New Delhi 360C
Tuesday, June 6, 2023

IPL 2023 Points Table

1GTGujarat Titans1410400+0.80920
2CSKChennai Super Kings148501+0.65217
3LSGLucknow Super Giants148501+0.28417
4MIMumbai Indians148600-0.04416
5RRRajasthan Royals147700+0.14814
6RCBRoyal Challengers Bangalore147700+0.13514
7KKRKolkata Knight Riders146800-0.23912
8PBKSPunjab Kings146800-0.30412
9DCDelhi Capitals145900-0.80810
10SRHSunrisers Hyderabad1441000-0.5908
Pos: Position, Pld: Played, Pts: Points, NRR: Net Run Rate

IPL Points Table 2022

1GTGujarat Titans1410400200.316
2RRRajasthan Royals149500180.298
3LSGLucknow SuperGiants149500180.251
4RCBRoyal Challengers Bangalore14860016-0.253
5DCDelhi Capitals147700140.204
6PBKSPunjab Kings147700140.126
7KKRKolkata Knight Riders146800120.146
8SRHSunRisers Hyderabad14680012-0.379
9CSKChennai Super Kings14410008-0.203
10MIMumbai Indians14410008-0.506

IPL Points Table 2021

1DCDelhi Capitals1410400200.481
2CSKChennai Super Kings149500180.455
3RCBRoyal Challengers Bangalore14950018-0.14
4KKRKolkata Knight Riders147700140.587
5MIMumbai Indians147700140.116
6PBKSPunjab Kings14680012-0.001
7RRRajasthan Royals14590010-0.993
8SRHSunRisers Hyderabad14311006-0.545

IPL Points Table 2020

1MIMumbai Indians149500181.107
2DCDelhi Capitals14860016-0.109
3SRHSunRisers Hyderabad147700140.608
4RCBRoyal Challengers Bangalore14770014-0.172
5KKRKolkata Knight Riders14770014-0.214
6PBKSPunjab Kings14680012-0.162
7CSKChennai Super Kings14680012-0.455
8RRRajasthan Royals14680012-0.569

IPL Points Table 2019

1MIMumbai Indians149500180.421
2CSKChennai Super Kings149500180.131
3DCDelhi Capitals149500180.044
4SRHSunRisers Hyderabad146800120.577
5KKRKolkata Knight Riders146800120.028
6PBKSPunjab Kings14680012-0.251
7RRRajasthan Royals14580111-0.449
8RCBRoyal Challengers Bangalore14580111-0.607

IPL Points Table 2018

1SRHSunRisers Hyderabad149500180.284
2CSKChennai Super Kings149500180.253
3KKRKolkata Knight Riders14860016-0.07
4RRRajasthan Royals14770014-0.25
5MIMumbai Indians146800120.317
6RCBRoyal Challengers Bangalore146800120.129
7PBKSPunjab Kings14680012-0.502
8DDDelhi Daredevils14590010-0.222

IPL Points Table 2017

1MIMumbai Indians1410400200.784
2RPSRising Pune Supergiant149500180.176
3SRHSunRisers Hyderabad148501170.599
4KKRKolkata Knight Riders148600160.641
5PBKSPunjab Kings14770014-0.009
6DDDelhi Daredevils14680012-0.512
7GLGujarat Lions14410008-0.412
8RCBRoyal Challengers Bangalore14310017-1.299

IPL Points Table 2016

1GLGujarat Lions14950018-0.374
2RCBRoyal Challengers Bangalore148600160.932
3SRHSunRisers Hyderabad148600160.245
4KKRKolkata Knight Riders148600160.106
5MIMumbai Indians14770014-0.146
6DDDelhi Daredevils14770014-0.155
7RPSRising Pune Supergiant145900100.015
8PBKSPunjab Kings14410008-0.646

IPL Points Table 2015

1CSKChennai Super Kings149500180.709
2MIMumbai Indians14860016-0.043
3RCBRoyal Challengers Bangalore147502161.037
4RRRajasthan Royals147502160.062
5KKRKolkata Knight Riders147601150.253
6SRHSunRisers Hyderabad14770014-0.239
7DDDelhi Daredevils14580111-0.049
8PBKSPunjab Kings14311006-1.436

IPL Points Table 2014

1PBKSPunjab Kings1411300220.968
2KKRKolkata Knight Riders149500180.418
3CSKChennai Super Kings149500180.385
4MIMumbai Indians147700140.095
5RRRajasthan Royals147700140.06
6SRHSunRisers Hyderabad14680012-0.399
7RCBRoyal Challengers Bangalore14590010-0.428
8DDDelhi Daredevils14212004-1.182

