England vs West Indies 1st Test Day 5 highlights: Blackwood’s 95 leads West Indies to 4-wicket win

Updated on Jul 12, 2020 10:52 PM IST

England vs West Indies Live Score 1st Test Day 5 at Southampton: Follow live score and updates of England vs West Indies 1st Test Day 5 in Southampton.

England vs West Indies 1st Test Day 5(AP)
England vs West Indies 1st Test Day 5(AP)
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England vs West Indies 1st Test Day 5 highlights: Jermaine Blackwood’s gritty 95-run knock helped West Indies to recover from 27 for 3 and chase down 200 with four wickets in hand in the first Test match against England at Southampton. Blackwood and Chase did the recovery work for the visitors after Archer and Wood had ran through their top-order. West Indies scored 108 runs at the loss of only one wicket in the post-lunch session. Earlier, Shannon Gabriel picked up the remaining two wickets to complete a five-for on Day 5 as West Indies bowled out England for 313 to give themselves a target of 200 to go 1-0 up.Gabriel finished up with figures of 5/75.

Follow updates of England vs West Indies 1st Test Day 5:

22:42 hrs: “One of our best victories. Yesterday was the best day I had in Test cricket. All the bowlers toiled hard yesterday, and it was a hard-fought day of Test cricket. I don’t think any team knew. We had been sat at home doing nothing. We had time to prepare, but you never know. John took a blow today, but hopefully he will come through,” says West Indies captain Jason Holder.

22:38 hrs: “You have to believe that 200 is enough, and if you don’t, you’re already losing. We should have got more runs in the first innings. We weren’t ruthless enough to make our batting innings count, despite getting into good positions. I would still have batted first, because first innings runs count. If we made 400-500 runs, we really would have taken it away,” says England captain Ben Stokes.

22:24 hrs: That’s it! A single finishes off the game. West Indies have won the Test match by four wickets to go 1-0 up.

22:22 hrs: FOUR! Scores are level. Short and wide from Stokes, Campbell cuts it past gully and into the fence. West Indies are 1 run away now.

22:21 hrs: Another over goes without a wicket. West Indies 5 runs away from a stunning win.

22:16 hrs: Campbell hobbles for another single. West Indies now need only six runs for a win. Oh this is getting tensed.

22:11 hrs: A very good over from Mark Wood. He asked a lot of questions from Campbell. West Indies still require 10 runs to win and England need four wickets? Who are you putting your money on?

John Campbell, who had retired hurt with a foot injury, has walked out to bat to score the most needful 11 runs for his side.

22:04 hrs: OUT! Heartbreak for Blackwood. But he only has himself to blame. Pitched up from Stokes, Blackwood goes foe the glory shot, makes decent contact but doesn’t get elevation, simple catch at mid-off. Blackwood departs for a fantastic 95. England still hanging on.

22:02 hrs: FOUR! Another ramp shot from Blackwell. He was playing this shot even when there was a third man and now when there was no one, he had the license too. Good execution and four runs more to West Indies’ and Blackwood’s total. He is on 95 now.

21:58 hrs: Couple of quick singles followed by a Holder flick for 2 runs. West Indies now need only 15 runs to win this Test match. This is now going beyond England.

21:42 hrs: FOUR! Not short enough to trouble the tall Holder, who uses his height to pull it through the deep mid-wicket region, no fielder there and trickles away to the boundary, that will release some of the pressure applied by Stokes and Anderson.

21:34 hrs: A mix-up between Holder and Blackwood but no harm done. Holder wanted the single, Blackwood didn’t , in the end the latter had to give in to the captain’s demands. He had just made his ground.

21:23 hrs: OUT! Unplayable delivery from Stokes. That’s how you make a comeback. A no ball denied him a wicket and then he comes back with even better delivery to again find the outside edge of Dowrich’s bat, England have a lifeline. West Indies 168/5

21:21 hrs: Stokes has overstepped, would you believe it? It’s a no ball. This could have been the lifeline England needed. But Stokes knew it, he had his all over his face. Dowrich survives.

21:17 hrs: NOT OUT! England lose their second review. There was daylight between bat and pad. The ball clipped Dowrich’s trousers and went to Buttler, England went up in a huge appeal, the umpire said no but Stokes went for a review. They now have only 1 review remaining.

21:11 hrs: FOUR! Smashed from Blackwood. The England cricketers felt their was a chance, Anderson tried his best at mid-off but it was hit too hard had the enough height to beat Anderson’s outstretched hands.

21:09 hrs: FOUR! A low full toss from Mark Wood and dealt with disdain from Blackwood, easy picking for the right-hander. He has punched it through the covers for another boundary. West Indies only need 42 runs more, time running out for England.

