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State rivers breach banks, flood waters cut off 70 villages

Water level in rivers continues to rise as dist admns call in disaster mgmt teams; rescue and relief operations underway
By HT Correspondent, Lucknow
PUBLISHED ON JUN 23, 2021 12:01 AM IST

Some 70 villages in the north-western part of the state have been cut off from the district headquarters due to the rising water levels in rivers following heavy rainfall in recent days.

Most of these villages fall in the districts of Moradabad, Sambhal, Amroha, some parts of Rampur, Pilibhit and areas of Lakhimpur, bordering Nepal. “My house has been submerged under nine feet of water. All our belongings have been destroyed. We somehow managed to leave the village,” Sadiq Khan of Khaddar area said that Amroha has been hit worst by the flood. Khan and his family of five are currently putting up with relatives in Amroha city.

In the Moradabad region, at least 30 villages have been cut off due to the flooding of connecting roads. “Some villages in Thakurdwar, Kanth and Bilari have been affected largely by the rise in the level of the Ram Ganga, which flows through the district,” Shailendra Kumar, district magistrate, Moradabad, said. Likewise, the rise in the level of the Sharda, which passes through some parts of Pilibhit and Lakimpir Khiri, has caused flooding in surrounding low-lying areas.

In Pilibhit, some 14 villages located in the north and east of the district have been cut off from the district headquarters. The number of such villages is double in Lakhimpur Kheri district.

The districts are yet to compile the damage caused by the flooding. However, flood water has submerged large swathes of farmland with the paddy crop standing in the districts. Several hectares of land near river banks has also eroded due to strong flow of water.

In wake of a possible disaster, the respective district administrations have sprung to action. “We have set up around 20 flood relief posts in the areas susceptible to flooding. These posts are coordinating with the district administration on how to provide relief to people in affected villages,” said Pulkit Khare, district magistrate, Pilibhit.

The district administrations have also set up relief camps where inhabitants are provided food, shelter and medical care.

“Teams of the State Disaster Management Authority have also been pressed in to conduct relief operations. The teams are working in tandem with other departments. Additional personnel can also be called if needed but the situation is being handled well by our current staff,” Khare said.

Rivers flowing over the danger mark

Four major rivers – Ganga, Ram Ganga, Sharda and Kuawno – were flowing close to the danger mark on Tuesday, updates from the Flood Management Information System Centre (FMISC) revealed. According to these updates, the Sharda in Palia, Lakihmpur was recorded to be flowing 0.1 metre above the danger mark. The river is followed by the Ghaghra and the Ram Ganga which were recorded to be flowing 0.8metres and 0.5 metres above danger mark in Barabanki and Moradabad, respectively.

Meerut, Muzaffarnagar, Bijnor districts on alert as Ganga threatens

Excess water released from the Bijnor barrage, into the Ganga, flooded fields of standing crops in many villages of the Meerut, Muzaffarnagar and Bijnor districts. Many villages were put on alert due to the release of excess water into the Ganga.

FMISC data put the water level of the Ganga at Kachala, in Badaun, 0.1 metre above the danger mark.

Irrigation department chief engineer Mahesh Chand said that 4.2 lakh cusecs of water was released in the Ganga from the Bijnor barrage after heavy rainfall in the hills. Bijnor, Meerut and Muzaffarnagar districts were put on alert.

He said that though the water entered the fields in a large area in district Bijnor, no loss of life was reported, adding that officials were on alert and motorboats and divers were ready to meet any eventuality. “The excess water released from the barrage has now passed downstream, therefore, the level of water in the river is returning to normal,” he said. “Only 40,000 cusecs of water was released from the Hardwar barrage on Tuesday,” he added.

Excess water in the river damaged embankments near village Sirjopur, in Hastinapur area of Meerut district on Sunday, flooding fields in many villages.

Meerut district magistrate K Balaji visited the villages situated on the banks of the Ganga and reviewed preparations to control the flood-like situation.”Receding level of water in the river has resulted in decrease of water in the fields at some places and the situation is under control,” Balaji said, and added that officials have been put on alert to ensure safety of villagers.

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