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Bangalore register 5 wicket win

After a poor show in the first game, the Bangalore team beat the Mumbai team by 5 wickets.
Hindustan Times | By HT Correspondent, Mumbai
UPDATED ON APR 20, 2008 11:42 PM IST

Needing just three runs to win of the final over and Mark Boucher was on strike. He got a single of the first ball as Bangalore needed just 2 runs to win in 5 balls. The scores got tied after a wide from Dhawal Kulkarni. Dhawal Kulkarni brought some delight to the crowd with two dot balls. But in the end Bangalore registered a 5 wicket victory.

Boucher kept the runs flow going as he smashed another Harbhajan ball for a boundary and then took another single but Kallis was held out in the deep on the next ball as Bangalore went five down after a superb catch in the deep.

The experienced Jayasuriya came back in to the attack. Boucher welcomed him with another six on the first ball. He then took a single from the second ball to move the score to 133/4. Kallis then took another single to give the strike back to Boucher. Mark then added another single to the total. Jayasuriya finishe on a high as the last ball was a dot one.

Shaun Pollock came back in the crunch situation to ball the 16th over. He started of well with a single by Kallis. Boucher then smashed the next ball for a boundary over extra cover to take the score to 123/4. He then took a single to give the strike to Kallis. He then took a single to keep the score board ticking, but Mumbai wont be minding these singles. Boucher then smashes the last ball for a couple to finish the 17th over 126/4.

Harbhajan Singh then cane back for another spell and gave away a single of the first two balls and keeping the pressure on the batsmen. Three singles of three balls and was followed by a boundary by Mark Boucher to take the score to 116/4. Harbhajan speared one in the last ball to end the over as Bangalore were 118/4.

Ashish Nehra came back for a second spell and a single was taken from his first delievery. Bangalore moving on to 106/3. Kohli looked to samsh the next ball to the boundary but only found the fielder and on the next ball was held out by the wicket-keeper to make Bangalore 4 down. Mark Boucher then joined his country mate kallis in the middle and then played out two dot balls. He then scored a double of the last ball to take the score to 109/4 after 14 overs.

Abhishek Nayar started the 13th over and immediately looked dangerous as he almost picked up Kohli with a very good lbw shout. But Kohli responded aggressively with two successive boundaries on the next two balls to take the score to 102/3. He then scored a single as Bangalore required 63 runs of 43 balls. Kallis retained the strike by taking a single as Bangalore finished the 13th over 104/3.

Virat Kohli then joined Kallis in the middle and immediately started tio flourish as he cut a ball of Jayasuriya to the boundary and took the score to 86/3. He then smashed another ball for a six over long off followed by single as the Bangalore team reached 96/3 after 12 overs.

Jayasuriya continued with his spell and Taylor cut him fine for a boundary and then was held out on log on to make Bangalore three down

Harbhajan Singh was then introduced into the attack and was welcomed by Ross Taylor with two massive sixes to boost the score to 67/1. Harbhajan then came back stongle with a dot ball and then conceding a single. He then caught and bowled Dravid on the final ball of the over as after 9 over Bangalore 68/2.

Jayasuriya was then brought into the attack and Dravid scored 2 runs from his first two balls. Taylor then got a lucky break as an outside edge didnt carry to the keeper. After the 8th over Bangalore were 54/1.

Dhawal Kulkarni bowled the seventh over as the boundaries were difficult to come by as the Bangalore team was only dealing in singles. Till the time Dravid played a spectacular straight drive for a boundary to take the score to 45/1. Dravid then finished of the over with a single to finish the 7th over 46/1.

Pollock then continued as he bowled the sixth over and remained as troublesome as before. Only allowing singles and restricting the boundaries Pollock kept the pressure on the batsman and after six over Bangalore were 39/1.

Mumbai then introduced a bowling change and introduced youngsters Dhawal Kulkarni as he was greeted with a boundary by Rahul Dravid. He was then smashed for another biundary by Chandrapaul over mid-wicket. He again tried to smash another ball in the same area but the plan misfired as an inside edge hit him on the legs as he collapsed on the ground. But after some treatment he back on his feet. But he needed a runner for him. Bangalore at were 37/0. Chandrapaul faced some problems in timing the ball after his injury and was then hold out at deep square leg of the bowling of Dhawal Kulakarni as Bangalore lost their first wicket. Dravid was then joined by New Zealand player Ross Taylor.

