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I am responsible for Paanchvi Pass: SRK

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan takes the blame for the dipping TRPs of his television show Kya Aap Panchvi Pass Se Tez Hain.
PTI | By HT Correspondent, Mumbai
UPDATED ON MAY 27, 2008 03:58 PM IST

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan today said that he took the blame for the dipping TRPs of his television show Kya Aap Panchvi Pass Se Tez Hain because he was the biggest attraction on it and did not become attractive enough to get the desired eye balls.

"Even in my films, it is said that it will get a good opening because I am there. If I consider the same yardstick, a star of my calibre should have brought enough audiences before the television set. If there is no opening and lack of appeal for the show despite my presence, then I think I am responsible. But, I do my best whatever I can do creatively," Shah Rukh said while interacting with a select group of journalists on the sets of Paanchvi Pass at film city in suburban Mumbai.

However, he defended his decision to do the show because it was educative and he liked being in the company of children. "May be the format was not appealing, but we were binded by the original format ( are you smarter than the fifth grader),"he said

"There are no options for a question on this show. This brings loneliness where as giving options sees involvement of more than one person. Some have not liked that the contestant at the time of dropping out of the contest, being asked to say that hum paanchvi pass se tez nahi hain ( I am not smarter than the fifth grader).

The actor wondered why should there be a problem with the statement because it is not meant to show disrespect the contestant.
"grown-ups forget that it is okay not to know everything. They don't realise the beauty of saying I don't know some thing," he said.

The actor felt that the key to his success was that he was open to accepting that he does not know every thing. He said he had enjoyed being part of Paanchvi pass "it is lose to what I am and refreshing like KBC. I only act as a host,"he said.

He said he was comfortable working with children. "I treat them as adults,"he said. SRK agreed that several television programmes have been swept away by the IPL ratings. Besides, the audiences have become fragmented and even the concept of silver and golden jubilees for movies is over.

"According to some feedback we have received, it is felt that the timings (8pm) is too early. Some felt that the show was marketed as a children's show and may be adults wondered whether to see it or not," the actor felt.

SRK said that he has not received any negative feedback about the show. "In fact, KBC received mixed response,"he added.

SRK admitted that the ratings of the show post IPL would help the Paanchvi pass team to analyse in a more effective way. Responding to a question on whether he was unnerved, the actor said,"may be next time I may not be signed for a television show paid a much lower fee."

He agreed that there was no novelty factor in television programming presently. "if something has to change on television, it is the news,"he said sarcastically.

He said that there has been an overkill of reality shows but Paanchvi pass" is technically speaking a quiz show and not a reality show. When asked whether he would be part of KBC 4 given the poor ratings of Paanchvi pass, SRK said he was committed to do for more episodes of KBC.

"After this show completes its telecast, we would discuss and take a call on KBC. If things don't go a assumed, people feel that everything is breaking apart. Sadly, when we lose, we tend to jump guns and give knee jerk reactins. Winners are never analysed,"he said.

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