important.

What about distribution and reach of your books?

God has been kind to me. Publishers I have worked with have had a presence. A celebrity like Hema Malini wrote the foreword to one of my books titled Sexy At 60. I have also done a teen fitness book called Figure It Out.

What about your views on veganism?

In India, the ayurveda system has always recommended consumption of milk and ghee and we have been doing okay. Nothing has happened to anyone. As a dietitian, again different stokes for different folks.

How are diet, nutrition and fashion linked?

It is all linked. You might put on the most classy clothes, but if you are going to slouch, your attempt to dress up will come to naught. ‘Beauty inside out’ should be our aim.

People don’t consult dietitians in quite the same way as they would a doctor, though both are experts. Your thoughts?

You are right. Professionals, however, are needed. There is confusion in the media about diets and it is better to ask a dietician than your friend.

Is it easy to make a living only as a writer?

I am also the MD of a cutlery firm called Kishco. If I were only writing and If I had a really commercial bent of mind, I could have made a career out of my writing. However, my thought process allows me to see it as more of a passion. Money has not been a driving force. I am attached to a hospital as well. It’s more about ensuring that I am doing the things I love.

Was it easy to find a publisher?

I have written for six publishing houses, including Penguin, Puffin, Westland and Harper Collins.

What is your favourite book and the one line you remember?

I will say that’s my own recent book, the Four-Week Countdown Diet. The lines I like therein are Different Strokes For Different Folks.

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