Shaun Pollock on the other end kept the pressure on Dravid as Rahul could only manage a single from the first two balls of the 4th over. It was very difficult to score of Pollock as the batsmen were just getting away with cheeky singles but were keeping the scoreboard ticking. Mumbai moved on to 27/0 after 4 overs.

After a first ball scare of Ashish Nehra, Dravid smashed him for a four in the cover region to take the score to 15/0. He followed it by a single. Chandrapaul tried to push the run rate as he charged down the track only for a single and Dravid the strike, Dravid smashed the next ball to the boundary and score moved to 21/0 and finished the over with yet another single. Mumbai 22/0 after 3 overs.

Shaun Pollock shared the attack with Ashish Nehra as he started of with a dot ball to Rahul Dravid. Pollock was again on the money as he bowled another dot ball as the score remained at 10/0. Dravid almost lost his off stump as the ball just missed it by an inch. Dravid just couldnt seem to get him way as his well stuck shot was fielded inside the circle. On the last ball Dravid finally managed to get a single to finish the second over 11/0.

Shiv Chandrapaul and Rahul Dravid opened the batting for the Bangalore team and the Opening bowler Ashish Nehra came out as if he had to prove a point. Shiv Chandrapaul did manage to score a single of him as Bangalore got underway. His partner Rahul Dravid got of the mark on the fifth ball through an inside edge. Chandrapaul flicked the ball of his pads to take the score to 6/0 and then smashing another ball in the same area to finish the over 10/0.

Harbhajan Singh, then joined Pollock in their bid to prop up Mumbai's total to 170, Pollock stroked a superb shot in the last over for a boundary. Harbhajan and Pollock threw everything in the last over. Mumbai managed to reach a competitive 165/6, even though Pollock was out in the last ball of the innings.

Mumbai brought up their 150 with the first ball of the 19th over as Pollock rotated the strike, giving it to Nayar. Nayar tried to give it the full monty, but just went to the fielder at short third-man. Pollock, then tried to pull Praveen's delivery, but failed to connect, resulting in a dot ball. Pollock, then picked up a single to give Nayar the strike, who when going for the six, flicked one straight to Zaheer Khan's hands at long-leg. Mumbai, six down for 152. What a shot to end the over, Pollock - smashing Praveen out of the ground once again. At the end of 19, Mumbai, 158/6.

With two runs off the first ball of the 17th over, Mumbai got the over off to a good start. Abhishek Nayar, is the key for Mumbai from here on now. And as we say that, Nayar tonks it out of the ground for a straight six. Pollock joins the act as he tonks two strokes for ten runs over extra cover, inside out. Ten runs off the two balls. A four and a six. Same area from Pollock. To round off a productive over, Pollock keeps strike with a single. Mumbai, 149/2 off 18 overs.

Nayar, then got into the act and pulled one from Vinay Kumar through deep mid-wicket for a boundary. Mumbai, reaching 125/4. And, a moment of madness brought an end to Robin Uthappa's innings, as he walked down the track, trying to play the pick-up shot over the bowler, missed it completely and Boucher did the rest. Mumbai, losing a big wicket at the wrong time. Shaun Pollock, got off the mark straight away with a boundary off his first ball. A cheeky one though, as he played a chinese cut through Boucher's legs for four. Mumbai, 129/5 off 17 overs.

Kallis, with figures of 0/30 off 2 overs, came into bowl the 16th over. Uthappa smashed one past the bowler, but Chanderpaul at mid-off pulled off a brilliant stop. Nayar followed suit by taking a single and giving the strike to dangerman Uthappa. He tried to paddle one over the top of the wicketkeeper, but couldn't pull it off. The last two balls of the over though, Uthappa gathered 8 runs, through two well hit boundaries to take Mumbai to 118/1 off 16 overs.

