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India v England 2nd T20I: IND win last-ball thriller by 5 runs, level series 1-1

Jasprit Bumrah picked up two wickets in the final over while Ashish Nehra picked up 3/28 as India held their nerve to clinch a tense five-run win to level the series. Relive all highlights of India vs England, Nagpur T20I here.

cricket Updated: Jan 29, 2017 22:58 IST
Siddharth Vishwanathan
Siddharth Vishwanathan
Hindustan Times
India vs England,live cricket score,India vs England 2nd T20 international
Jasprit Bumrah and Ashish Nehra were the stars as India clinched a last-ball thriller in Nagpur to win the match by five runs and level the three-match series 1-1(BCCI)

Ashish Nehra and Jasprit Bumrah were the stars as India held their nerve to win the match by five runs and level the three-match series 1-1. Relive all the highlights of India vs England, Nagpur T20I here. (SCORECARD) (WHERE TO WATCH LIVE STREAMING)

Jasprit Bumrah won the Man of the Match award for holding his nerve and giving India a narrow five-run win. ( BCCI )

22:52 hrs IST: That is all that we have from Nagpur. India have kept the series alive by breaking the Jamtha jinx and will head to Bangalore for the final match on February 1. See you.

22:50 hrs IST: Jasprit Bumrah (Man of the Match): I tried to assess the wicket. Tried to learn from whatever I saw in the first innings. On this wicket, I thought it’s a big ground and it’s on the slower side, so back of a length deliveries and slower balls worked well.

22:49 hrs IST: Virat Kohli: Bumrah and Nehra were outstanding in the end. To defend 40 in five overs with dew present is outstanding. Nehra is an experienced performer, he knows what to do. Bumrah was asking me what to do every ball. It was an outstanding innings from Rahul on a pitch where shot-making was difficult.

22:45 hrs IST: Eoin Morgan: Didn’t start the over well. A decision went against us. Fair play to Bumrah to produce a match winning over. These last two games, we’ve been right on the money with the ball. All credit to the bowlers.

22:38 hrs IST: Jasprit Bumrah: It’s always tough to bowl in the death. I tried to remember the past where I’ve done well in such situations.

22:35 hrs IST: Ashish Nehra: The only thing on my mind was to give as many runs to Jasprit (to defend) . One bad ball, one good shot and it would have been over. Hats off to the way Jasprit bowled the last over. We know how good a bowler he is with the old ball.

Jasprit Bumrah picked up two wickets in the final over as India won the match by five runs to level the series 1-1. ( BCCI )

22:28 hrs IST: Full toss, swing and a miss and India win by five runs to level the series 1-1. First win for India in Jamtha after having lost the first two games.

22:24 hrs IST: Jos Buttler is cleaned up by Bumrah for 15. England need 7 off 2.

22:23 hrs IST: Dot ball. 7 needed off 3

22:22 hrs IST: Another single results. 7 needed off 4 balls.

22:20 hrs IST: WICKET! Bumrah gets Root LBW. The match is still on. England need 8 off 5. Replays in. Oh dear! Root got an inside edge. Another horror decision from Shamshuddin.

22:19 hrs IST: What a massive moment! Buttler drags a slog wide of off stump and deposits it over the ropes. 8 needed off 6 balls.

22:17 hrs IST: Buttler gets a crucial boundary. Match evenly poised. England need 16 off 8 balls.

Ashish Nehra bowled brilliantly to put India on course for a win. ( BCCI )

22:11 hrs IST: Bumrah has bowled superbly so far. Clever variations. Excellent over in the circumstances. England are floundering. After 18 overs, England are 121/4, needing 24 off 12 balls.

22:08 hrs IST: WICKET! Trapped in front and Nehra has his third wicket. Stokes gone for 38. England need 28 off 19.

22:04 hrs IST: The 50-run partnership is up between Stokes and Root. What a knock this is from Stokes. Good over from Nehra so far.

22:00 hrs IST: Stokes continues to punish India. He pulls a short ball from Bumrah to deep mid wicket and takes the singles and twos. Game changing knock this from Stokes. England are 113/3 after 16 overs, needing 32 off 24 balls.

