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150 UMC school students still left without a building

By Ankita G Menon, Kalyan
PUBLISHED ON NOV 29, 2019 08:34 PM IST

Around 150 students from two schools run by the Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation (UMC) in Khemani are left in a lurch as their school building was demolished in June but has not been rebuilt yet. While the students have been provided with an alternative school, it is not enough to accommodate all 150 students. In view of the issues, the UMC education department has proposed to shift some of the students to another school, which is far from the current location, thus receiving opposition from the parents.

Since June, the students of UMC municipal school number 18 and 24, which operated out of the same building, were shifted to SES School in the vicinity. However, as the provisions are not enough to accommodate an additional 150 students, the education department proposed another alternative venue at UMC school number 3, which is another 5 km away, thus making it difficult for the students to travel every day.

The students currently have only three classrooms along with makeshift arrangement on the terrace.

“After the school was demolished during summer vacations, we were told that the new structure will be built soon. However, the academic year has almost come to end but there is no progress. After we demanded proper facilities for our children, they identified a far-off location which we are not happy with,” said Ashish Date, a parent.

Bhaurao Mohite, education officer, education department, UMC, said, “We provided a makeshift arrangement at a private school in the vicinity earlier. But as the renovation process got stuck in a controversy, we proposed school number 3 as another venue, but they [parents] find it far. We are still in talks with the parents.”

UMC chief pulls up officers

Kalyan While the renovation work at Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation’s (UMC) school numbers 18 and 24 has hit a roadblock as the building, which housed both the schools, fall under a road widening project, the UMC has sanctioned a proposal for the renovation work worth 8 crore. UMC Commissioner Sudhakar Deshmukh has sought an explanation regarding the decision from the deputy commissioner, chief auditor, chief accounting officer and administration officer.

Deshmukh said, “All authorities, who took part in the process, have been given notices. Once we receive a response from them, action will be taken.”

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