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Over four lakh patients treated at GIMS last year

PUBLISHED ON JAN 28, 2020 08:18 PM IST

NOIDA: If the patient turn-up at the Government Institute of Medical Sciences (GIMS) over the past year is any indication, the popularity of the hospital is increasing day by day.

According to figures given by the GIMS, 4,27,712 patients were given treatment at the out-patient unit, besides 11,825 in the in-patient unit. In 2018, the number of patients in out-patient and in-patient wards was 3,49,054 and 5,298, respectively.

GIMS director Dr Rakesh Gupta said ever since the inception of the hospital on August 15, 2017, the number of patients has been increasing by the day.

“In the out-patient department, the number of patients in 2019 has gone up to 35,642 a month, which is a lot more than 2018’s figure of 29,091 a month. Similarly, the number of those treated in the in-patient department has increased to 986 per month from 2018’s figure of 442 a month,” he said.

Giving the break-up of the patients treated in different departments in 2019, Dr Gupta said the maximum number of patients was treated in the general medicine department.

“The number of cases that was attended to by the general medicine department was 98,141, followed by 50,574 in the orthopaedic department. The number of patients in dermatology and ENT was 50,366 and 24,363, respectively,” he said.

The GIMS director also said in 2020, the figures of out-patients and in-patients will cross the 10 lakh mark. “As GIMS will start postgraduate courses this year, and also a full-fledged medical college, with all advanced apparatus, the institute will cater to many more patients from far-off areas of neighbouring districts,” he said.

Dr Gupta also said the process of selecting specialist doctors for different departments has begun Tuesday. “It will continue for another two days, during the course of which we will select 26 specialist doctors for 12 departments,” he said.

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