Ben Stokes kept England in the game with an aggressive knock as he punished India. ( BCCI )

21:56 hrs IST: Steady batting from England. They are not panicking. The dew has also set in. Stokes keeps England in the game by latching on to a short ball and mauling it over long on. After 15 overs, England are 104/3, needing 41 off 30 balls.

21:53 hrs IST: Yuzvendra Chahal is into the attack now. Vital over this for both teams.

21:52 hrs IST: 13 runs in Raina’s last over. England are 93/3 after 14 overs, need 52 off 36 balls.

21:50 hrs IST: What a start to the over from Stokes. He blasts Raina down the ground for a boundary to long on and next ball, he steps out and thrashes him into the stands. Much needed boundaries for England.

21:48 hrs IST: Amit Mishra bowls a brilliant over. He finishes with figures of 4-0-25-1. England are 80/3, needing 65 off 42 balls.

21:47 hrs IST: Stokes continues to struggle against Mishra as the dot balls pile up.

21:45 hrs IST: Decent over for England but they are still behind the asking rate. After 12 overs, they are 77/3, needing 68 off 48 balls.

Amit Mishra got his 200th T20 wicket but he bowled a no-ball when he also dismissed Ben Stokes. ( BCCI )

21:40 hrs IST: That was a brilliant ball from Mishra but pretty disappointing that he overstepped. Stokes all at sea against Mishra as England are 69/3 after 11 overs.

21:38 hrs IST: Mishra cleans up Ben Stokes but he has overstepped. Free-hit coming up but Mishra darts this quicker one in on leg stump and only a single results. Kohli is not at all happy.

21:36 hrs IST: WICKET! Eoin Morgan c Hardik Pandya b Amit Mishra 17 (23), England 65/3 in the 11th over.

Slogs a tossed up ball to deep mid wicket to take his 200th T20 wicket. What a moment

21:32 hrs IST: Another steady over from Raina and England are 65/2 after 10 overs, need 80 off 60 balls.

Joe Root and Eoin Morgan steadied the ship for India after Ashish Nehra’s double strike. ( BCCI )

21:29 hrs IST: England are 60/2 after nine overs. This partnership proving vital for England again.

21:27 hrs IST: Much needed boundary for England as Root reverse sweeps to fine leg for a boundary. Next ball, he survives! He looks to drive a flighted delivery and the inside edge just goes past the stumps for another boundary.

21:24 hrs IST: Another tidy over for India. England are 49/2 in the eighth over and the asking rate is mounting.

21:21 hrs IST: The fourth umpire is out in the middle as they try to fix the Zing bails. Some problem and there is a hold-up. All set to go.

21:19 hrs IST: Appeal for a run-out but Root is safely in. He went for the second and the throw was good to Dhoni, the keeper whips the bails off but the batsman just makes it. England are 44/2 after seven overs.

21:15 hrs IST: Amit Mishra is into the attack now. He is one wicket away from a milestone.

21:13 hrs IST: Bumrah bowls it short and wide outside off and Morgan cracks it to deep cover for a boundary. England are 36/2 after six overs.

21:11 hrs IST: Root and Morgan the key once again for England. But, this time, the pitch is difficult to bat on. After five overs, England are 29/2. Jasprit Bumrah into the attack, replacing Nehra.

21:07 hrs IST: Inside edged but safe! Morgan does not spot the legbreak and he stabs at it with hard hands, the inside edge goes past a vacant short leg region.

21:04 hrs IST: Nehra ends an excellent over as England are 24/2 after four overs. Nehra’s figures are 2-0-7-2

Ashish Nehra removed Sam Billings and Jason Roy in quick succession to put India on top in Nagpur. ( BCCI )

20:59 hrs IST: WICKETS! Ashish Nehra removes both the openers and is on a hat-trick.

Billings top edges a slow and short ball to fine leg while Roy gets a leading edge that is snapped up at mid on. Can he get the hat-trick?

20:56 hrs IST: Inside edged but safe! Roy gets an inside edge to a googly but it is a good over for England as 15 runs come off it.England are 22/0 after three overs.

