Readers’ take: What’s the harm in being driven by creativity?

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Jul 31, 2020 10:45 PM IST

Nothing gives the human heart more pleasure than a colourful piece of art, but while a section of HT Chandigarh readers says creativity can find expression just about anywhere from walls of buildings to vehicles, others feel nothing should be done to distract drivers and risk accidents

Distraction on roads not recommended

The car that sparked a debate: Advocate Ranjit Malhotra with his Ambassador.(Hindustan Times)
The car that sparked a debate: Advocate Ranjit Malhotra with his Ambassador.(Hindustan Times)

Good artwork is worth admiration, which is why the vehicles with artwork should not be registered. The human brain is created in such a way that it automatically shifts its attention to something attractive. However, this distraction while driving is not recommended, especially in traffic. The beauty of art is that it has no boundaries. An artist can do wonders with the available resources to spread his or her message. In order to promote artwork in Chandigarh, the UT administration should think of painting the sides of the showrooms with social messages.

Pranav Sharma

Art should be displayed in public places

Common sense is behind every act by the legislatures and rules framed thereunder. Going by the spirit behind Section 52 of the Motor Vehicle Act, the learned high court judge did not see any violation in allowing registration of a car with artwork. Public transport, including rail coaches, bear huge advertisements in colour. Senior officers should not blindly support dealing clerks and let them bother the public on flimsy grounds, forcing them to approach courts for grievance redressal, thereby adding to their work overload. Art is the expression or application of creative skill and imagination, especially through a visual medium like painting or sculpture. ‘Omnis ars naturae imitatio est’(all art is imitation of nature) and onus is on one and all to promote it. Art should be displayed at public places/buildings, as has been done at the Chandigarh railway station. Artwork on private and public vehicles should be incentivised to add to the vibrancy of the city. District level art competitions should be organised and winning entries displayed.

Lalit Bharadwaj, Panchkula

Organise exhibitions to display artwork

ln the name of some novel artwork on their flashy cars in peculiar colours, the owners will distract the attention of other drivers of vehicles on roads and cause accidents. Registration of such cars is like allowing distracting billboards at traffic crossings appear again. Such artwork should be promoted only at art exhibitions and not on moving cars.

SC Luthra

Art galleries, kala kendras right forums

Any vehicle displaying art could pose increased risk of accidents as other drivers on the roads could get distracted. Roads are not meant for showcasing artwork but for smooth and safe movement of vehicles and its occupants. As transport authorities are not permitting hoardings and billboards along highways, roads as these distract drivers, HC’s reference to buses and trucks plying intracity can’t be the basis for its order as they represent a minuscule number of vehicles in comparison to the numbers of cars in the city and on main roads, which pose higher risks. Art galleries, kala kendras and air theatres are the right forums for promotion of arts and artists.

Anil Vinayak, Amritsar

Administration needs to encourage artists

Art, as Brazilian artist Romero Britto puts it, is too important not to share. Art comes to the rescue when words are rendered useless. A car or perhaps any other vehicle, insofar as it displays artwork within the confines of the provisions of law and which, in fact, does not dilute its base colour as appearing in the registration certificate, warrants registration. Automobile and art make a nonpareil combination which, if given effect to, can contribute to the aesthetic value of roads, in addition to endorsing art and expressiveness. The UT administration ought to foster artists by encouraging skill-development courses at concessional rates. Art competitions and showcasing can further facilitate visually appealing work of people. Walls, on which ‘grey’ has become the colour norm, should be used for art exhibitions that render meaning to the term City Beautiful. After all, art is not what one sees but is what one makes others see!

Gagandeep Singh

Creative expression should be encouraged

Art is something that brings colours to life. Creativity is expressed for various reasons, including evoking a response from others or depicting an idea or belief. Why can’t art and cars go together? After all, a car is a masterpiece of mechanical art showcased by the manufacturers. It’s something we own and is a part of our daily life. So, if someone wishes to modify it with art that should be okay. Loving what we have is after all what gives us happiness and calm. It’s time rules should be modified to allow cars with artwork. With regard to administrative purposes, some modifications must be made in the motor vehicles rules to promote art on vehicles. The artwork by the Mexican artist on the Ambassador car in question is simply amazing. Last but not least, Chandigarh has wonderful architectural artwork, thanks to Le Corbusier, so why not take the legacy forward?

Komal Sharma, Chandigarh

Don’t distract drivers

Cars with artwork should not be registered because these will distract others driving on the roads, which could lead to accidents.

Dr Susheela Hooda, Panchkula

If ho-ho buses can have art, why not cars?

Chandigarh administration, from its very inception, has two laws in all spheres of life. One law is for itself and the other for common people. If the registration authority can register the administration’s double-decker hop on-hop off tourist bus with art work, then what’s wrong with an Ambassador car? Why can’t the same authority register a personal car with same sort of artwork on it? When Chandigarh was planned by Le Corbusier in the 1950s. It was too small then with Madhya Marg as its centre. See how the city has grown. But our administration is blindly following the same old rules framed years ago. Change is a must with the passage of time.

Gurpreet S Malhotra, Kansal

In India, follow the country’s rules

Creative expressions or fancy dress shows are to be held in art galleries and auditoriums, not on the road. These are distractions for other vehicle owners, and can raise road safety issues. The Motor Vehicles Act, as also the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, prohibit change of any, or all, particulars, as mentioned in the certificate of registration, as provided by the manufacturer. Art cars have a substantial following in the Western world, but when in India, the owner needs to follow the laws of the country. Nowhere in our vehicle ownership laws is there a provision for relaxation in laws. Delhiwallahas may love artist Senkoe for the vibrant murals in Lodhi Colony and the Jamia Millia Islamia University, but the roads are not the right place to display creativity. Art in Chandigarh should only be promoted in designated halls. Art always has a place in people’s hearts, but cannot be publicly displayed on the streets, and create chaos.

Rajiv Boolchand Jain, Zirakpur, Punjab

Don’t discriminate between residents and others

If UT police cars have paintwork , why not other cars? Does artwork on a white police car not mean the vehicle is altered? One cannot discriminate between citizens and others. Vintage cars in Chandigarh are repainted and run at car rallies in festivals sponsored by the UT administration. Are such vehicles in Chandigarh impounded? Do vehicles of hotels or institutions with artwork or slogans painted on them, amount to altering a vehicle? Likewise, if a public building in UT has a mural or paint displayed on it , does it amount to altering the building? Colour or design improves aesthetic sense. it is time that colour choice blends into the fabric of the City Beautiful as it is not a historic relic. Creative expression must be allowed.

Anil Malhotra

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