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Ball-by-ball highlights of two Super Overs in India vs Afghanistan 3rd T20I in Bengaluru: Rohit's heroics, Bishnoi magic

Jan 18, 2024 07:38 AM IST

The full ball-by-ball highlights of the double Super Over in India vs Afghanistan 3rd T20I in Bengaluru. Relive Rohit's heroics and Bishnoi's smarts.

The India vs Afghanistan third T20I at the Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru entertained fans, rewrote record books and gave the series an end that no one could have imagined. Two super overs were needed for the first time in the history of international cricket to separate the two sides and it was India who came out on top to win the series 3-0. Batting first, India recovered from a precarious 22/4 to post a mammoth 212/4 at the end of their allotted 20 overs thanks to a record century by captain Rohit Sharma (121*) and blistering 69* off 39 balls by Rinku Singh. In reply three Afghanistan batters - Ibrahim Zadran (50 off 41), Rahmanullah Gurbaz (50 off 41), and Gulbadin Naib (55 off 23) - got half-centuries and Mohammad Nabi (34 off 16) played an outstanding cameo as the match ended in a tie with the visitors managing 212 for 6.

India's captain Rohit Sharma (2L) along with his teammates gestures during the third and final Twenty20I vs Afghanistan(AFP)
India's captain Rohit Sharma (2L) along with his teammates gestures during the third and final Twenty20I vs Afghanistan(AFP)

The match went into a Super Over. Here's what transpired then

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Ball-by-ball highlights of the double Super Over in IND vs AFG 3rd T20I in Bengaluru


Afghanistan batting...

  • Ball 1: Mukesh Kumar to Gulbadin Naib, RUN OUT. Mukesh nails the yorker, Gulbadin dugs it out and plays it towards long-on. Virat Kohli is very quick with the pickup and release. Gurbaz wants to come back for a second but Gulbadin is a bit slow to react and curtains! Enough time for Samson to whip the bails off. 1 run completed. Gulbadin run out (Kohli/Samson) 1(1) AFG 1 for 1.
  • Ball 2: Mukesh to Nabi, 1 run, another yorker from Mukesh! Nothing much Nabi could have done about that one but he somehow manages to get a single. AFG 2 for 1
  • Ball 3: Mukesh to Gurbaz, FOUR! Lucky boundary for Afghanistan. Mukesh aimed for the yorker but just missed his mark, Gurbaz gave an almighty swing, got a thick outside edge and the ball raced away to the boundary... AFG 6 for 1
  • Ball 4: Mukesh to Gurbaz, 1 run, Mukesh misses his mark again. This time it's a low full toss but Gurbaz fails to take advantage of that. He slices it to the left of the sweeper cover and they can only manage a single... AFG 7 for 1.
  • Ball 5: Mukesh to Nabi, SIX, OUT OF THE PARK! Mukesh once again goes for the yorker but Nabi, standing leg side, takes it on the half volley and deposits it deep into the stands using those strong wrists of his..AFG 13 for 1
  • Ball 6: Mukesh to Nabi, byes, 3 runs! Uh oh, what happened there? It was a widish yorker from Mukesh, Nabi missed it. Samson lobbed it back towards the bowler seeing the Afghan pair run for a bye. The ball hit Nabi's leg and deflected towards the long on fielder and Afghanistan kept running. Shouldn't they have stopped? Rohit is livid. But Nabi is not buckling. 3 crucial runs for Afghanistan. They end up with 16/1.

India batting (target 17)

  • Ball 1: Azmatullah Omarzai to Rohit Sharma, 1 leg bye. It was a full toss on leg stump and Rohit missed it. He would be disappointed. There was a run out chance at the striker's end too as Yashasvi Jaiswal rans for a leg bye but Gurbaz missed it... India need 16 off 5 balls.
  • Ball 2: Azmatullah to Jaiswal, 1 run! Jaiswal tries the lap shot by moving across but gets an inside edge. Only a single. India need 15 from 4.
  • Ball 3: Azmatullah to Rohit, SIX. The captain stands up again. Azmat just misses the yorker, Rohit gets under it and hits it over Deep mid-wicket for a maximum. India 9 need off 3 balls
  • Ball 4: Azmatullah to Rohit, SIX! Another one from Rohit. A juicy full toss on the stumps from Azmat and Rohit is not going to miss that even in his dream. The ball sails into the crowd. India now need 3 off 2 balls.
  • Ball 5: Azmatullah to Rohit, 1 run. The match is still alive. Rohit fails to hit the slower ball out of the park. It is just a single. India need 2 off 1 now. Who's betting for another super over?

(Looks like Rohit has decided to walk off. Is he retiring hurt or retiring out? Never mind. This looks like a tactical move. Rinku Singh is out there without a helmet to run for everything.)

  • Ball 6: Azmatullah to Jaiswal, 1 run, we go to another Super Over! This was a full delivery just outside off stump, Jaiswal slogs and toe-ends it to the keeper. Rinku goes through and Gurbaz can't run him out. India can't get another run either. Both teams get 16.


India to bat first this time

  • Ball 1: Fareed Ahmad to Rohit, SIX! What a start this from India! There's no stopping Rohit today. A length delivery outside off, Rohit stands inside the crease and slams it over long-off for the maximum. India 6 for 0.
  • Ball 2: Fareed Ahmed to Rohit, FOUR! A bit fortunate this time for India. It was a fullish delivery from Fareed, Rohit threw his bat at it and got enough to just get it over the point fielder. India 10 for 0
  • Ball 3: Fareed Ahmad to Rohit, 1 run. Good comeback from Fareed. He goes full and wide of off the stump, Rohit can't get underneath it and steers it to deep backward point for a single. India 11/0.
  • Ball 4: Fareed Ahmad to Rinku, OUT! A terrific review by Gurbaz. He was confident that there was an outside edge and the replays confirm it. Once again full and wide from Fareed, Rinku has an almighty swing at it, loses his shape and gets a faint outside edge. India 11/1

Sanju Samson walks out to bat

  • Ball 5: Fareed Ahmad to Samson, RUN OUT! Oh no Rohit, what have you done? There was a still delivery left. Widish delivery angling across to Samson, he misses and Rohit runs for the bye. But because the ball landed straight into Gurbaz's gloves, he has ample time to take aim and take the stumps. Rohit is out by a countrymile. India are all out for 11. Afghanistan need 12 to win now.

Afghanistan batting (Target 12)

India are going with leg-spinner Ravi Bishnoi

  • Ball 1: Bishnoi to Nabi, OUT! Wow! Can it get any better? A dream start for India and Bishnoi. He dragged his length back to perfection, Nabi thought he could get it over long off but no. He is holed out. Rinku with the catch. Afghanistan need 12 off 5 balls
  • Ball 2: Bishnoi to Karim Janat, 1 run. This is excellent from Bishnoi. He bowls the near-perfect wide yorker to the new man. All Janat could do was drive it towards the covers. Only a single. Afghanistan need 11 to win off 4.
  • Ball 3: Bishnoi to Gurbaz, OUT! IT'S ALL OVER! INDIA WIN! What drama. A similar sort of delivery that Nabi got and the result is also the same. Gurbaz's attempt to hit it for a six fails. He is out caught at long-off and after full 40 overs and two Super Overs., we finally have a result. India win the series 3-0.

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