Uthappa survived a close shave when he picked-up one from Praveen Kumar, trying play a pick-up stroke, but R Vinay Kumar at deep mid-wicket made a hash of it and dropped a tough one. Uthappa, then tried playing Marillier strokes, with one success from two strokes in the over so far. Singles are not going to do it for Mumbai. They need big hits. At the end of 15 overs, Mumbai were 105/3.

Mumbai lost their third wicket of their innings when Pinal Shah tried to go downtown, but could only manage to hole out to Virat Kohli at backward point. Shah had the right intentions, but could not get the desired elevation to pull off the shot. Mumbai in trouble here. Mumbai all-rounder Abhishek Nayar joined Uthappa in the middle in a bid to go for the bowling and give Mumbai a good target to defend. With just one run off the over, the pressure is on Mumbai to start going for the big hits. Mumbai, finishing the 14th over at 99/3.

Sunil Joshi began the over well for Bangalore, with a dot ball and a single off the second delivery. Then Robin Uthappa tried rocking back on his backfoot, trying cheeky strokes, and the Mumbai team could not capitalize on Joshi's over as he only conceded 3 runs of the over. Mumbai at the end of 13, 97/2.

Vinay then began the 12th over in a sharp fashion, with a bouncer off the first deliver. That was followed by a full toss, which Pinal Shah, reached but could'nt put it away. Then, in the fifth ball of the over, Uthappa stroked a much needed boundary and then followed it up with a brilliant, superb pick-up shot over fine-leg for a big six. Uthappa holds the key for Mumbai now. After 12, Mumbai 94/2.

Spin for the first time at the Wankhede, with Sunil Joshi in the attack. The first ball was a flat arm ball on the stumps and Shah turned it to point for a run. The next ball, Uthappa followed suit and gave Shah the strike, who swept a superb one for four runs. Uthappa, then tried to reverse sweep Joshi and was saved by his feet being inside the crease as Boucher took the stumps off. Mumbai ended the over at 81/2.

Vinay Kumar replaced Akhil in the attack and hit the straps immediately. Just two runs taken off his first four deliveries meant that he kept it tight and the third ball of the over was a jaffer, beating Pinal all ends up. Uthappa, advancing down the wicket to play the pull, missed it completely and made it appear as if he was beaten by the delivery. It was an excellent over from Vinay, who just conceded a couple of runs. Mumbai, 74/2 off 10 overs.

Kallis, who conceded 19 runs in his first over came back into the attack and the first ball to Shah was sliding down the leg-side, thereby conceding a single. Uthappa, then guided the ball to third man and gave the strike back to Shah, who did the same and rotated the strike. Uthappa, then pulled one past the wicketkeeper for a boundary - a long time coming by T20 standards. Another boundary from young Pinal Shah rounded off the over from Kallis, with Mumbai ending the ninth over at 72/2.

Balachandra Akhil, replaced Zaheer Khan in the Bangalore attack and started off quite well, conceding just a run off his first two deliveries. Uthappa, guided the ball towards square leg and the batsmen completed a single. Shah, followed suit and rotated the strike, giving Uthappa the much needed strike. Uthappa, then gave the strike back to Shah via a single and keeping with the trend in this over, Shah returned strike to Uthappa. The Indian right-hander finished the over with two runs to take Mumbai to 60/2 after 8.

Dravid, then brought Vinay Kumar into the attack to pick another wicket, but Uthappa glanced the delivery off his pads. Pinal Shah, who began his innings with a couple of dot balls, then picked one off his pads to get off the mark. Robin Uthappa, then placed the next perfectly over mid-wicket for a boundary and in good limited over fashion, took a single off the next delivery, thereby rotating the strike. Mumbai ended the seventh over at 54/2.

The first ball of Zaheer's third over got off to a cheeky start for Mumbai as Robin Uthappa and Jayasuriya scampered through for a quick single. Direct hit could have made the difference there. After a superb drive from Jayasuriya for a boundary, catastrophe struck Mumbai as Sanath Jayasuriya was run-out for 29 off 16 balls after Zaheer Khan hit it direct from his followthrough. Uthappa, then clipped it off his pads for a single to give Pinal Shah, the new batsman the strike. Shah kept Zaheer's last ball away to keep Mumbai's score at 47/2 off 6 overs.