21:05 hrs: FOUR! A powerful shot through the off side from Blackwood. This is where he has been excellent in this innings. He has been peppered with a lot of short stuff but the moment he has got width, he has cashed on to it. This boundary brings down West Indies’ target under 50.

21:00 hrs: NOT OUT! Wickets missing. England lose a review. It didn’t look adjacent on the naked eye. Stokes took a chance but it didn’t pay off. A length delivery from Wood that came back in at pace, Blackwood went for a heave and missed it completely.

20:54 hrs: The first two overs after tea have been rather event less. England with Archer and Wood have a clear plan of bouncing out both Blackwood and Dowrich but haven’t been able to unsettle the young West Indian pair.

20:26 hrs: That’s Tea on Day 5! West Indies 143/4, need 57 runs to win.

20:13 hrs: FOUR! That was dismissed from his presence. Blackwood is a naturally attacking player and whenever he gets an opportunity to free his arms, he makes sure not to miss out. A straight hit past mid off.

20:03 hrs: FOUR! FIFTY for Blackwood. Not the way he would’ve wanted to but a boundary nonetheless. A genuine outside edge and it runs through the vacant slip cordon.

20:01 hrs: FOUR! A full toss from Archer. He was is following the head and toe policy. But this time it turns out to be full toss and Dowrich takes full advantage of it by flicking it for a boundary.

19:59 hrs: NOT OUT! Nothing on the ultra edge, the decision has to be overturned. Shane Dowrich survives. Another vicious bouncer from Archer, Dowrich was expecting it to bounce further, he jumped and took his eyes off the ball. The ball hit his left elbow and the catch was taken at second slip.

19:52 hrs: NOT OUT! It was closer than it looked in real time. Worth a shout from England and they also keep their review. A slightly flatter one from Bess, he gets turn and it hits the batsman on the backfoot. Replays show the impact was umpire’s call.

19:50 hrs: A hat-trick of bouncers from Archer! And he had something to say to Blackwood too. He is working up some serious pace. This is going to be a good battle.

19:45 hrs: FOUR! That is Blackwood at his best. Lovely stride forward to smother the spin from Bess and he absolutely drills it through the covers for a boundary.

19:40 hrs: OUT! A snorter from Archer. Chase has to go. There was nothing happening for England and Archer produces the magic from nowhere. Not a lot you could do with that one. It rose from length at pace and caught Chase completely off guard. He could only manage to fend it to Buttler behind the stumps. West Indies 100/4, need 100 more to win.

19:36 hrs: This is second time that the physio has run out with eye drops for Blackwood. He seems to be having some sort of trouble in sighting the ball.

19:34 hrs: A nice tap past point for a single. This brings the 100 for West Indies. They need exactly 100 more and they way Chase and Blackwood are going, it doesn’t seem to that difficult as it was an hour ago.

19:21 hrs: FOUR! Up and over, Blackwood knew there was no third man. He intentionally guides the wide delivery of Archer four a boundary.

19:17 hrs: FOUR! That burst through the hands of Burns at gully. three chances go abegging for England within 15-20 minutes. They have to gather themselves and improve the performance, otherwise this match could slip away quickly. West Indies 90/3

19:14 hrs: Run out chance missed! There was a horrible mix-up between Chase and Blackwood. They were almost at the same end. But Crawley at covers could not pick up the ball on time.

18:57 hrs: DROPPED! or did he? It sure looks like it caught the inside half of Blackwood’s gloves. But the umpire gave it as a leg bye. Doesn’t matter though as Buttler didn’t manage to hold on to the catch down the leg side. And yes, ultra edge confirms there was a clear glove on the way.

18:53 hrs: This has been a good partnership for West Indies so far and a much-needed one too. They were 35 for 3 at Lunch and now Chase and Blackwood have taken them to 70 for three, still 130 runs away from a win. They need to carry on.

18:40 hrs: FOUR! Intent from Chase and a very very good way to do that. A flighted delivery from Bess, Chase uses his long reach to get to the pitch of the ball and loft hi straight over the mid. One bounce and into the fence.

18:24 hrs: FOUR! Nice shot from Blackwood. He went for timing rather than power. Full length delivery and he just leant into the drive, creamed it between extra cover and mid-off

18:14 hrs: 3 runs from the first over after lunch. The equation is pretty simple. This session will actually give us a definite answer o the outcome of the Test match. West Indies still need 162 runs and England need 7 wickets.

17:30 hrs: A nice tap past mid wicket, they will come back for two. That will be lunch on Day 5. West Indies are 35/3, still 165 runs away from a win.

