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Garbage dumping chokes Hindon banks

By Kushagra Dixit
PUBLISHED ON NOV 26, 2019 10:10 PM IST

Noida: Already stripped of aquatic life and left with water of quality deemed unfit to drink, wash or irrigate, the Hindon river is being further ravaged by rampant garbage dumping on its banks.

According to residents, the river is raising a stink and there are no signs of improvement even during monsoon. The continuous dumping of garbage on its banks and discharge of untreated sewage into the river are making matters worse.

The river originates from Saharanpur and reaches Gautam Budh Nagar (Greater Noida) after passing through Meerut and Ghaziabad. It merges with the Yamuna at Momnathal in Tilwada village of Greater Noida.

Officials at Greater Noida authority say most of the unauthorised residential colonies on the Hindon floodplains discharge waste into the river. Officials said a plan is underway to get such issues resolved.

Residents also claim that on persistent complaints, the authority sends its workers who instead of cleaning the riverside, cover the garbage with soil and dirt.

“Some villages where door-to-door waste collection is not happening also dump waste on the banks. This is going on since years. It’s ironic as Hindon is the river that once was a major source of water for drinking and irrigation, but now it’s not even fit to stand nearby. We have been consistently writing to the authority and once in a blue moon, it sends workers who dig the earth and bury the garbage instead of removing it,” Harinder Bhati, resident, Beta-2, Greater Noida, said.

“I have never seen the river clean and I am 30 years old. There are some elders who say the river used to be so clean that one could see the riverbed. But now, the way garbage is dumped and waste water is discharged, it seems I will never see the river clean in my lifetime,” Ashish Sharma, a Greater Noida resident is running a social media campaign to save Hindon, said.

According to the data revealed by an RTI, filed by environmentalist Vikrant Tongad, the river is one of the most polluted in the state, with no dissolved oxygen in it. This means that the river is unfit for any purpose. “The river is literally dead as all type of waste is dumped on its banks as well as into it,” Tongad said.

The authority officials said they are getting the banks cleaned on receiving complaints.

“The issue is old and there is no agency to get the river cleaned. Yet, we are getting the garbage cleaned whenever we get a complaint. We are also making a plan to stop the garbage dumping. Also, all colonies near the river are unauthorised and they either dump garbage or have drains emptying into it. We will soon resolve the issue,” BP Singh, manager, Greater Noida authority, said.

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