This National Mango Day, popular personalities from the city share the maximum amount they ever shelled out for their favourite variety of mangoes. (Photo: Sanjeev Verma, Manoj Verma/HT)
This National Mango Day, popular personalities from the city share the maximum amount they ever shelled out for their favourite variety of mangoes. (Photo: Sanjeev Verma, Manoj Verma/HT)

Aam ke daam: Anything for the love of mangoes!

On National Mango Day, today, some city-based popular personalities share their fave variety of the ‘king of fruits’.
By Naina Arora, New Delhi
PUBLISHED ON JUL 22, 2021 08:23 PM IST

How far have you gone to get your favourite mango? By far, we mean not literally, but in monetary terms. How about as high as 1500/kg? On National Mango Day, today, some city based popular personalities share honest confessions about having indulged in their fave variety of the ‘king of fruits’, at quite high prices.

Bought Ratnagiri Alphonso for 1,350’

Former model Amanpreet Wahi says she earlier used to eat mangoes of all varieties, “whichever was available in the fridge”. But things changed post Covid-19. “I’m much more at home now, so the stress is on healthy eating and healthy cooking! Since I want to buy the best quality fruits and vegetables available, all these come in my house from a cute organic farm shop. My favourite mango is the premium dussehri, priced usually at 160 a kilo. And the lowest I ever bought was 60 a kilo. But the most expensive mangoes I’ve even bought are the Ratnagiri Alphonso, a pack of 12 for 1,350,” says Wahi who is a true mango lover at heart!

‘Chausa, little pricier at 150/kg’

For artist Sanjay Bhattacharyya, there’s nothing more delicious than a chausa! “Among all the fruits, mangoes are my favourite, especially the chausa. The sweetness of this particular type is amazing. But, unfortunately these mangoes are like cruel lovers because they just vanish along with the season! In childhood, we use to buy good quality mangoes at 8 to 10, and even climb mango trees to eat a mango. But alas, those days are gone. Today we get mangoes only in the market, and I’m sure the next generation will think that mangoes grow within the market itself,” says Bhattacharyya recalling, “The lowest price I ever paid for a mango was 80 per kg, for langra. But chausa priced at 150/kg is little pricier I feel. But it’s worth when I put them in the fridge and enjoy them chilled in the hot weather. ”

Kesar at 150 vs Alphonso at 1,500

Author Manju Kapoor can never forget how she had to shell out a hefty price for her favourite fruit, and found and alternative. “Right at the beginning of this season, we paid 1,500 for a dozen Alphonso. Gradually the price came down, but not as down as it usually comes. And because of the pandemic, we ended up buying mangoes online, quite a lot. So the lowest I would have paid in these days would be 100 for a kilo of chausa, which is one of my favourite varieties. And in between there was 150 a kilo for kesar, which was a discovery for me this year. It’s a most wonderful mango that tasted a lot like Alphonso, but without that crazy price tag.”

All smiles even at 400/kg!

Kathak exponent Shovana Narayan is all smiles at just the mention of mangoes. She says, “The costliest I’ve purchased, or rather my dear husband has purchased, mangoes for was around 400 per kg, and the minimum we bought it at was 200 per kg. This year, we had a surfeit of mangoes since our farm’s mango tree has given us a lot of dussehri. Also, a friend of mine sent me crates full of langda and malda. It’s only in autumn or winters, that is non season for our mango trees, that we purchase mangoes. Depending on which market one goes to, the price varies.”

Highest purchase 500/kg

Photographer Aditya Arya says, “I like all kinds of mangoes. When I was young, all the family members used to spend summers at my grandparents house in Roorkee, and there were a dozen of mango trees and each kid used to get a tree, to eat as much they could. Those summer holidays I miss the most. Today, I’m myself growing a special mango called Mallika! But when it comes to buying from the market, I remember the lowest I ever paid was 10/kg and the highest has been 500/kg.”

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