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The art of English pronunciation: Identifying words in English commonly mispronounced and their correct use

Nov 20, 2023 11:23 AM IST

Despite the very important role of pronunciation in the art of conversation, people tend to overlook its significance and continue to use them incorrectly.

While in matters of communication, fluency plays an important role, it is also imperative that users take care of their pronunciation to make their articulation more effective. For, even when people with excellent command over the English language mispronounce words, the expression suffers. Often, the wrong pronunciation of a word leads to misunderstanding and confusion.

Learn to pronounce common words correctly(shutterstock)
Learn to pronounce common words correctly(shutterstock)

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There are many such words in the English vocabulary which form an integral part of our daily conversation. But without being aware of our errors, we continue to pronounce the words incorrectly.

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The issue becomes more crucial for students appearing for competitive and professional examinations. For instance, pronunciation happens to be a key factor for such exams as IELTS and TOEFL where the aspect of LSRW (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) forms an essential part.

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This article seeks to provide a list of words commonly mispronounced, along with their correct usage.

1. Epitome

Incorrect: eh-pit-ohm

Correct: Eh-pit-oh-mee

2. Wednesday

Incorrect: wehd-nez-dei

Correct: wenzdei

3. Mischievous

Incorrect: mis-cheev-ee-us

Correct: mis-chiv-us

4. Prestigious

Incorrect: pre-sti-gee-us

Correct: pre-sti-jus

5. Forte

Incorrect: fort

Correct: for-tay

6. Library

Incorrect: Li-berry

Correct: Li-briar-ee

7. Zoology

Incorrect: Zoo-loh-gee

Correct: Zoo-oll-oh-gee

8. Et cetra

Incorrect: ecks-set-er-ah

Correct: et-set-er-ah

9. Bury

Incorrect: burree

Correct: bare-ee

10. Heinous

Incorrect: heen-ni-us

Correct: hey-nuh-s

(Taken from different sources)

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