20:55 hrs IST: BANG! After Billings, Roy joins the party. He connects with the slog sweep and the ball sails over long on for another six.

20:54 hrs IST: Boom! That has been whacked! Billings dances down the track to a flighted ball and launches it over long on for the first six of the England innings.

20:53 hrs IST: Still no boundaries in the first two overs. Great start for India as England are 7/0 after two overs.

Jason Roy and Sam Billings got off to a cautious start in the chase of 145. ( BCCI )

20:49 hrs IST: Ashish Nehra is into the attack now. Will he tie England down or will the batsmen go after him?

20:47 hrs IST: Only two runs in the first over. Great start for Chahal. England 2/0 after the first over.

20:44 hrs IST: The England openers, Sam Billings and Jason Roy, are out in the middle. Can they give a flying start like they did in Kanpur? Yuzvendra Chahal will open the bowling.

20:36 hrs IST: Rahul, speaking during the innings break, stated: 10-15 runs extra wouldn’t have been ideal. We have to give our best with the ball. New ball was coming on well to the bat.

Chris Jordan finished with 3/22 as India ended up on 144/8 after 20 overs. ( BCCI )

20:32 hrs IST: WICKET! Dhoni is cleaned up as he drags a slog back onto the stumps. Excellent over from Jordan and he finishes with 3/22 as India have ended on 144/8 after 20 overs. This will be a tricky chase for India.

20:28 hrs IST: Good start for India in the final over as Jordan bowls a wide. Can they get to 150? Hardik Pandya is run-out as he hits a straight drive back at the stumps. He goes for a single but Jordan uproots the stumps. Dhoni the key now.

Tymal Mills got the wicket of Manish Pandey as England bowled well in the death overs. ( BCCI )

20:25 hrs IST: WICKET! Manish Pandey b Tymal Mills 30 (26), India 139/5 in the 19th over.

Good length slower delivery, Pandey slogs across the line and gets cleaned up.

20:24 hrs IST: Excellent running from Dhoni. There was a slight fumble and they take a couple.

20:22 hrs IST: Manish Pandey has not yet hit a boundary. As I type, he gets underneath one length ball and clobbers it into the deep mid wicket stands. India near 150.

20:19 hrs IST: Dhoni holds the key now as India reach 129/4 in the 18th over. Can they reach 150?

20:16 hrs IST: WICKET! KL Rahul c Ben Stokes b Chris Jordan 71 (47), India 125/4 in the 18th over.

Full and slow ball slightly wide outside off, Rahul hangs back and drags the slog but finds deep mid wicket, end of a great knock.

KL Rahul made a magnificent 71 off 47 balls but fell at a crucial time. ( BCCI )

20:13 hrs IST: Rahul spoils what was threatening to be a great over as he hits a boundary to third man. First boundary after three overs. India are 124/3 after 17 overs.

20:12 hrs IST: This is excellent field placing from Morgan and the bowlers are bowling to plan. Not a single boundary hit since the 14th over.

20:08 hrs IST: The variations from Mills come to the fore and it is an excellent over. India are 114/3 after 17 overs. Can they reach 150?

Ben Stokes nearly missed a chance of Manish Pandey as England bowled well in the death. ( BCCI )

20:06 hrs IST: Good variation from Mills. The slow bouncer and Rahul is too early into the pull shot, he gets hit on the glove and they take a single. Once again England pulling things back at the death like they did in Kanpur.

20:04 hrs IST: Good over from Stokes. India are 108/3 in 15 overs.

20:03 hrs IST: Ben Stokes has pulled things back as only two runs come off four balls. On the fifth ball, Manish Pandey tries to steer it late to third man but the ball brushes the off stump. However, the bails light up but are not dislodged. Stokes cannot believe it.

KL Rahul notched up his first fifty as India made solid progress towards a big score. ( BCCI )

19:58 hrs IST: Sensational from Rahul. Rashid bowls a bit too full on leg stump and Rahul sweeps it to the fine leg boundary. After 14 overs, India are 105/3.

19:56 hrs IST: Rahul is looking to go after the England bowling. He makes room and launches an inside out drive over extra cover. These runs are hurting England

19:54 hrs IST: Rahul works it to mid wicket and notches up his first fifty. He has a hundred, which he smashed against West Indies in Florida.

