Cricketer Kuldeep Yadav(Photo: Instagram/kuldeep_18)
Cricketer Kuldeep Yadav(Photo: Instagram/kuldeep_18)

I miss bowling the most; can’t wait to start spinning again, says cricketer Kuldeep Yadav

In an interview with HT, the cricketer speaks of what he misses about being on the field the most
Hindustan Times, Mumbai | By Titas Chowdhury
PUBLISHED ON MAY 29, 2020 09:46 PM IST

There were a lot of matches in the pipeline such as the Indian Premier League, the T20 World Cup and one-day internationals. But now, all of it is on hold keeping in mind the current situation,” says Kuldeep Yadav. Though the lockdown has upset the apple cart, the cricketer says that “safety comes first”. He shares, “We were busy training, practising and doing net sessions before the pandemic broke out. We’re all geared to get back to playing but the game as we need to be safe and sound.”

The spinner says that he has gone back to his old hobby and has been enjoying it. He confides, “Painting is something that I did as a child. I’ve picked up the brush again during this lockdown. I’ve created some art and put them out on my digital platforms. It’s nice to get appreciation for the same.” 

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Talking about spending some quality time with his family in his hometown, Kanpur, he says, “We’ve been touring a lot before this and so, it’s always a delight to spend time with family. It’s been over two months of bonding with each other. But we’re waiting to get back to our respective professions.”

So what does he miss the most about cricket? “I don’t have an outdoor field and I miss bowling the most. I can’t wait to start spinning,” says Yadav. He, however, has found ways to keep himself motivated. “I’m in regular touch with my coach. We discuss matches, analyse my skills and sit and watch a lot of videos together. He shares his experiences with me and that’s helping me improve myself,” he says, adding, “Our association also arranges calls with the state team and that’s the best way to motivate each other during this period.”

Fitness, he says, is an essential part of his routine much like any other sportsperson. Despite not being to train himself in the outdoors, he has modified his fitness regime. “I’m doing some indoor training as suggested by my trainer and keeping a check on my diet which is of utmost importance,” the 25-year-old cricketer signs off.

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