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SSC sports marks to be calculated based on Class 8, 9 performances

PUNE Due to Covid-19, students have not had any sports events in 2020-2021
By Namrata Devikar
PUBLISHED ON JUN 11, 2021 09:00 PM IST

PUNE Due to Covid-19, students have not had any sports events in 2020-2021. The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE), on Friday, issued a notification stating that Class 10 Secondary School Certificate (SSC) students who participated in sports events in Class 8 and Class 9, should get marks for sports according to those performances.

Similarly, Class 12 Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) students should be assessed based on their sports performance in Class 11.

Ashok Bhosale, secretary of MSBSHSE, said that though no sport activity was carried out in 2020-2021 due to the pandemic, sports’ marks have to be evaluated.

“This can be done for Class 10 students by assessing their sport performance in Class 9. Respective teachers should allocate marks accordingly. And for Class 12, the assessment should be done based on the Class 11 performance,” said Bhosale.

He added that respective schools and junior colleges can send the marks of students to the respective district sports officer by June 21.

“Thereafter the district sports officer can submit the list of students and their marks to the divisional board before June 25,” said Bhosale.

The official notification stated that the given dates will not be extended.

The state board, on Wednesday, issued a notification about the evaluation plan for Class 10 with instructions to principals and teachers on how to assess students. As per the evaluation for class 10, out of 100 marks, 50 marks will be evaluated based on the performances in Class 9.

The board has directed principals to calculate marks for Class 9 out of 100, and to then convert these marks out of 50, to be included in the Class 10 evaluation.

How the evaluation of Class 12 students will be done has not been notified yet. As per authorities, the process of assessment is being worked on.

The board has also published a list of helpline numbers for teachers and principals.

For Pune division, officers Priya Shinde and Sangeeta Shinde can be reached at 9689192899 / 8888339530 respectively, or teachers can email

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