17:28 hrs: NOT OUT! Umpire’s call. Chase should thanks his stars for that. It was matter of millimetres. A Vicious turn from Bess from the rough outside off stump. Chase was caught in the crease and it hit his back leg just above the knee roll.

17:21 hrs: Terrific start from off-spinner Dom Bess. Flight, drift, a hint of turn - everything right about his first over. England are making right noises.

Right-handed batsman Jermaine Blackwood comes in at No.6

17:14 hrs: BOWLED! Right through the gate. Mark Wood produces a beauty. A nip-backer from the perfect length, it brushes Hopes’ thigh pad and crashes on to the stumps. England are on top and West Indies are tottering now at 27/3.

17:05 hrs: Roston Chase gets off the mark with confident push through the covers. They will come back for a couple.

17:02 hrs: FOUR! Superb shot from Hope, even better than the previous one. This was not exactly overpitched from Anderson but Hope gets a giant stride in, now swing, and he punches it throught he covers. Better from West Indies, better from Hope, you can’t just block way to the 200-run target.

17:00 hrs: FOUR! First real shot of authority and the first boundary of the innings. This also gets Shai Hope off the mark after 13 deliveries. An overpitched ball from Anderson, he was looking for the big outswinger but Hope get s a good stride forward and drives it to the left of point for a boundary.

Right-handed batsman Roston Chase comes in at No.5

16:53 hrs: OUT! LBW! Brooks didn’t even think of consulting his partner for a review, he was that dead in front. A fuller length delivery from Archer after pushing the batsman back and Brooks was way too late in bringing his bat down. The ball smacked on his front pad and no hesitation from umpire Illingworth. West Indies 7/2 with Campbell retired.

Right-handed batsman Shamrah Brooks comes in at No.4

16:44 hrs: BOWLED! Momentum was with England, you could see this coming. Brathwaite was glued to his crease and the ball finds its way towards the stumps after an inside edge. Big breakthrough for England, Jofra Archer provides it.

16:38 hrs: What’s happening there? John Campbell was getting some assistance from the physio on his right foot and now he has decided to go off. This is interesting, it didn’t look to be a serious injury but he is limping off the field. Shai Hope walks in to replace the injured John Campbell.

16:33 hrs: Now Brathwaite gets off the mark with a flick shot. The slowness off the outfield will allow them comeback for three runs. End of the fourth over, West Indies 6/0

16:30 hrs: First runs of the bat for West Indies in 3.1 overs. It’s a tap down to fine leg from Campbell.

16:21 hrs: A top-class over from James Anderson. Full marks to Kraigg Brathwaite too. Anderson kept asking questions on his off stump and he kept shouldering his arms. Perfect start to the innings.

16:16 hrs: We are all set for the final innings of this Test match. And after four days of cricket, we still can’t separate the two teams. West Indies are definitely in front but you shouldn’t count out an attack led by James Anderson in their own backyard.

16:06 hrs: OUT! England have been bowled out for 313. West Indies need 200 to win. FIVE WICKETS for Shannon Garbriel. He richly deserves all the applause. There will be question marks on the choice of review from Archer for sure. I mean, just because you have a review doesn’t mean you will opt for it when you know for sure, you've nicked it. Anyway, We have a fascinating five hours of play coming up,

16:05 hrs: FOUR! Archer continues in his merry way. Once again gives himself room, Gabriel tries to follow him but not enough venom in the delivery. Archer pulls it away in deep mid-wicket area for a boundary. England lead by 199 now.

15:55 hrs: OUT! Gabriel gets Mark wood. A typical tailender’s shot there. He backed away even before Gabriel delivered the ball, the big West Indian followed him, cramped him for room and Wood could only manage an outside edge to the ‘keeper.

15:49 hrs: FOUR! Aggression from Archer. He got beaten by Holder in the previous ball and now decides to give himself room and slam it past mid off for his second boundary of the morning. 300 up for England.

15:38 hrs: FOUR! Not good from Gabriel. A freebie down the leg side, Wood gets an inside edge and it is defected by Dowrich for a boundary.

15:30 hrs: It’s time everyone. Day 5 is about to get underway. Archer and Woods walk out, as do the West Indies. England ahead by 170 and with the last two wickets remaining, West Indies would hope to keep the target inside 200. Alzarri Jospeh running in with the first ball of the fifth day, and it’s a single down to square leg.

15:15 hrs: Former England captain Michael Vaughan feels the out of form Joe Denly should be the one making way for skipper Joe Root in the second Test against the West Indies instead of young Zak Crawley. In the second Test, scheduled to begin on Thursday in Manchester, either Denly or Crawley is expected to be replaced by Root, who missed the series-opener to be with his wife for the delivery of their second child.

