EXO member Kai and Karan Johar met at a Gucci fashion show in 2018.
EXO member Kai and Karan Johar met at a Gucci fashion show in 2018.

When Karan Johar mistook EXO fans cheering for Korean singer Kai in Paris as his fans: 'Not a single person was for me'

  • Karan Johar left fans of the South Korean boy band EXO screaming after he shared a picture with the K-pop band's member Kai in 2018. However, getting the picture wasn't an easy task.
PUBLISHED ON MAY 12, 2021 07:14 AM IST

K-pop fans in India were left screaming when Karan Johar met singer Kai, a member of the South Korean boy band EXO. The filmmaker was in Paris, attending a fashion show in September 2018. Coincidentally, Kai was also at the venue. While the photo received lots of love from fans of the K-pop star, Karan once revealed that he had to track him down after receiving at least 3,000 mentions on his social media.

Appearing on Social Media Star with Janice, Karan recalled learning about Kai through his social media. "I was inundated with (messages) like 'Kai, this K-pop star from EXO, is attending the show, you gotta take a selfie, you gotta take a selfie, you gotta take a selfie' and I was like, I kid you not, there were at least 3,000 mentions and I was inundated, like I was with Reshma, as in Reshma Shetty (celebrity manager), I was like 'Reshma, who is this person?'" he recalled. "K-pop I had heard of upar upar se, I had no idea about the teenage craziness," he added.


Karan and his companions began looking for Kai at the show. "We were looking at everybody and I just couldn't (find him). Then I said, 'you know I am going to walk outside and he's not there, let's leave.' We've gone outside and there were like screaming people. I was like, 'You know Reshma, there are a lot of people who have seen Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham in Paris and that's why this crowd is screaming.' She says, 'Karan this is not for you,'" he explained.

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"I'm presuming ye mere liye hai cause I've come outside. Of course, not a single person was there for me, they were all there for Kai and he was going crazy," he recalled. The filmmaker then got cold feet and said he was too shy to approach him. Natasha Poonawalla, who was also present at the venue, encouraged Karan and they reached out to Kai. "I went there, she tapped him, he was very sweet, he said, 'Yes, yes, I know,' because he was also sent the same kind of, he had read the same thing on social media. Very sweetly we chatted and he clicked this selfie and that is how this happened," he shared.

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Over two-and-a-half years since the incident, Karan continues to follow him on his Instagram. Kai, on the other hand, doesn't follow anyone on Instagram.

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