IPL Points Table 2013

1CSKChennai Super Kings1611500220.53
2MIMumbai Indians1611500220.441
3RRRajasthan Royals1610600200.322
4SRHSunRisers Hyderabad1610600200.003
5RCBRoyal Challengers Bangalore169700180.457
6PBKSPunjab Kings168800160.226
7KKRKolkata Knight Riders166100012-0.095
8PWIPune Warriors India16412008-1.006
9DDDelhi Daredevils16313006-0.848

IPL Points Table 2012

1DDDelhi Daredevils1611500220.617
2KKRKolkata Knight Riders1610501210.561
3MIMumbai Indians161060020-0.1
4CSKChennai Super Kings168701170.1
5RCBRoyal Challengers Bangalore16870117-0.022
6PBKSPunjab Kings16880016-0.216
7RRRajasthan Royals167900140.201
8DECDeccan Chargers16411019-0.509
9PWIPune Warriors India16412008-0.551

IPL Points Table 2011

1RCBRoyal Challengers Bangalore149401190.326
2CSKChennai Super Kings149500180.443
3MIMumbai Indians149500180.04
4KKRKolkata Knight Riders148600160.433
5PBKSPunjab Kings14770014-0.051
6RRRajasthan Royals14670113-0.691
7DECDeccan Chargers146800120.222
8KTKKochi Tuskers Kerala14680012-0.214
9PWIPune Warriors India1449019-0.134
10DDDelhi Daredevils1449019-0.448

IPL Points Table 2010

1MIMumbai Indians1410400201.084
2DECDeccan Chargers14860016-0.297
3CSKChennai Super Kings147700140.274
4RCBRoyal Challengers Bangalore147700140.219
5DDDelhi Daredevils147700140.021
6KKRKolkata Knight Riders14770014-0.341
7RRRajasthan Royals14680012-0.514
8PBKSPunjab Kings14410008-0.478

IPL Points Table 2009

1DDDelhi Daredevils1410400200.311
2CSKChennai Super Kings148501170.951
3RCBRoyal Challengers Bangalore14860016-0.191
4DECDeccan Chargers147700140.203
5PBKSPunjab Kings14770014-0.483
6RRRajasthan Royals14670113-0.352
7MIMumbai Indians145801110.297
8KKRKolkata Knight Riders14310017-0.789

IPL Points Table 2008

1RRRajasthan Royals1411300220.632
2PBKSPunjab Kings1410400200.509
3CSKChennai Super Kings14860016-0.192
4DDDelhi Daredevils147601150.342
5MIMumbai Indians147700140.57
6KKRKolkata Knight Riders14670113-0.147
7RCBRoyal Challengers Bangalore14410008-1.16
8DECDeccan Chargers14212004-0.467

The IPL 2023 standings will determine which teams among Delhi Capitals, Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Gujarat Titans, Kolkata Knight Riders, Punjab Kings, Rajasthan Royals, Lucknow SuperGiants and Sunrisers Hyderabad will have a higher chance of playing the final and then reach the summit clash to be crowned champions. The IPL 2023 Points Table will comprise the number of matches played, won and lost by a team, their overall points and net-run rate. Among these, the NRR may end up playing the most vital role, mostly towards the end of the tournament as certain teams may come perilously close to piping the other in the race to the Playoffs.

Recent Record

The Points-Table will also highlight the results of the last five matches of a team.

[ IPL Point Table FAQ ]

Points table is the standings which determine the positions of all 10 teams playing a single edition of the IPL

The net run rate is calculated on the basis of combination of runs scored, wickets lost – in how many overs by a team

The net run rate is calculated on the basis of combination of runs scored, wickets lost – in how many overs by a team

Every team gets 2 points each on a win. During the course of IPL, with each win, the points pile up and eventually the four teams with the highest points make it to the IPL Playoffs

The rules of IPL Points Table 2023 are pretty simple. It is a method to determine the performance of each team. For one win, every team earns 2 points each

In IPL 2023, the total points are shown against every team

NRR stands for net run rate in IPL standings. It is a way to device which team has the advantage if their points are the same as other teams

Usually, 16 points are more than enough to confirm a team a place in the IPL. However, in rare cases, when several teams are performing better, it may boil down to NRR or even 18 points may be required to determine which team has the edge

The following teams have finished last in the last 15 seasons of IPL. Deccan Chargers in 2008, Kolkata Knight Riders in 2009, Punjab Kings in 2010, Delhi Capitals in 2011, Pune Warriors in 2012, Delhi Capitals in 2013, Delhi Capitals in 2014, Punjab Kings in 2015, Punjab Kings in 2016, Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2017, Delhi Capitals in 2018, Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2019, Rajasthan Royals in 2020, Sunrisers Hyderabad in 2021, Mumbai Indians in 2022