19:52 hrs IST: Another low full toss and Rahul thrashes it to the wide long on boundary to move closer to his fifty. After 12 overs, India are 87/3.

19:50 hrs IST: WHAM! Another big six! Rahul dances down the track and mauls Dawson well back into the stands at long on. 93-meter six. He needs to carry on for India.

Moeen Ali got the wicket of Yuvraj Singh cheaply as England stifled India. ( BCCI )

19:49 hrs IST: KL Rahul and MS Dhoni hold the key as India eye a total in excess of 140. India are 72/3 in 11 overs.

19:46 hrs IST: WICKET! Yuvraj Singh LBW Moeen Ali 4 (12), India 69/3 in 10.3 overs.

This time umpire Shamshuddin raises the finger. Yuvraj aims for the sweep but misses it and gets trapped in front. Yuvraj never looked comfortable out there.

19:42 hrs IST: BAM! Second six of the match. Rahul does it well. He dances down the track and deposits it into the stands at deep mid wicket. That was a 91-meter six. After 10 overs, India are 67/2.

19:41 hrs IST: Yuvraj gets off the mark after seven balls by punching a full toss to long on. Replays in for that Yuvraj LBW, that was hitting middle and off. Another big mistake by umpire Shamshuddin.

19:39 hrs IST: Vicious turn and bounce. Moeen Ali beats Yuvraj all ends up. Next ball, Yuvi attempts the sweep but he loses balance and gets hit on the pad, once again umpire Shamshuddin is unmoved, maybe going down leg. Only one run results and India are 57/2 after nine overs.

19:36 hrs IST: WICKET! Suresh Raina c Chris Jordan b Adil Rashid 7 (10), India 56/2 in the eighth over.

Raina continues to struggle. He looks to slog sweep a flighted ball but mistimes it totally and the catch is taken at long on.

KL Rahul of India during the 2nd T20I between India and England held at the Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium on the 29th January 2017. Photo by: Ron Gaunt / BCCI/ SPORTZPICS

19:33 hrs IST: Adil Rashid finally gets a chance to bowl. In Kanpur, he did not get to bowl or bat.

19:32 hrs IST: Rahul brings up the team fifty with a nice reverse paddle but Mills puts in the dive to save the boundary. After seven overs, India are 54/1.

19:29 hrs IST: Moeen Ali is into the attack. He was the Man of the Match for his figures of 4-0-21-2 in Kanpur. Can he do a repeat?

19:26 hrs IST: Perfect placement from Rahul. Stokes overpitches and Rahul laces the drive to bisect the gap at extra cover and mid off for a boundary.

Chris Jordan got the vital wicket of Virat Kohli for 21. ( BCCI )

19:24 hrs IST: Ben Stokes is into the attack. Raina is looking very edgy at the moment. He charges down and misses the slog.

19:21 hrs IST: Rahul is not bothered by Kohli’s dismissal. He blasts an inside out drive to deep extra cover. Suresh Raina is the next man in. India are 37/1 after 5 overs.

19:20 hrs IST: WICKET! Virat Kohli c Liam Dawson b Chris Jordan 21 (15), India 30/1 in the fifth over.

Kohli charges down the track but gets flummoxed by a full and slow ball, he miscues the lofted shot and is caught at long on.

Virat Kohli started aggressively in the Nagpur T20I ( BCCI )

19:15 hrs IST: In the air but safe again! Kohli reaches out to a wide ball and just chips the drive over cover for a couple. On the last ball, Rahul glides a short and wide ball over backward point for a couple. After four overs, India have moved to 30/0.

19:14 hrs IST: What a way to break the shackles. Mills errs in his length and Kohli just swings through the line to deposit it into the stands at long off. Next ball, Mills bowls short and Kohli swivels to pull it to the long leg boundary.

19:12 hrs IST: Good over from Jordan but it could have been much better had they got Kohli. After three overs, India have moved to 15/0. Not easy scoring on this deck.

