BTS call Halsey-Ed Sheeran their best friend, joke 'we are just business' when asked if they get along

  • BTS members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook recently answered several searched questions about the group, including their best friends, cooking skills, and fashion.
BTS members recently released Butter and Permission to Dance.((BIGHIT MUSIC))
BTS members recently released Butter and Permission to Dance.((BIGHIT MUSIC))
Published on Aug 05, 2021 07:22 PM IST
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BTS members have answered the most searched questions on the internet about themselves. Members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook spoke about their best friend, culinary skills, fashion, diet, work out and more.

The members of the K-pop group were answering the questions as part of Wired's autocomplete interview. During the segment, they were asked 'who is BTS best friend', to which they replied Halsey and Ed Sheeran.

When they were posed the question if BTS can attend a person's birthday party, Jin said, "Oh, sorry, sorry, we are so busy." Asked if BTS can cook, the members said they can make dishes such as kimchi fried rice, fried chicken breast, kimchi and kimchi stew. Suga also added, "We can cook most Korean dishes by now." Jin said, "If you watch our variety show Run BTS, you will know what dishes we know how to cook." Jimin also joked, "You can also find out why some of the members don't cook."

They were then asked if BTS can drive, Suga said, "Besides RM, everyone knows how to drive." RM added he rides the bicycle. Different answers came from the members when asked if they can eat spicy food.

The members also replied to the question 'how BTS changed my life'. J-Hope said, "For me, BTS really became a sign of hope, like my name. After a while, I just believed and it became true." Jin explained, "Before I was a bit dark but now, I became a brighter person." "BTS influenced so many aspects of ourselves. It makes me think, 'Let's try this to the end'," Jimin said. RM added, "If it wasn't in BTS, I'm not sure I would have continued with music."

They were then asked 'how BTS learned English'. RM said Jungkook, J-Hope, and Suga are taking English classes. RM looked at Jimin and said, "And you are taking no lessons," to which Jimin replied, "Netflix". Jin said, "We gotta work on our pronunciation."

When asked 'who is the most handsome in BTS', Jin laughed and said, "Jin, very very handsome guy. Thank you. Thank you, my bro." The members were also asked 'does BTS need a new member'. Suga said, "Honestly if a new member were to join, I do wonder how they will endure and adjust."

Lastly, they replied to 'does BTS get along' to which all of them started joking and RM said, "No, we are so, nah, we are just business." V added, "Even amongst ourselves we are socially distanced."

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Recently, BTS released two English songs Butter and Permission to Dance, back-to-back. In the song, the members imagine an inclusive and pandemic-free world in near future.

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