Actor Kriti Sanon has a packed 2021 with the films Bhediya and Ganpath.
Actor Kriti Sanon has a packed 2021 with the films Bhediya and Ganpath.

Kriti Sanon: Once you are in front of the camera, nothing matters, you have to forget everything

Actor Kriti Sanon talks about her experience returning to work with her films Bachchan Pandey and Bhediya, amid the Covid 19 pandemic.
By Rishabh Suri
PUBLISHED ON MAR 05, 2021 07:58 PM IST

She has worked on two films amid the Covid 19 pandemic, and nothing seems to be stopping Kriti Sanon from working more. Currently, she’s in Arunachal Pradesh, beginning the shoot for Bhediya opposite Varun Dhawan.

“It’s good to be back on set. Firstly, to be fortunate enough to be working at this point. 2021 is hopefully going to be a busy year, I think I love being busy. I am in fact, looking forward to different kind of projects, which are not in any one genre. It’s very exciting as an actor,” she exclaims.

Recently, she had wrapped up a schedule for Bachchan Pandey, which reunites her with her Housefull 4 co-star Akshay Kumar. On how’s it been for her so far, shooting at a rapid pace with all the Covid 19 restrictions in place, she says, “To be honest, once you are on set, in front of the camera, nothing matters. You have to forget everything. When the camera is rolling, as an actor, you can’t wear a mask. On set, you have a team going around to make sure people are wearing masks and are protected, giving us sanitizer time and again. That’s the only difference, nothing else. Especially in Jaisalmer, where the number of cases is lesser as compared to shooting in Mumbai.”

Sanon adds that the entire crew travelled on a charter flight, the same which they have done for Bhediya too. “On the way, we were doing our mandatory Covid test. It keeps your mind away from the scare of Covid. I feel the enthusiasm is still the same, it has not slowed down the process,” says the actor.

Shooting with Kumar, she continues, is a ‘lot of fun’. “We were there in Jaisalmer for 45 days, and shot at the same palace as Housefull 4. Whenever we shoot with him, it’s always a lot of fun on and off set, everyone eats together. How all these days passed, we didn’t realise, it was just so much fun. The place itself is so beautiful. And in between all this and playing games, we made a film! Having said that, I am also very excited about my role and character,” she says.

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