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All CBSE schools to be ‘anger-free’ zones soon

PUBLISHED ON DEC 27, 2019 09:40 PM IST

New Delhi

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has asked all its affiliated schools to make their campuses “anger-free zones” where everyone — including teachers, parents and administration staff — will try to manage their anger.

The board on Friday issued an advisory to all its schools saying “the initiative will help students become mentally active and emotionally healthy and they would go back home charged and happy and would also want to return the next day.”

In the advisory, CBSE secretary Anurag Tripathi said, “In the anger-free zone, everyone will try to manage his or her anger, whether it is the school educators, parents, school personnel or other stakeholders. The best way to teach children the value of freedom from anger is by setting examples ourselves.”

Among the activities the board had suggested to the schools is setting up sign board reading ‘This is an anger-free zone’ in the reception areas and other strategic locations in school, conducting teacher mentoring and taking up exercises with children in assembly, sports or arts period, classrooms or labs.

The schools have also asked to record their experience and announce on social media their endeavour to become an anger-free zone, using the hashtag “#cbsenoanger”. “Making our schools anger-free zones will help our students in developing effective skills and in eradicating emotions like fear, disrespect, humiliation and hurt, which are the byproducts of anger,” Tripathi said in the advisory.

The board said that the children will teach their parents what they learn at the school. “Children are the harbingers of change. Imagine children going home and telling their parents ‘you are not allowed to be angry’. This way both schools and homes will have a happy environment,” the CBSE secretary said in the advisory.

Principals of a number of CBSE schools appreciated the initiative.

Awadesh Jha, principal of Sarvodaya Co-ed Vidyalaya in Rohini, said that the initiative will create happiness on campus. “Happiness begets happiness. If there will be no anger on the campus, then it will automatically create happiness. If the teachers behave angrily with the students they will not feel like coming to back to school,” he said.

The CBSE also asked the schools to take up exercises with children to help them overcome their own anger issues and also empower them with tools so that they can help others overcome their anger issues.

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