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' I want all men and women to love me'

Adhyayan Suman thinks it’s in his genes to know the tricks to deal with women. Rachana Dubey tells more.

entertainment Updated: Oct 19, 2009 19:54 IST
Rachana Dubey

Adhyayan Suman thinks it’s in his genes to know the tricks to deal with women

When was the first time you were recognised?
(Smiles) I was shooting at Mukesh Mills for Raaz 2. Some girls were passing by and approached me with a confused look on their faces. They asked me if I was the same guy who had done Haal-e-Dil. I lied with a straight-faced “NO!”

I was surprised that they even remembered the movie. I thought no one had seen it. But they insisted I was Adhyayan Suman and finally I had to admit to it. You can’t argue much with the girls. After that they wanted to click pictures with me, I happily obliged.

Was Kangana Ranaut irritated by all the girlie attention?
Actually, the girls were intimidated by her presence though she was really sweet.

She didn’t mind fans hugging me and pecking me on my cheek. She’s an actor herself and understands how it works.

She would stand aside when I signed autographs or clicked pictures with fans. She was very accommodating and always stood by me. It was the press that insisted that our affair was a publicity stunt.

Apparently, you once gifted an expensive scarf to a girl?
Yeah, we were promoting Jashn in Delhi. When we reached the hotel, a bunch of 25 young girls ran up to me. One of the girls said that it was her birthday and she wanted a gift. I didn’t know what to give her. She pointed to my scarf and asked for it. I couldn’t say no.

What if she had asked you to kiss her?
(Chuckles) I don’t know, I’m sure she was far too sensible to ask me for that. But once, when we were performing at a club in Delhi, again pre- Jashn, a gang of girls rushed to me. A few of them felt me up and one even kissed me.

You enjoyed it?
Which man wouldn’t? I want all men and women to love me.

Are you serious?
Sure, everyone should love me but only the girls should kiss me. I don’t mind gays around me but no one is allowed to kiss me.

Have men ever hit on you?
Sure, it happens quite often. Even when I wasn’t an actor I would be ‘handled’ when I was at the disco or at a pub. They would also use strange pick up lines.

I think I’m too good looking for them to hold on to their horses. But I’m straight and so not interested.

What’s your sexiest feature?
My eyes. Lots of people have also told me that I have luscious lips and plenty of women have told me that they drives them crazy.

What did you do on Diwali night?
I’ve just returned from a function in Dubai. I took my mum shopping, met relatives and then partied hard.

Do you ever get mobbed?
I did when I was in Delhi again despite having bouncers around me. It was after Raaz 2.

Have you put Haal-e-Dil behind you?
Yeah, Jashn was a real story and the director extracted one of my best performances from me. I’ve also learnt a lot from Mohit Suri during Raaz 2. I’m working on Dekh Bhai Dekh. There are four other big ticket films, we have to sort out some formalities before we go public with them. On a scale of 10, I would give myself 4. There’s still a lot to learn.

Reworking on your look?
Yeah, I’m struggling to get a six-pack like Ranbir Kapoor and Imran Khan. They’re such good looking, talented dudes. I’m 21, I have age on my side but I need to buck up.

Doesn’t your mum get annoyed if you do steamy scenes?
No, she and dad know its part of my job. Dad (Shekhar Suman) did it in his first film. And he had Rekha for company. Dad was so hot in Uts I want all men and women to love me I want all men and women to love meav.

Learnt any tricks from your dad?
He’s a good teacher but he never had to give me any classes. He transferred all the tricks genetically to me. He still gets mobbed, women still find him hot. He and I know how to handle women.

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