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High-rise residents nab burglar, three escape

PUBLISHED ON NOV 27, 2019 09:39 PM IST

Ghaziabad: Resident of Ganga-Yamuna Hindon high-rise at Siddharth Vihar early Wednesday nabbed a suspect who along with three of his accomplices were allegedly fleeing with cash and valuables stolen from a flat on the 10th floor.

The high-rise, developed by UP Avas Vikas Parishad at Siddharth Vihar in Vijay Nagar has 1,292 flats in 12 towers. The residents said four men had sneaked into the 10th storey flat of one Pankaj Rai, who was out of town with his family at the time of the burglary.

“Rai’s neighbour was woken up by some noise around 2.50am on Wednesday. When he opened his front door to inspect, he found that the lock on the main door of Rai’s flat, located opposite his, was broken. He got suspicious and immediately alerted the other residents. A group of us gathered in the ground floor and shut down the lifts and started walking up the stairs to the 10th floor,” Abhishek Singh, a resident, said.

“When we reached the seventh floor, we saw four men coming down the stairs towards us. On seeing us, three of them sprinted down from the stairs past us, while we managed to nab one of them as he tried to escape past us. He pulled out a sharp-edged weapon and tried to slash me with it. The weapon just missed my abdomen but we eventually managed to overpower him. We later took him to the police station but the police kept on delaying filing an FIR. There have been at least six prior incidents of burglary or attempted burglaries in our society, but the police did not lodge FIRs in any of those cases,” he added.

“In all, the three men ran away with around 35,000 in cash and jewellery worth about 2 lakh. The owner will give a final estimation. From the man we nabbed, we recovered a bag in which there were door cutting instruments and three pair of shoes which he took from Rai’s flat,” Singh said.

The residents said it was early morning when the police at Vijay Nagar police station took their complaint. The police claimed that there was no delay on their part.

“The delay could be procedural but we have lodged an FIR of theft based on residents’ complaint and are probing the matter. We are also looking into allegations that police did not act on six previous cases,” Manish Mishra, superintendent of police (city), said.

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