19:09 hrs IST: Chris Jordan comes onto the attack and there is a big shout for LBW. He gets this good length to cut back in and Kohli misses the pull, umpire Shamshuddin does not give it, that was hitting leg stump. What a lucky break for Kohli.

Virat Kohli got going in streaky fashion with a top-edged pull off Tymal Mills. ( BCCI )

19:08 hrs IST: The pitch is already starting to show a bit of being two paced. After two overs, India are 10/0

19:05 hrs IST: In the air but safe! Mills gets this short delivery to zip about and Kohli goes for the pull, he top edges it to third man but the fielder runs to his left and cannot take it as he is unsure of the boundary ropes.

19:04 hrs IST: Tymal Mills will open the bowling from the other end. He was very impressive in Kanpur and he bowled with good pace.

19:03 hrs IST: Superb running from Rahul as they steal a couple. Aggressive intent in the running shown already. After the first over, India are 5/0.

19:01 hrs IST: Liam Dawson will open the bowling with a slip in place. Virat Kohli gets off the mark with a drive to mid off.

18:53 hrs IST: The Indian team are sporting black armbands to pay respect to India U-19 cricket team trainer Rajesh Sawant, who died in his hotel room just before the start of the series between India and England U-19 ‘Tests’

18:44 hrs IST: For all who missed the Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal Australian Open clash, here is the match report. In case you missed it, I assure you, it was a classic.

18:40 hrs IST: England will be aiming to maintain the disciple which saw them win Kanpur. With this pitch aiding more turn, will they struggle?

Virat Kohli lost the toss for the second consecutive time as England chose to bowl in Nagpur. ( BCCI )

18:38 hrs IST: Here are the playing XIs of both the teams:

India: Lokesh Rahul, Virat Kohli(c), Suresh Raina, Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni(w), Manish Pandey, Hardik Pandya, Amit Mishra, Jasprit Bumrah, Yuzvendra Chahal, Ashish Nehra

England: Jason Roy, Sam Billings, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan(c), Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler(w), Moeen Ali, Liam Dawson, Chris Jordan, Adil Rashid, Tymal Mills

18:33 hrs IST: England have won the toss and will bowl. Same plan as Kanpur. Liam Dawson replaces Liam Plunkett in the England team. Amit Mishra is back for India. So no Parvez Rasool.

18:29 hrs IST: Experts reckon that the pitch in Nagpur will offer more turn. Will India break their jinx and stay alive or will England clinch the series?

18:25 hrs IST: With KL Rahul continuing to struggle, will India make a change and get Rishabh Pant in? Or will India stick with the same side?

18:15 hrs IST: India arrive at a venue that has not been kind to them. Out of two T20Is, they have lost both.

18:06 hrs IST: A warm welcome to the second T20I between India and England from Nagpur. Settle down, folks. Settle down. For all tennis fans, the Australian Open final between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal lived up to a classic and the Swiss Maestro finally got the better of Nadal to clinch his 18th Grand Slam title.

Heading into the T20I match between India and England, the authorities are taking no chances when it comes to crowd management. The gates were opened for the fans as early as 3pm on Sunday for the 7pm start of the T20 match. The move resulted in better crowd management. As soon as the gates opened, nearly 25 per cent of the seats were filled up in quick time.

The authorities had a tough time during the last match featuring the hosts at this venue, which was the World T20 opener between against New Zealand last year — when the fans had to queue up for over four hours to get inside the ground

India were tied down by some disciplined bowling from England in Kanpur as their batsmen failed to go for the big shots. Heading into the Nagpur match, the team will have to pull their socks up in the batting. However, the Jamtha venue has not been kind to the hosts.

In two T20Is that they have played here, India have lost both. A loss on Sunday will result in a series loss. The last time they lost a T20I series at home was against South Africa in October 2015.

England, on the other hand, continue their wonderful record in India. They have won three out of four T20Is against India at home and Morgan’s team is on the cusp of a series win. The England skipper led from the front with a magnificent fifty and along with Joe Root, steered the team to safety. With the top order being in good form, the visitors will be aiming to end the tour on a high after the disappointment of the Test and ODI series.

First Published: Jan 29, 2017 16:38 IST