Kallis was then brought into the attack by Dravid and he began with a wide and the next ball, with complete bottom hand play, the ball was just lofted over mid-off. And, another one from Sanath. Super shot. Just a little finer this time, over the bowler for four. A dot ball then followed and then Jayasuriya just paddled it through fine-leg for four. Thirteen runs from the over so far. Kallis is proving expensive for Dravid. A dot ball from Kallis seemed like passe when Jayasuriya just lofted the last ball of the over over mid-on for a massive six. It was a slower one from Kallis, but Jayasuriya was equal to the task, putting it away easily. Mumbai, 41/1 after 5 overs.

Zaheer began his second over with a delivery that was bang on target. The next ball, Jayasuriya clipped it off the pads for a single, exposing Thornley to a recharged Zaheer. The next ball just bounced off from a length, taking Thornley by surprise, much to his relief, the umpire felt that the ball didn't touch anything. Next ball from Zaheer, crashed straight into Thornley's helmet grill, with the batsman looking extremely uncomfortable. The batsman was taken off the field, and Robin Uthappa ironically from Bangalore, replaced Thornley for Mumbai. Uthappa got off the mark straightaway by playing one off his legs for a quick two. Good work in the deep by Praveen Kumar. And then a jaffer of a delivery by Zaheer that beat Uthappa all ends up. An eventful over from Zaheer, as he ends it with Mumbai at 22/1.

Praveen Kumar began his second over and hit the mark straightaway. A dot ball from Kumar was then followed by a boundary from Sanath Jayasuriya, who just cut the ball hard over the slip for four runs. Jayasuriya, when he's going can get destructive. The 38-year old Sri Lankan, then played out a dot ball from Kumar, before giving the strike to Thornley, through a single. And then, Kumar bowled a wide-ball to give Mumbai an extra run and an extra ball. A swing and a miss from Thornley ended the 3rd over, with Mumbai at 19 for the loss of Ronchi.

Zaheer, opened the bowling from the Garware end and right on the money, that, with Sanath Jayasuriya keeping the overpitched one from Zaheer out. Then, a ball that came back from Zaheer cramped Ronchi up without anything coming out of the delivery. The third ball, was also a dot ball from Zaheer, with Ronchi keeping it away. Mumbai 9/0. A close shave for Ronchi as Zaheer kept it tight and then a moment of brilliance from Virat Kohli ended Ronchi's brief stay in the middle. Mumbai 9/1 off 1.5 overs. Dominic Thornley, the NSW all-rounder came into the middle to replace Ronchi and got off the mark with a boundary off his first delivery. Mumbai, 13/1 off 2 overs.

A delay in proceedings at the Wankhede Stadium because of the fireworks from the opening ceremony scattered all around the ground. Jayasuriya and Ronchi to open for Mumbai. Steve Davis says PLAY ! The first ball from Praveen Kumar jagged into Ronchi before going through to Boucher. Super shot from Ronchi to get Mumbai off the mark. A nice lofted drive through cover to the boundary for four. The next two balls from Praveen were dot balls, not easy to get away and the fifth ball of the over - a boundary, similar shot from Ronchi, squarer this time from Ronchi. Mumbai 8/0 after 1.

Stand-in captain, Harbhajan Singh of Mumbai won the toss and opted to bat first on a wicket that Mark Boucher feels has some grass cover on it - very unlike Wankhede for starters. Bangalore have made three changes to the team that lost to Kolkata in the opener, Wasim Jaffer is replaced by Shiv Chanderpaul, Ross Taylor makes his first appearance in place of Cameron White and Vinay Kumar replacing the injured Ashley Noffke. Sachin Tendulkar failed a late fitness test that ruled him out of the contest.


Mumbai: Sanath Jayasuriya, Luke Ronchi (wk), Dominic Thornley, Robin Uthappa, Shaun Pollock, Abhishek Nayar, Pinal Shah, Harbhajan Singh (capt), Musavir Khote, Ashish Nehra and Dhaval Kulkarni

Bangalore: Rahul Dravid (capt), Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Ross Taylor, Jacques Kallis, Virat Kohli, Mark Boucher (wk), Balachandra Akhil, Praveen Kumar, Zaheer Khan, Sunil Joshi, Vinay Kumar

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