“England have a decision to make on Denly. Crawley surely has to stay in the side. Joe Denly played the way he has played in all of his 15 Tests. It’s been the same story. He did the hard yards then made a mistake,” Vaughan told BBC Sport.

14:50 hrs: The return of Test cricket after the break has pleased everyone but one cricketer who is quite psyched is India off-spinner R Ashwin. He cannot wait for Day 5 of this Test to begin and expects the final day to be a ‘ripper’. “Cricket’s come back couldn’t have been more intriguing, a ripper of a final day on the cards. #ENGvsWI Star-struckStar-struck It’s a Sunday too, don’t miss it,” Ashwin tweeted earlier today.

14:40 hrs: Gavaskar unhappy with Hussain for India remarks - Sunil Gavaskar has not taken kindly to Nasser Hussain’s claims that India were a ‘nice’ team before Sourav Ganguly took over as the team’s captain. Hussain, the former England captain, had last week said that Ganguly’s appointment as captain made India tougher, and that India began to win more matches overseas due to this shift in culture. Gavaskar slammed Hussain for the remark and questioned his knowledge of the Indian team of the 70s and 80s. Here’s the full story.

14:30 hrs: Will England miss Stuart Broad? England are all likely to defend a low total today and if they are unable to do so, the decision to drop Broad will once again get more scrutinized. Plenty for Stokes to think about on his first stint as captain

14:10 hrs: Cricket takes a dramatic stand: Rudraneil Sengupta writes

Two words (actually, a name): Michael Holding. July 8, 2020, marked the resumption of cricket in the time of Covid-19, with the first day of the first Test in the West Indies tour of England (by the time this column appears, we will probably have a result). In these uncommon times, the restart collided head-on with that most common constant of the game during the English summer — rain. Most of the first day was washed out.

It was not the cricket itself, however, but the way the broadcasters addressed racism that made this day remarkable.

A Black Lives Matter flag waved from the West Indies balcony as the team came out for the start. Each player wore a black glove on one hand. Both teams — and the umpires! — knelt on the ground. The Windies players raised their gloved fists in what was a clear mirroring of American sprinters John Carlos and Tommie Smith’s Black Power salute at the 1968 Olympics. READ MORE

14:00 hrs: Here is Hindustan Times coverage on Black Lives Matter protests that featured throughout the Test match:

Sport takes a knee, turns a corner in fight against racism

Bhargab Sarmah writes: Earlier this week, former West Indies cricketer Michael Holding and Ebony Rainford-Brent, the first Black woman to play for England, delivered a powerful message on racism during the broadcast of the opening Test of a three-match series between England and the West Indies, delving deeply into racism and their personal experiences with it throughout their commentary.

“What people need to understand is that this thing stems from hundreds of years ago. The dehumanisation of the black race is where it started,” Holding said. Talking about historical prejudices, Holding cited the example of Judas’ portrayal as dark-skinned, in contrast to the image of Jesus as ‘pale-skinned, blond hair, blue eyes’.

The Test match itself saw players from both sides offering their solidarity to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement that has gathered steam across the world following the killing of George Floyd in the US. Both sets of players took a knee and those from the visiting Caribbean side also sported black gloves on their raised fists, a la Tommie Smith and John Carlos’ iconic ‘black power salute’ from the 1968 Olympics. READ MORE

13:50 hrs: Michael Vaughan is not a fan of Joe Denly, it seems. “It’s not even a conversation,” Vaughan, who captained England in 51 tests, told BBC Sport. “You could argue that Denly was very lucky to have played 15 Test matches. There are a lot of players who have played only eight tests and got hundreds. He has missed his chance and they have to stick with Crawley. I’m sorry for Denly - he’s just not good enough.” “England have a decision to make on Denly. Crawley surely has to stay in the side,” added Vaughan. READ MORE

13:40 hrs: How long can Windies last on Day 5? Every run from the bat of Jofra Archer and Mark Wood, and James Anderson will be crucial today as it would add to the eventual target that West Indies would need to chase to win at Southampton. But the big question is how long can the tailenders last here?

13:30 hrs: Hello and welcome to our live blog on Day 5 of the first Test between England and West Indies. We have a thriller in store in Southampton as all three results are possibilities at the moment. Windies bowlers went on a rampage in the later part of the day, and now they just need two wickets to set themselves up for an easy chase. This will be a real test for England bowling unit comprising of James Anderson & co. Stokes would really wish he had Stuart Broad in the team right about now.

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